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Calico Cottage Home Made Fudge Kits

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Type: Baking Aids

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    1 Review
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      10.12.2008 03:12
      Very helpful
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      A quick easy fudge mix that will have people wanting more.

      If you like making things with the kids like cookies, sweets and other small and easy things OR you just love fudge ...........this is for you .

      You can buy a kit of 7 packs of the mixture in : 3 vanilla, 2 chocolate and 2 caramel from QVC for around £21 plus P & P each pack makes a good quantity of the most delicious fudge I've tasted in a long while.
      Its not sickly like some stuff , you know the sort of fudge that after a couple of pieces you feel a bit 'yucky' ....nope.........this fudge is smooth and light in texture , yet creamy and just .............OMG give me more !

      In the kit they send , which normally arrives within 3-4 working days , you can make the straight 7 individual slabs of fudge.
      All you need to make this scrummy fudge is water , butter ( salted or unsalted) and a microwave oven , the kit provides a spoon for measuring the water needed , a recipe book and 3 cardboard baking moulds and the liners.

      Think of the things you could do with the fudge other than just sitting and scoffing the lot, like for instance:

      Wrapping it in cellophane ( you can buy this by the yard from florist shops) with ribbons on to sell on stalls at charity events, school fundraising events or presents for grandparents, friends etc.
      Its always nice to receive something thats home made for it looks like you have taken greater care in what you give them , or so I think .

      Below is some ideas to get you started , I've already done the one below and have a number of the little boxes lines ready to pack for christmas gifts for the local elderly around my village ( along with a box of my home made mince pies)

      It doesn't cost much to make the fudge and each pack when made will fill around 5 of the little boxes I've suggested costing a total of just £1.28 each box , a nice simple gift to give to your neighbours or something to give to the elderly people who live alone and who never receive anything at christmas , a simple gift but one made and given with love.

      Chocolate & Caramel fingers:
      Make up both of the caramel packs ( just double the quantities ) and then both of the chocolate packs , using a square baking tin which you have of course first lined with either greaseproof paper or with baking parchment.
      Spread the chocolate over the bottom of the tin , let this cool for about 6 hours before you make up the caramel packs , then spread this over the top of the chocolate and leave for 8 hours ( over nights good ) to completely set .
      Slice this up with a knife dipped in icing sugar ( if needed) into fingers around 1-1/2 inches long by 1/2 inch wide or if like me you have a cutter shaped in a holly leaf or christmas bell , well the sky's the limit as far as the shape of the fudge goes.

      I box mine up and then tie them with pretty ribbon et , if you go to one of the big card shops you can buy little boxes for around 50p -75p each in bright Christmases colours like red or green .
      Line these with some tissue paper then add at the bottom some of the backing paper ( the kids could do this as its fiddle and you need to cut them to the right size)
      I then make labels for the boxes on the computer :

      I like to put my name then whats in the mixture : Ami's home made fudge ..........ingredients and list whats on the label plus the butter you've had to add.
      I make the labels pretty by adding glitter etc.
      Using that pretty thin parcel ribbon you can buy at this time of the year tie up each box with this and a label .........looks very professional and if you add some silk holly or a small piece of tinsel to the top of the box under the string even prettier .
      I can tell you that grand parents everywhere would be so proud to receive something like this from the grandchildren as its 'Home made '

      Other things to do with the fudge are :

      Soak maraschino cherries in cherry brandy overnight.
      Make up a vanilla fudge pack and then using a small mould or the ones that the pack supply for you to use, place half of the fudge mix in the mould then add the cherries then top with the rest of the fudge mix. Make sure that the cherries aren't to wet or dripping brandy as this will effect the setting of the fudge, I like to drain them well then slightly dry them on kitchen roll before putting them into the fudge and always press the two layers down well .

      Caramel goes well with chopped walnuts added to the last mix.
      Chocolate goes well with almonds.
      Vanilla goes well with chocolate chips, pieces of dried strawberry or even mango ...........the list goes on for ever .

      Calico cottage fudge is something that once bought and tried you'll go back for more, it keeps well for around 3-4 weeks ( dont store in fridge) If you can keep it as long as this and it gets a bit dry , then just heat it back up in the microwave and shape all over again ...............simple .

      Happy fudge making with the kids this christmas .


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