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Betty Crocker Chocolate Buttercream Icing

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Manufacturer: Betty Crocker / Type: Butter

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    1 Review
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      12.06.2013 16:19
      Very helpful



      delicious chocolate buttercream

      *Note that this review was originally posted to Ciao Dec 2011 but has been updated for dooyoo*

      Betty Crocker is a baking product range which includes cake and batter mixes and also ready to spread icings. There are currently 4 flavoured icings widely available in the UK (with others available from USA).

      ~Chocolate Buttercream Style Icing~

      "Buttercream style icing made from vegetable oil".

      This a ready to spread icing which can be used to top various cakes. One 450g tub is said to be plentiful to fill and cover a 9inch, round sandwich cake or up to 32 cupcakes.

      Once your cake has cooled, brush the crumbs off, ice the bottom half, pop on the top half then ice around the sides of the cake. The rest of the icing should be evenly spread around your cake. Any excess icing can be popped in the fridge for up to 30days but should be used at room temperature for best results.

      The icing is presented in a round, plastic tub. The icing is foiled sealed and then protected by a red, plastic lid to keep it fresh once opened.

      ~Ingredients and Nutrition~

      Sugar , Water , Vegetable Oil , Cocoa Powder (processed with Alkali) (5.2%) , Inverted Sugar , Salt , Emulsifiers (E471, E435, E481) , Preservatives (E202, E450) , Acidity Regulators (E330, E524) , Flavouring .

      Each 37.5g serving of icing contains 151 calories, 23.3g of sugar and 3,1g of saturated fat.


      A 450g tub of chocolate icing can be sourced from supermarkets such as Asda and Tesco. Expect to pay just around £2.20 per tub.

      ~My Experience~

      I enjoy baking - mainly cupcakes and sponges. I bake for parties, treats and for visitors coming for tea. I used to use regular icing sugar but could never get the consistency right and would often mess it up. Since discovering Betty Crocker icings though, I have never made my own again! If baking cupcakes, I normally opt for the vanilla flavoured icing though it makes more sense to have a chocolate icing for topping the chocolate sponges I make. I like to use icing and various other decorations as I feel they add a more homely touch to my cakes and make them taste even more appealing - I have never had a bad word said about my cakes and my family are very honest!

      I can highly recommend Betty Crocker Devils Food Cake Mix and this is the ideal base on which to use the ready to spread icing. I sometimes use the chocolate fudge flavour which is marginally different from the original chocolate, but of course my experience is based on the normal chocolate icing. The tub is sturdy and I have often stored it in the fridge once opened and been able to use it again after a few weeks without any issues.

      ~Spread Em!~

      On opening the tub and peeling back the foil, I am greeted with quite a dark, thick and almost paste like spread. There is a distinct cocoa aroma which is very sweet with a hint of bitterness. At room temperature (straight from my cupboard), the icing has a thick yet easy to spoon out consistency and almost resembles a thick mousse. I normally bake 2 9inch sponges and let them cool completely. A pop them on a plate and follow the instructions provided which are ample and easy to understand - I no longer need to refer to them as each icing follows the same instructions.

      The icing is very easy to spread and can be stirred up with a metal spoon to make it even softer. It spreads like a dream and is so soft and smooth that it doesn't drag or disturb the natural appearance of my cakes. I usually use a plastic knife (one from my sons set - not a disposable knife) to slick on the icing and find this is sufficient. I slick on a reasonable layer to sandwich the 2 sponges together and this creates a firm hold and doesn't allow the top sponge to slide off whilst I ice the rest of the cake. I once used this before the cake was fully cooled and most of the icing melted and it got a bit messy so I have learned patience!

      Because of how soft this icing is, it can be layered onto a cake well. I apply enough around the sides so that no sponge is actually on show then concentrate on the top of the cake. In use, the tub of icing seems never ending and I actually feel there is more than enough for a double sponge as well as a few spare cupcakes I may have ready to be decorated. I like to have quite a lot of icing on top of my sponge. This icing can be swirled on top and makes lovely peaks around the cake or a swirled effect with a peak in the centre of the cake.

      The icing has a moist feel to it and is rather sticky once spread on my cake. I use this time to add any extras I wish to use and this varies from chocolate curls to stars or sweeties - finishing touches so to speak. I then pop the cake in the fridge and allow it to set a little. The icing doesn't go hard so to speak but does tend to lose a bit of its softness whilst chilling in the fridge. Any decorates I use stay put on the cake.

      I have used this on chocolate cupcakes as well and I love to spread it on thick and create distinct designs with a knife. I would say there is more than enough to do the 32 cakes as noted on the packaging so Betty Crocker are accurate with their serving advice. Regardless of what type of cake I use this icing on, the appearance is very professional (when i tidy up around the edges!).

      ~Gimme Cake!~

      Cake is definently a treat and whether topped with icing or not, isn't going to be healthy. The sugar content is horrendous but this icing makes a delicious topping. It gives a pleasing, airy textured topping to my chocolate sponges and compliments an airy sponge. It is very smooth and easy to eat and does have the buttercream feel which I appreciate. It has a melt in the mouth texture and is free from gritty bits from the sugar.

      I have tried bakery and shop bought chocolate cakes with buttercream icing toppings and I do feel this Betty Crocker icing is so much nicer. It has a high quality flavouring but tastes homemade. The chocolate icing isn't as rich as the chocolate fudge flavour but doesn't lack anything. A first taste declares a bitter cocoa flavouring before mellowing to a creamy, almost Belgian milk chocolate flavouring with a sort of vanilla undertone. It is sweet but enjoyed in small quantities, it is perfect and delicious. It isn't too heavy and doesn't make me feel sickly after a small slice of sponge.


      Whilst it may be cheaper to make my own icing, I like the convenience of Betty Crocker icing. I can keep a tub in the cupboard if I get a call of visitors coming and can quickly whip up a treat for after tea. I normally buy this on a 2 for £3.00 offer with the cake mix and other than needing eggs and oil, this is a cheap cake to make as I can get 12 portions so well worth trying both products.

      The icing doesn't taste artificial at all and has quite a natural, sweet cocoa flavouring with a bitter edge. It is a premium product and one which I am happy to "fake it" with every time!


      Thanks for reading x

      Since writing this review, I have used this on several occasions and it hasn't let me down yet. I don't get to make as many chocolate cakes as I used to due to my diet but the Betty Crocker range of icings are always my first choice. Compared to the Asda versions, they are much nicer in flavour.


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