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Asda Wholefoods Dried Banana

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Brand: Asda / Type: Banana

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    1 Review
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      22.02.2010 20:06
      Very helpful



      Owww, My Teeth!!!

      I brought a bag of these dried banana chips from Asda to snack on the other day but as soon as I opened the bag I knew they wasn't going to be as good as the Whitworths ones I buy more regular.

      A 100g bag costs £1.38 so they're not exactly cheap and in that 100g of banana chips 50g of it is SUGAR!!! I know all banana chips are high in sugar and a lot of that will be natural sugars but that's still not very good for your teeth!

      The first one I had out of the bag was majorly hard and some of them were even harder, I even had to spit a couple out and put them in the bin because they was so hard I was scared to bite them in case I bust a tooth. Seriously, these chips are mega hard and not in a nice crunchy way either but just in a TOO HARD way!

      They've got a nice taste, they're not majorly sweet like I thought they would be with all the sugar that's in them. They've got a sweetness about them but you can still taste the banana through it and they do taste suprisingly natural. The banana taste is quite strong and tastes like SOMETHING has been added to it, I checked the ingredients and nothing has been added but I reckon the sugar has gone in on itself to make them taste a bit syrupy.

      I don't think these banana chips are very good at all. The hardness of them is stupid and spoilt them for me, some of them are also cut very thick and that just makes them feel even harder! My fave ones out of the bag was the ones that was cut dead thin because that made them more crunchy than hard and in the finish I was going through the bag and automatically chucking the thick ones in the bin because I knew they would kill my teeth.

      These turned out to be a proper waste of money, I ate about half of the bag and even then I didn't enjoy them that much. If you've got weak teeth then deffo give them a miss as well because I honest do reckon you could break a tooth on one of these.

      Not recommended.... too hard and a weird flavour!!!


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