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Doves Farm Organic Chocolate Chip Cake Mix

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Brand: Doves Farm / Type: Chocolate / Food quality: Organic food

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    1 Review
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      20.04.2009 12:37
      Very helpful



      Ok but I probably won't buy again

      I like to think of this cake as an emergency because it reminds me of a Peter Kay scene when guests come round and you get out "Emergency Chairs"-these result in meals eaten with your hands higher than your mouth. We had these when I was a child, and I'll never forget perching on them trying to eat with guests.

      So this cake is in the same category, it's really intended for times when guests turn up unannounced, and you want to give them a treat with their tea. It's an instant cake mix with a healthy twist, and so it isn't full of E numbers as many mixes are.

      Called Doves Farm Organic Chocolate Chip Cake mix this is a wholemeal flour based cake, which you make by adding water, some oil, and an egg. Now it's not cheap at £2.99 and I bought it from www.goodnessdirect.co.uk

      Doves Farm is a lovely company, family run and is based on The Wiltshire/Berkshire borders in southern England. Originally they supplied stone-ground flour to health food stores and bakeries, but now they have expanded their ranges and this cake mix is one of them.

      So to my experience with this. You need an open mind, and as mentioned previously, some sunflower oil and an egg, and you have two options for cooking depending on how much of an emergency you are in! I don't have a microwave at home so I use the oven, but both methods are on the packet, and the microwave version can be made and cooked within 15 minutes.

      For the oven method you simply put the cake mix into a bowl and add the egg and the oil and some water, and then you pour into the loaf tin provided. Then you cook at 170c/fan 150c/325F/ Gas3 for 60 minutes and it's ready.

      Now to the look and taste. It makes a dark cake and the top is by far from smooth, it resembles a war zone at times with a few hummocks and divots, but is home made after all! It slices well, the taste is lovely, but dry, in fact as dry as The Arizona Desert, and it really can't be kept as time makes this so much worse. At its best warm, this is a good stand by, but it has the whole-food taste to it so beware if you are serving it to any white bread only types, as they might struggle to enjoy it or digest it!

      I really think it is best if you make a butter cream topping for it and cover with some chocolate buttons as they create moisture, and also it is great spread with Nutella or similar.

      Yes it is an emergency cake, but by the time you have supplied the oil and the egg, and used 3 units of electricity you need to bake it, unless you are using the microwave, then this is far from a cheap option, or a quick one. I actually reckon I could knock up a better Victoria Sandwich in the time which would be a lot more appreciated than this.

      I think if you have a microwave though the baking cost and time would be less, and so it might be a great cake to have in the house for those moments when you fancy something sweet and haven't got any ingredients in to make anything.
      It is great in that the ingredients are fair-trade, organic, and that they use wholemeal flour so that is certainly a positive point.

      I don't think I would buy it again, I was curious to see if it would be something useful to have in the cupboard, but I think the dryness has put me off, and I think next time I have an emergency to cater for I'll look for something else.

      We actually finished it off with some custard and it was much nicer as a pudding than a cake.


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