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Chocolate Cupcake Kit - Fiddes Payne

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Type: Chocolate

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    2 Reviews
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      18.08.2008 22:57
      Very helpful



      Great fun for kids

      Some friends came round the other day with their daughter who wanted to do some baking so I went out and bought Fiddes Payne Chocolate Cupcake Kit. I had never heard of Fiddes Payne before so I had no idea whether or not it would be any good but it was the one she wanted so I bought it. It cost £1.30 which isn't a bad price, most cake kits cost about the same. I looked them up online and they also make a Mr Men cake kit and a lot of sprinkles that I've actually used before without realising they were Fiddes Payne brand, they're quite a reliable company.

      This kit came in a brown rectangular box, around the top of the box is a silver bit with the Fiddes Payne logo on it and a picture of some chocolate animals which you stick onto the cakes. The centre of the box is filled with a picture of two of the finished cup cakes which look really tasty. On the back of the box are the ingredients, nutritional information and the cooking instructions.

      Inside the packet is everything you will need to make the cakes (apart from some water);
      1 bag of cake mix (brown)
      1 bag of icing sugar (white)
      10 cake cases
      10 chocolate animal decorations
      1 packet of chocolate sprinkles

      The ingredients are already weighed out and put into separate bags so it really couldn't be simpler to make these, especially if you are doing them with kids. To make them all you have to do is:

      Preheat the oven to 180C

      Mix the cake mix with 4-7 tablespoons of water, start with 4 and add more if needed, you'll have enough when the mixture is soft, make sure you mix well so that there are no lumps

      Divide the mixture up into the cake cases

      Place in the centre of the preheated oven and cook for 10-15 minutes until they're golden brown
      (You can tell they are finished if you gently press them with the back of a teaspoon and they bounce back, if they don't bounce back then they are not done.)

      Place on a wire rack to cool and wait until they have completely cooled before moving on (takes about 15minutes)

      Mix the icing sugar with a few teaspoons of water until the mixture is smooth, thick and lump free.

      Spread the icing over the cakes evenly and quickly add the chocolate animal shapes and sprinkles.

      You're done now eat them and enjoy!

      These cakes both look and taste great when they are finished, the sponge is very soft and not at all dried out it tastes great with the sweet icing sugar and the chocolate on the top just finishes it off perfectly, what more could you want from a cake? Plus the animals on the top; cat, penguin, dog, elephant and bear look quite expensive and really do make the cakes look like they should have cost more.

      Overall I think that this is a great little kit. It is fun for kids to make as they get to do the mixing without having to weigh out ingredients. I think that this is one of the best cake mixes I have used as it really does taste great and it is a lot of fun for little kids. 10 out of 10.


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      28.05.2008 15:23
      Very helpful



      A quick and easy way to bake with young children.

      I always tend to have children's cake mixes in the cupboard for rainy days and this is a brand that I hadn't tried before.

      - Packaging -

      Like all of the other cake mixes we've used, this comes in a cuboid box. The front and back of the box has photos of the finished cakes. The back also has a 3 point list on how to make the cupcakes. This isn't as child-friendly as other packs we have used which have a step-by-step guide with pictures or photos alongside the writing.

      - Price & Availability -

      I picked this pack up from Morrisons on a BOGOF offer so I ended up getting 2 for £1.69 although I have since seen them reduced to £1.26.

      Some of the other ranges by Fiddes Payne are also available in other large supermarkets.

      Other Fiddes Payne home baking kits / packs include:
      ~ Circus cup cake kit
      ~ On the farm cup cake kit
      ~ Halloween cup cake kit
      ~ Disney Winnie the Pooh cup cake kit
      ~ Disney Princess cup cake kit
      ~ Mr Happy cup cake kit
      ~ Little Miss Naughty cup cake kit
      ~ Mr Men and Little Miss cup cake kit

      - Contents -

      Inside the packaging there is:
      ~ packet of cake mix
      ~ pack of icing sugar
      ~ 10 cake cases
      ~ 10 animal chocolate decorations
      ~ Chocolate vermicelli (sprinkles)

      - How to make these -

      1 - Whisk the sponge / cake mix with 4 - 7 tablespoons of water until the mix becomes a soft consistency.
      2 - Place a tablespoon of the mix in each case and bake for 10 - 15 minutes.
      3 - Leave to cool and then mix water with the icing sugar to make a paste which can then be spread on top of the cakes, decorate with the chocolate icing sugar animals and vermicelli.

      - Our experience -
      These cake mixes / kits are ideal for a relatively quick baking activity with children although they do take away teaching children the ingredients that are necessary to bake cakes, such as milk, margarine, flour etc. However they are very simple to make which is a bonus for very young children.

      The cake mix did require an electric whisk for a couple of minutes, the hand whisk just didn't succeed in removing all of the lumps and bumps in the mixture.

      There was enough mixture to fill all 10 of the cake cases, about 3 teaspoons of the mixture in to each was enough and each rose to the top of the case. We had pre-heated the oven so the cakes only took 10 minutes to bake.

      Like all cakes, it is essential to allow the cakes to cool down until the icing sugar is mixed and put on to the top. This is a very runny icing sugar and certainly isn't as thick and white as the photo on the packaging suggests.

      The 'hand crafted' brown icing sugar animals are the best feature of the cup cake kit. There are elephants, dogs, bears, cats and penguins, each approx 3 - 4 cm tall. They look a lot more expensive than the price suggests and make the cakes look great, along with the sprinkles!!

      The cakes are a tasty chocolate, spongy and edible although the runny, sticky nature of the icing sugar doesn't enhance them. Not too sickly like some other strawberry mixes that we have used. A good bargain, only 85p for an hour or so of fun in the kitchen for children!


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    • Product Details

      A delicious, DIY cupcake kit.

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