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Betty Crocker Cupcake Icing

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Brand: Betty Crocker / Type: Baking Aids

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    1 Review
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      21.08.2010 08:40
      Very helpful



      Cupcake icing in a can!

      Some of you might already be familiar with the Betty Crocker range, especially if you do a lot of baking such as baking cakes and other treats. Betty Crocker makes a large range of cake, muffin, cookie and other mixes which you simply make yourself. Most of the ingredients are included in the pack apart from the obvious items such as eggs, oil or water. Betty Crocker also has a range of butter-cream icing and frostings suitable for decorating cakes. These can be purchased separately from the packet mixes so you can easily use the icing on your own home-made cake.

      I first came across this range when I was looking at the home baking section in Sainsbury's. The cookie mix caught my eye and I thought I would give it a go and see what they were like. The cookies went down well with everyone so I thought I would give some of the other items a try such as the muffin mix. These were also delicious and also went down well with everyone.

      ***CUPCAKE ICING***
      I make a lot of cakes and when I was browsing a website a few weeks ago I came across this Betty Crocker icing in a can which I was very intrigued by. Having previously purchased Betty Crocker products I just had to buy this and give it a go. Basically this is a can of cupcake icing which ices cakes in just a few minutes and tastes just like butter cream apparently. You can buy it in a range of different colours and each can comes with 4 different decorating tips to create different effects. I thought this would be a quicker alternative to making butter cream icing myself when baking lots of cakes.

      The cupcake icing comes in a can with 4 different nozzles on top, so you can choose how the icing looks on the cake. The nozzles include a Drawing Tip, Ribbon tip, Leaf Tip and Star Tip. It states on the front of the can that it tastes just like butter cream. On the front of the can it show's a cupcake which has been iced using the icing and it also states the colour of the icing as well, how-ever the coloured can matches the colour of the icing so it's easy to tell between different colours if you have more than once can in the cupboard. On the back of the can it tells you what effects the different types of nozzle give and it also gives you a list of ingredients. It also tells you how to use the icing and nutritional information as well. There is a website address and a telephone number which you can ring should you have any questions or queries regarding this product. I can't find a use by date anywhere on the can.

      ***HOW TO USE***
      Attach the decorating tip by screwing it onto the nozzle. Turn the can upside down and press the nozzle to the side using the thumb or index finger to start the icing flow. You may notice a popping sound when dispensing the icing for the first time. Start the icing flow on a paper towel to avoid any mistakes when first using the icing. The icing will flow out of the nozzle until pressure is released. Remove the top before replacing the cap on the can and store the icing at room temperature.

      After reading the directions on how to use the icing I thought it sounded quite difficult and I thought I would end up in a bit of a mess. The decorating tips are easy to screw onto the nozzle. As recommended I used a paper towel to start the flow of icing. I wasn't quite sure how much pressure to put on the nozzle and a popping sound did occur when using the icing for the first time. The icing then flowed out smoothly and looked great. I decided to ice a small cake I had baked to make some yummy cupcakes. Icing the cake was a lot easier than I thought. The icing came out very easily and depending on how much pressure you applied to the nozzle depends on how fast the icing flows out of the tip. This decorated my cakes in no time and gave them a professional looking finish, especially after putting some cup-cake toppers on top. I was very pleased with the result of the icing and was surprised at how easy it was to use.

      ***TASTE TEST***
      Within a few minutes me, my brother and mum wanted to try a cake so we did. The icing was so smooth and soft and was nice and creamy and tasted just like real butter cream, it was delicious. My brother and mum also loved the taste and though the cakes tasted lovely. The icing can get slightly messy as it doesn't really harden and tends to stay soft so you will probably end up with some round you mouth and on your fingers. How-ever its well worth it as the icing is just delicious. My sister wasn't too keen on the icing as she thought it had a bit of a strange taste to it.

      Serving size is per 2 tablespoons (35g).
      Amount per serving:

      * Calories - 150
      * Total Fat - 7g (11% RDA)
      * Sodium - 35mg (1% RDA)
      * Total Carb. - 23g (8%) RDA

      This product is not available to buy in shops in the UK I actually came across this product on 2 different websites which stock American sweets and baking products. Prices may vary on different websites.

      Please see below for further information:
      * www.americansoda.co.uk - Prices are £5.97 for one can but these sell out quick.
      * www.americansweets.co.uk - Price for one can is £4.50 (This shop is based fairly local to me in Aldershot, Hants so I didn't have to pay postage & packaging ordering from their website)

      This product is a fantastic alternative to making your own butter cream icing and is quicker is you are in a hurry. Whilst some people like my sister might not like the taste, I'm sure nearly everyone will enjoy it on your cakes and will think it tastes delicious. Although it sound's hard to use it's actually quite easy, how-ever you do need a good steady hand though. In terms of value of course you could make your own butter cream for a lot cheaper and you can always pipe it onto your cakes using a piping bag or syringe so in terms of value this is quite poor. I do prefer to make my own butter cream; how-ever I might be tempted to buy this again just because it's easy to use and doesn't cause a lot of mess.

      (review will also appear on ciao)


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