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Elmlea Single Cream Substitute

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Brand: Elmlea / Type: Baking Aids

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    2 Reviews
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      04.04.2013 12:04
      Very helpful
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      Spoon some on your dessert and your body may thank you for it!

      I'm a huge fan of desserts but I am always conscious of how bad they can be for you, especially swimming in rich cream, so ever since I noticed Elmlea single cream alternative I have bought it religiously instead of normal cream in an effort to remove some of the guilt from my dessert (I wish!)

      ~ Elmlea~
      Elmlea was launched in the UK in 1984, it was the first cream alternative to meet the needs of time-pressed consumers who wanted convenience along with the great taste of real cream.
      Elmlea is the real alternative to cream, and is a blend of buttermilk and vegetable oils and is classified as a dairy cream alternative (DCA). 100 ml of fresh single cream has 200kcal while the same serving of Elmlea Single Light has only 124kcal. Elmlea produce several different types of cream alternatives such as single (the particular one I'm reviewing here), single light, double, double light, whipping and whipping squirty.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      Elmlea single cream substitute is available to buy from all major supermarkets and some independent stores costing you around 65p for 284ml. I think 65p is a very reasonable and competitive price coming in cheaper than some supermarket own brand single cream per ml.

      Elmlea's single cream comes in an eye catching red and white plastic tub/carton with a red foil lid. Printed around the carton is a strawberry with cream being poured over it, alongside the strawberry are the words 'elmlea single' written in white and below this in smaller print it says 'alternative to cream'. As well as this there are serving suggestions; 'spoon on your pud, drizzle in your coffee and splash it in your mash', contact information, nutritional information and an ingredients list.

      ~Appearance, smell, taste & texture~
      Peeling back the lid you will find a white/creamy coloured liquid that doesn't really smell of anything at all. I usually opt to use it to pour onto desserts or to use in sauces when cooking but one thing that's quite clear when pouring it is that it just doesn't seem as thick as actual pouring cream, it's almost as if it's lacking substance or something. Taste wise, I find it pleasant enough, you can tell it's not actual cream as it doesn't have that luxurious, indulgent feel to it. It tastes quite milky and not overly sweetened, which is good as often with interpretations of full fat/calorie foods you often just get overloaded with sugar as that's what they use to flavour it instead. It's texture is very smooth and silky and I have never come across any extra thick or lumpy bits.

      ~Other information~
      Per 100ml elmlea single cream contains; 150 calories, 4.0g of sugar, 14.0g fat, 9.0g of saturates and 0.1g of salt. Compared with regular single cream this set of nutritional values is very pleasing as the average 100ml of single cream contains as much as 193 calories and 19.1g of fat!
      Elmlea single cream is suitable for vegetarians.

      ~Overall opinion~
      No, it's not the same as full fat and calorie single cream and you can quite clearly tell it's not - especially used on it's own, however if you're looking for a better for you alternative to your usual single cream like me, then this is the product for you. When used in cooking and baking it works just the same as any other single cream and blends in with the other flavours so you can't really tell it's not the real deal used this way and is a great way to reduce the fat and calories of a meal. When poured into coffee, tea or hot chocolate again disappointingly you don't get the same satisfaction of a proper creamy, luxurious drink but it suffices. I will continue to buy this product because it's one thing in my diet I can swap with that's not going to cause me huge impact on taste but may do towards positive health effects in the long run.


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        01.02.2011 19:09
        Very helpful



        Delicious and healthier than cream!

        I love nothing more than a dessert/pudding covered in thick cream. However of late I have been trying to stop my bad habits of eating unhealthily which is why, the other night when in Asda I picked this up instead of my usual choice at the price of 65p a tub.

        The Packaging:

        The tub that this 'cream' comes in is red and white and down two sides of the cylinder tub there is a photograph of a strawberry drizzled with this and we are clearly told that it is Elmlea Single 'Alternative to cream' then other information listed includes being told a little bit about the product, ingredients and the size of the tub is listed (which in this case is 184ml), we are told that it is suitable for Vegetarians there is a full nutritional chart shown and contact details for Unilever are listed (the manufacturer of the product). The lid is a peel off red foil one on which again we are told what it is, the best before date is clearly stamped on and there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown. Nice enough, easy to open packaging this is and once opened it should be stored in the fridge.

        Single Elmlea:

        Ok until requesting this link to write about this product I did not know it was a cream alternative and simply believed it was a lower fat cream when in fact this is a blend of buttermilk and vegetable fats and oils. Glossy and an off white colour it has a sort of sour cream smell to it I always think but then now I know it contains buttermilk I realise as to why that would be!

        Easy to pour this has body to it so its not like water and it doesn't melt to water either when introduced to warm/hot food. It is tasty, not too thick, it has no lumps in it at all and is perfect for eating on stuff as well as adding it to mash potato and things and quite simply this is a really tasty alternative to cream....... on my healthy eating regime I can even afford to add a drop of this to a coffee as a little treat!

        Not one bit oily/greasy this comes up trumphs for me and I'm still shocked that the creamy, rich flavour isn't what I truly believed was cream until now lol!

        Nutritional Information Per 15ml Serving:

        Calories: 23
        Sugars: 0.6g
        Fat: 2.1g
        Saturates: 1.4g
        Salt: Trace

        Available in all good supermarkets etc at about 65p a tub.


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