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Dr Oetker Pancake Shaker Mix

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Brand: Dr Oetker / Type: Mix

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    1 Review
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      19.02.2010 23:19
      Very helpful



      Hmm, Sort of Recommended

      This Dr Oetker Pancake Shaker Mix cost me £1 when I bought it a couple of days ago, but it's now showing on the Tesco website as being just 50p. Presumably that's because it was pancake day when I bought it, and now it's now pancake, they felt they'd give it a lower price. It does seem a little cheeky that they haven't advertised it as being on offer now though!

      I should start by saying that I very fortunately bought two of these. They say that each shaker makes 6-8 pancakes, so I took that as really meaning 4-6 decent sized pancakes, and bought two. It was seriously just as well I did...

      The only thing you need to add to this to make your pancake batter is milk. There's a black line on the side of the bottle to mark where you fill it up to with milk (400ml), and they simply tell you to give the bottle a good bang to free up the powder at the bottom of the shaker before you add the milk. I did this, then added the milk, then shook it for a minute or two as per the instructions.

      I tried to make my pancakes with this, and couldn't understand why they weren't binding. They were like scrambled pancakes in my pan, and they were really thin and milky. I thought something must be wrong, so I kept on putting the lid back on the shaker and giving these another shake thinking maybe the mixture hadn't mixed enough.

      To cut a long story short, I hadn't freed up the powder well enough before I added the milk. So basically, I wound up wasting the entire first shaker finding this out. I really had given the shaker a good bang before I'd added the milk, but clearly this wasn't sufficient.

      So with a lesson learned I tried the second bottle, and this time I stuck a knife down into the bottle to mix the powder around and make sure it was really loose. Then I added just a small quantity of milk and shook that up to start with. Now that still didn't mix properly, so back in went the knife for another good stir. Finally, I made a thick mixture, so I added the rest of my milk, shook it all up for a minute, then tried to make pancakes again.

      It was second time lucky, and once I'd managed to get past the mixing difficulties, I produced some lovely pancakes. They were fluffy, very tasty, and really easy to cook. They were even just the right texture for flipping. Once they were all cooked, I had a great time eating these and thought they were some of the best pancakes I've had due to their slightly sweet, battery flavour and super fluffy texture.

      These taste so great that I want to recommend them, and I'd like to think I'd buy them again as well. I'm not happy about the mixing difficulties though, as I essentially paid £2 for 5 pancakes in the end! The idea is that you buy this ready mix to save on time, but if the mixing is going to take a while, what with faffing around with knifes and mixing in stages etc, then surely it'd be just as quick to make the batter from scratch? One to think about really, perhaps a more compentent cook will find away to free up the mixture better than I did.


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