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Dole Fruit Parfait

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Type: Other Fruits

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    5 Reviews
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      03.01.2010 10:18
      Very helpful



      Not worth the money

      Dole Fruit Parfait

      ******The Product******

      The product boasts to give the consumer a 'sweet surprise' with the cool and refreshing taste of real fruit with a smooth layer 'deliciously' light tasting crème.

      There are three types of Dole Fruit Parfait; Apples and Caramel Crème, Pineapple and Coconut Crème, and Peaches and Vanilla Crème, all of which, unsurprisingly with two fussy children, my mum had in her fridge! I decided that the Pineapple and Crème variety sounded the better one of the lot.

      As mentioned above, the product is mainly fruit based, in this instance Pineapple, with a layer of crème underneath mixed and mingled together with a smooth fruity gel. The crème itself tasted more like yogurt that crème and left a slightly nasty aftertaste as though it was sour or out of date and rather sickly. I got my husband to try it in case it was simply my weird pregnancy tastes, though by the look on his face, he felt the same (and we even checked the best before date just in case, though it was well in date!) I could not really taste the apparent coconut either!
      The fruit itself is not too bad, slightly a sour tang to it, though much better if you avoid eating it with the crème. It does have a stronger taste than other products of this kind I have tried, though possibly not enough difference to warrant the extra cost.

      The gel is something and nothing really. It has an average sweetly taste and mixes quite well with the fruit (again avoid it with the crème).


      There are four individual containers within each pack, each plasticized and averagely sized with a sealed plastic lid which is easily pulled back to open. Personally, I have seen much better sized fruit pots for cheaper, though I guess it's the name you are paying for in this instance. The containers are surrounded, very tightly, by a colorful cardboard surround with a center piece separating the two top ones from the bottom ones. There are numerous descriptions and nutritional advice upon the cardboard surround (I mention them below if anyone is really interested!!) which, to be quite honest, I wonder whether all this information really does appeal to the average consumer or befuddles their mind! There is, though, a lovely picture of the fruit used in your chosen product just in case you can not read the wide descriptions. Personally, the picture looks a lot better than the actual taste!

      ******Nutritional Benefits******

      This product, as all products these days, highlights the nutritional benefits given when consuming the product. For those interested, I will highlight these as follows;

      * Low Fat - I take this to mean that this product contains 3 grams or less of fat per serving. Not unsurprising it being a fruit based product, though it is nice to know that the crème is not fattening especially as at the moment, I love crème! This also means that this is a great product if you are trying to loose weight.

      * Low Saturated - I was never sure what saturated fats are, so I looked it up just in case any of you are unsure like me. I found that low in saturated fats help reduce the risk of heart disease (Though so many products say this these days and fruit is well known to be good for you so this does not really make it appealing for me)

      * Naturally Sodium Free - Apparently helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

      * Rich in Vitamin C - Again, not surprising considering it is fruit based.
      Possibly not very surprising, though it may be of interest to some people which is why I thought to add this information.


      Again, for those people who like to watch their ingredient intake or may have allergies, I thought I would list the ingredients of this product. Please note that this is only the Pineapple one, though ingredients are very similar in all of the different varieties.

      * Pineapples (I would have been worried if there were none of these in here!)
      * Water
      * Sugar
      * Coconut powder (in the crème I suppose, although I could barely taste it through the nasty aftertaste)
      * Modified Starch (Used in the gel surround for thickening I believe)
      * Glucose syrup
      * Palm Oil
      * Natural Flavorings
      * Hydrogenated Soybean Oil (sounds lovely!)
      * Acidity Regulators: Phosphoric Acid and Citric Acid
      * Caseine (A milk substitute)
      * Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid
      * Thickeners: Carrageenan and Locust Bean Gum
      * Colours: E150a and E160a


      This product can be brought for as little as £1.85, though adding a few of these to the weekly shopping bill can add a lot of unneeded pennies that is probably better spent on a cheaper and similar product, which, from personal opinion, are not that mush different. You are simply paying for the brand name, not, in my opinion, the more adequate taste!

      ******Final Word******

      Taking into account the cost and the taste, I believe that before you even try it, you are paying too much. It did not look that inviting to begin with. After actually tasting the product, I would certainly say that it is way too highly priced. I have tasted much better alternatives which are considerably cheaper.

      The sickly taste leaves a terrible aftertaste which continues to bite well after brushing your teeth. Perhaps munching on garlic may take away this crème taste? (Though I'm not sure I recommend that!!).

      Basically, you seem to be paying for the brand name and not the quality, or quantity of the product. It is not the worst I've ever tried, but certainly not the best either!




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      31.01.2008 00:57
      Very helpful
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      Hi !!!
      My son loves fruity desserts and last Friday I bought Dole Fruit Parfait. It was something different then I normally buying.
      My son choice was apples in caramel crème-(apples are his favourite fruit).
      *THE TASTE*

      My son really like them-he had eat two in a row and he told me that was really lovely and yummy and can we buy it next time when we go shopping.
      The desert contains a large portion of thinly dices apples at the top, just below of apples is sweet caramel sauce and in the bottom is thick creamy vanilla cream.
      After mixed up all this flavors the dessert is not too sweet and not to sour like some other desserts on the market. The sweet smell just invites you to eat. It was just delicious and yummy. But I try only apple flavors and don't know what the other taste.

      "The Dole Fruit Parfait comes in three flavors:"

      ** Apples in caramel crème
      ** Peaches in vanilla cream
      ** Pineapple in coconut crème
      Each container contains 123g of dessert.

      One container has got 110 calories, 2g of fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 10 mg sodium, 23g carbohydrates (20g sugar), and 0 g protein.
      This little desserts are perfect for the school lunch boxes -they made from real fruits, low fat , source of vitamin c , and most important they are gluten free which means even yours little ones can eat them. The containers are not to big to just slip them in to the box and if your child do not eat many fruits, this is a good idea.
      However, I would consider them only for snacks-the containers are bit to small for the price we have to pay.
      Dole fruit parfait 4x 123g any variety cost in Tosco and Asda £1.97
      ******************************************************************** *****


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        15.12.2007 13:23
        Very helpful
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        A fruity, creamy snack with an ok taste, that I probably won't buy again

        The question we all want answered- is Dole fruit parfait worth buying? Well, I'm going to try to answer that.
        Let's start with a quick description
        No, not of the packaging. Ciao helpfully provided a picture of the product, and since a picture is worth a 1000 words, I'm going to save about 980 and let the picture do the talking. What I want to tell you about is what's inside. Inside are 4 small pots containing the so-called parfait. Is it a parfait though- I'm not sure. As Donkey declared in Shrek, a parfait (like an onion) has layers and is sweet (unlike an onion). These parfaits consist of only 2 layers- the top being fruit in a jelly-like substance, underneath which is the crème. I'm not sure that really constitutes a parfait. The fruits tend to be in small pieces and, in all three flavours (yep, I tried them all) the crème is a whitish to off-whitish colour. Oh, I keep mentioning three flavours- I should tell you what they are- pineapple and coconut, peach and vanilla, and apple and caramel.

        So, that's what they look like, what do they taste like
        On opening the plastic seal you'll notice a sweet smell- mostly from the fruit. The smell of the fruit most definitely dominates. The same is true of the taste. The overriding flavour is of the fruit, and, again, in all three, the fruit is very sweet- it tastes a bit like canned fruit in sweetened juice. Sorry, did I say a bit. It tastes exactly like canned fruit. There is just a hint of coconut taste in the apple and coconut, but overall it is pleasant and does put me ever so slightly in mind of a tropical island. But then pineapple always does that for me. The apple and caramel has cinnamon visible on the apple pieces and this improved the taste of the apple- it's not strong, just enough. However, there is only the slightest hint of caramel in the crème, which I found disappointing. I had visions of thick brown caramel flowing over big chunks of apple, but what I got was small cinnamon dusted pieces of apple in jelly on a bed of off white crème that, if I looked hard enough, had a touch of caramel about it. The peaches and vanilla was the most bland of all for me (but neither canned peaches nor vanilla rank highly on my list of favourite flavours). Once again the crème had just a hint of vanilla. All three of them were very sweet- perhaps the pineapple and coconut the sweetest. I had thought that the pots were too small and wouldn't satisfy me, but the sweetness meant that one was definitely enough.
        A quick note: I tried eating them both cold and warm because I thought that, although they don't need to be refrigerated, they might taste better cold. Personally, I didn't notice a difference in taste from cold to warm.

        But, given the packaging and the fact that these don't have to be refrigerated they are clearly aimed at the "school lunch box" market, so I needed to find out whether or not a child would like it. As luck would have I just happened to have a 6 year old on hand. I handed him the pineapple and coconut flavour and asked him to eat it. "Do you like it?" I asked. "Yes", he said as he gobbled down the entire thing in less than a minute. So, Dole parfait gets that kid's vote.
        But is it healthy?
        Well, given that sugar comes in at third place on the ingredients list (right after fruit and water) I think it's safe to say there could be a little too much of it in there. However they do contain real fruit, probably not enough to constitute one of your "5 a day", probably more like a third of a portion of fruit. "Natural and artificial flavours" is also on the ingredients list so, in all, I'm thinking these aren't as healthy as their "made with real fruit, low fat" claims would have us believe. They are, however, gluten free. Oh, and gelatine is not used as a thickening agent, so, as far as I can tell these are suitable for vegetarians.

        Price and Availability
        Well, Dole Fruit Parfait is, apparently, available from Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda, for the princely sum of £1.97. This information comes from the Tesco price checker.
        I've said I would recommend this but I feel the need to qualify this- I think if you like these little snack products generally you will like this. I'm by no means saying everyone should rush out and buy it.


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          14.11.2007 13:55
          Very helpful



          Not recommended!


          **Dole Fruit Parfait **

          **In it's little plastic tubs it's name translates from French into English as 'Fruit perfect!... **

          Based in America, Dole Food Company, Inc has it's headquarters in Westlake Village, California. The Company today does Business in 90 different countries, and it is owned by billionaire David H. Murdock. Originally The Hawaiian Pineapple Company, Dole has a plantation in the Phillipines, and Hawaii, and a packing plant in Thailand. Another snippet of information is that Pepsi Co holds the rights to Dole's range of Juice.~

          **The Dole Brand is a Multinational corporation which takes $5.3 billion annually. Dole is the world's largest producer and marketer of high-quality fresh vegetables, fresh-cut flowers, and fresh fruit, The Company was originally founded in Hawaii in 1851. Dole Europe's move into dried fruit and nuts has been a major factor in the company's phenomenal European sales growth, from $400 million in 1993 to over a $1 billion in 1997. ~

          **Dole Fruit Parfait**

          I must admit I had never heard of this product before, though I had heard of Dole, and I was interested in finding out a little more about the Company, reviewing the product, and actually tasting the Parfait. I think in the past I may have bought a tin of Dole Pineapple in syrup, and I believe the pineapple fruit was one of their initial, and now main fruits for production.

          On entering Tesco I had no idea where I would look for this, as being processed I was not sure where it would be placed. I first checked the yogurt section in the freezers but it was not there. Eventually after a little searching I found it lurking between the custards and Jellies alongside Tesco's own version of this product, and there was only one box of Dole Fruit Parfait left, so I had no choice of flavours. There seemed to be a lot of empty gaps where the varieties of Dole should be, so I was now wondering if this product was actually quite popular. ~

          ** On checking the price for this pack of four Parfaits I found it to be £1.97 which I immediately thought a little steep for processed food. I don't mind paying a little more for fresh food and I would prefer to purchase fresh anyway, so I was a bit peeved at having to pay this price for the Parfaits. ~

          ** The outer packaging that houses the four Parfaits is made of cardboard. It displays the fruit variety across the box. In this case it is Peaches and Vanilla crème. There are pictures of whole fruit with their leaves, and segments of the peach also. The DOLE name is displayed in bright red, and bursting out of the 'O' in DOLE is the Sun, epitomising a force of energy.It has the information to the front that Dole is 'made with fresh fruit', and that is low in fat. It also states that it is a source of Vitamin C, and is Gluten free. It has the 'eat by' date of 15/02/2008. I hate to think what preservatives I am going to find lurking within this product. The weight is 492g as stated on the carton. To the reverse of the pack it is saying that DOLE Fruit Parfait is packed full of fruit pieces on layer of deliciously light tasting coconut crème . ~

          "So you can feel good about enjoying one when craving something sweet"- Bit of a sweeping statement that! It continues, 'DOLE the best of fruit, anywhere, anytime.'- I'd like to know who does there advertising campaign! And on the base of the box it states 'Product of Thailand. All in all I have to say I find the packaging quite cheap looking, and their statements quite amusing-

          **Dole Fruit Parfait**

          **The pack I have consists of four tubs of the Parfait. Each tub is two inches high x 7 and a half inch circumference. Quite a good size for a snack or a lunch box. It has a plastic vacuum protective seal which pulls off to reveal the product. And I have to say removing this seal is not easy! The container itself is made of clear plastic, through which you can see the layers of the Parfait. First, topping the Parfait is the Peaches in jelly/juice, and sitting on a bed of Vanilla crème. The container is well made, though very basic, and the product inside is pale and nondescript, is not looking very appealing.~

          ** I am now taking in the aroma from the pot, and it immediately smells of peaches and a strange unidentifiable creamy, caramel, coconut mixture, with a hint of chemical melded together, not pleasant, but neither unpleasant..Just strange!-Manufactured. ~

          ** The Parfait is topped with a gelatin juice substance, covering the sliced peaches. This is quite runny. And on tasting I am finding it quite an odd, unpleasant taste. As it sits in my mouth and clings to my palate I can feel that the texture is slimy, and the flavour just doesn't taste right. The Peaches taste like tinned fruit, but the mixture of gelatin/juice and peach do not compliment each other, and together are quite nasty. I really don't want this in my mouth at all! ~

          **I am now getting down to the vanilla crème which the peaches are sitting on, and I have to say "It tastes foul" The best way I can describe the look of the crème is akin to milk that has curdled, and the texture is similar to a mixture of yoghurt and Blancmange, and the flavour tastes of coconut and of Caramel, and something I just can't quite put my finger on. This is not an appetising product. And I don't want to finish it...It has also left a nasty tang in my mouth, a very unpleasant after taste! ~

          **Contained Within This Product**

          I think the Consumer reading the review, wants, and has a right to know what is contained within a product.
          Firstly it contains E160, a colouring. Whilst not being a dangerous E number, it can cause Hyperactivity in children. Now not all E Numbers are bad for you. But enough of them have been banned around the world for us to take note of what we take into our bodies as 'food'


          (HACSG) Hyperactive Children's Support Group has recommended the elimination of this chemical additive from the diets of children.
          *Also beware of Azo dyes in products, they are known to produce adverse reactions in people with aspirin allergy and asthmatics.*
          Other Ingredients listed are: Palm oil, Acidity regulators, Ascorbic Acid, Coconut Powder, Carrogeenan and Locust bean gum. Casein, phosphoric acid, starch, Glocoze , sugar and Peaches.

          Now if the Coconut powder is derived from Coconuts, would this then make it 'not suitable' for anyone who suffers from nut allergy?- As there is no Warning on the packet!-
          Nutritional Values per 100g
          Protein-0.3g -Carbohydrates-18.4g -Fat-1.6g - Fibres-0.6g -Sodium-0.1g - Vitamin C- 13.8 MG* ~

          **The Varieties in the Parfait range**
          Pineapple and Coconut crème
          Apples and Caramel crème.
          Peaches and Vanila crème.

          Dole also do a Jelly dessert.
          * The Varieties in the Jelly range*

          Pineapple in Lime jelly
          Peaches in strawberry jelly
          Mandarine in Grape nectar

          ** Dole Fruit Parfait **

          So In my Summing up of this product. I would have to say
          I feel this is a product aimed at children, being perfect for a lunchbox, or a pudding. This is not a product I would want to give to a growing child. The E160 not being suitable for children prone to hyperactivity. And I can see very little nourishment contained within this product. The taste I found very unappetising, and the price a little high for what it was. Having said all this, It is probably a good seller, going by all the empty spaces I viewed for this product on the Tesco shelves.~

          With all the fresh produce that can be bought today, I would much rather eat some fruit, or make a smoothie, or get my 'five a day' in some other way. This little pot of preservatives is not for me. ~

          I visited their website and was greeted by the slogan 'Dole the dawn of the nutrition age', and a friendly voice which shouted "Hey kids come with us." ~ www.dole.com

          ** Availability **

          Tescos, Asdas, and most Supermarkets Nationwide.

          On the basis of my review I will not be recommending this product.

          Thank you for reading


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            13.11.2007 19:59
            Very helpful



            A disgusting dessert I shan't be buying again in a hurry.

            Dole Food Company is an American based multinational corporation holding its headquarters in California. They are the world's leading grower and packer of food items such as grapes, pineapples, strawberries, bananas, and other such fruits both frozen and fresh. Founded in 1901 by James Dole in O'ahu, Hawaii under the name 'The Hawaiian Pineapple Company', the company has grown substantially and today has an annual revenue upwards of $5.3 billion, doing business in over 90 countries. Still holding a plantation in O'ahu, Hawaii, there is also now a further plantation in the Phillipines and a packing plant in Thailand.

            With only a brief recollection of having seen the Dole name branded around, Dole Fruit Parfait was a fairly unfamiliar product to me. With flavours of Pineapple and Coconut crème, Apples and Caramel crème, and Peaches and Vanila crème; I was spoilt for choice when I got down to the local supermarket, however I eventually decided upon the 'Peaches and Vanila crème' variety as I am a massive fan of peaches and decided that this would no doubt be the best option for me. A horrible realisation upon arriving at the supermarket was that the Dole Fruit Parfait were not encased in the refrigerator section, in fact they were merely slung inanely on one of the supermarkets many shelves and thus were a nightmare to find. I have to admit to being quite put off when I read the use by date also, that being the 15th February 2008. I dread to think how many preservatives have been lined in the Fruit Parfait here in order to give a 6 month shelf life. Nevertheless, I was prepared to give the Fruit Parfait a try, and off I did trot to the nearest checkout to part with my £1.97 for the pack of four.

            - The Packaging -

            The four Fruit Parfait are housed in a cardboard container, with the top of the packaging picturing fresh and ripe looking peaches on a bed of delectable cream. From the outer packaging the Fruit Parfait are made to look highly appealing, and the side of the packaging furthers this appeal with four ticks and promising signs that these desserts are 'Made with Real Fruit', 'Low Fat', a 'Source of Vitamin C', and are also 'Gluten Free'. The packaging and branding of the product is the first confusion; although packaged as a Fruit Parfait of ' Peaches and Vanilla crème', the French and German writing on the packaging states the dessert to be Peaches on a base of coconut, with no such mention of the vanilla element of the product. When you flip the product over, you reveal in English this time that the product is a 'Peaches and Coconut Based Dessert' and with ingredients listed of 2.5% Coconut Powder; it becomes ever clearer that the premise of 'Vanilla crème' is somewhat of a faux par.

            Each of the four individual Fruit Parfait are encased in small clear plastic containers which aren't greatly appealing to the eye. Very basically packaged, Dole have clearly not gone to much effort with these desserts, and with the plastic film lid merely having 'Dole' written across it several times over in a dull drone of a pale red colouring; there is nothing greatly appealing about the way the Fruit Parfait are packaged.

            When it comes to actually eating the Fruit Parfait; removing the film lid from the product becomes a highly difficult process whereby I had to spend a good amount of time trying to prize the film lid away from the plastic container underneath. If this is aimed at children as a lunch box style snack as I feel to be the case; the packaging has not had a particularly intelligent thought process behind it as it is not at all easy to get inside the Fruit Parfait, and it takes great strength and determination in order to finally arrive at your dessert.

            - The Smell -

            After the difficultly of removing the film lid from the dessert, the smell you are initially greeted with here is actually rather pleasant. Once opened, you are graced with the smell of fresh peach; a smell which I for one greatly adore. Peach has such a beautiful scent and it was so great to open up the Fruit Parfait and feel the freshness hit my nostrils. It is therefore with great sadness that soon to kick in is a slight undertone of artificially produced coconut with an aroma which is rather off putting and doesn't leave you confident that the Dole Fruit Parfait will be tantalising to the taste buds. In fact, you pretty much no for sure that bringing yourself to eating the Dole Fruit Parfait is going to be an ultimately unpleasant experience.

            - The Taste -

            On their own the peach pieces taste rather nice; standard tinned peach slices which I happen to be a huge fan of. The problem I thus have with the product is not with the peach, but with the 'vanilla crème' it is drowned in with its vulgar artificial flavouring. The taste of the crème is not even remotely pleasant, and to me has a powdery feel to it on the tongue, leaving a disgusting lingering after taste long after you have stopped eating the Fruit Parfait. Fruit is clearly something that Dole specialise in, however they definitely need to go back to the drawing board with their crème as I can't imagine it having many fans. When you buy a product promising a 'Vanilla crème', it is always going to be with great displeasure that you discover it to have a coconut flavouring. Even I as a fan of coconut was greatly disappointed when I found this to be the case, however had the crème have been nice, my initial disappointment would have been overcome and I would have looked at the Dole Fruit Parfait with a favourable attitude. The taste of the 'Vanilla crème' here is so grotesque that never again could I possibly bring myself to eat another of their Fruit Parfait regardless of how hungry I happen to be.

            - Conclusion -

            Dole Fruit Parfait is not a product that I will ever feel inclined to buy again; it is a nightmare to even get in to in the first place, it has a horribly artificial tasting crème that leaves a nasty and overpowering after taste, and it is by no means a healthy snack. With its 'New' labelling and appealing outer packaging; Dole Fruit Parfait is no doubt going to sell well for the time being, however how well it sells after people have already tasted it remains to be seen. For many, Dole Fruit Parfait is bound to be a one time purchase avoided for evermore. I guess one plus point about the product is that it has a shelf life of 6 months so if you don't like it then it'll keep a while for feeding to unsuspecting friends when they come to visit, the flip side of this of course is that with such a lengthy shelf life the number of preservatives contained in the product doesn't bear thinking about.

            - Trivia -

            - Nintendo fans may be familiar with the Dole Food Company as in the first three Super Monkey Ball games - the bananas in the game have Dole stickers on them as if shop bought. After Super Monkey Ball Jr. was released however, Dole ceased sponsoring the Super Monkey Ball bananas. For all those not in the know; Super Monkey Ball is a popular Nintendo game and the bananas play an important part in the game as they are used for increasing points scores, buying items, and for the gaining of lives.

            - The mascot of Dole Food Company is Bobby Banana; a foam figure of Bobby Banana was produced for some time, however is was eventually discontinued in the end as it was seen to be rather phallic an object. The figure of Bobby Banana was standing straight, with its body swelling towards the top, with large round shoes at its base.

            For those wishing to visit the Dole website, it can be found at the following address:


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            Enjoy the refreshing taste of real fruit combined with a smooth layer of deliciously light-tasting cream. Available in several flavours.

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