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Essential Waitrose Lasagne Verdi

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Brand: Waitrose / Type: Baking Aids

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    1 Review
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      09.11.2011 15:53
      Very helpful



      A great pasta that has quickly become a staple in our house

      I first tried this green lasagne when I ordered my (then) regular plain essential lasagne, and Ocado were out, so sent this as a replacement.

      I was somewhat sceptical, but my family likes lasagne, so I thought it was worth a try.

      The pasta comes in a flat plastic packet rather than a box, meaning that it can't be recycled (at least in my area). Each sheet is wide, almost square, and corrugated, which I again viewed with some suspicion.

      However, when I went to use the lasagne, I discovered that the corrugations made it easier to break the pasta to fit my dish, and also I could overlap each sheet meaning that the gaps I experience with other lasagne's simply don't happen. I got a perfect coverage even though my lasagne dish is not the right shape to just use whole sheets of lasagne, either this type or the plain narrower type.

      As for taste... well, first I made a vegetable lasagne. Neither of my children appeared to notice that I'd used a different lasagne to normal, possibly because the green vegetables disguised it, and they both came back for seconds. With a meaty lasagne, they did notice that the pasta was different, but neither were bothered about it.

      Personally, I noticed that this green version takes a little longer to cook, I think it might be slightly thicker than I'm used to. Now I know that, though, I just grate on more cheese and allow it more time.

      The pack I have has a recipe suggestion (for spinach, ham and chicken lasagne) on the back, which I have yet to try but looks interesting and is a nice addition. I've just used my normal lasagne recipes (one with essentially moussaka and white sauce, the other with bolognese and white sauce, I also make a veg curry and gram flour sauce lasagne but my son doesn't like hot food so I haven't tried that with this pasta yet, I can't think why it wouldn't taste great though).

      I don't know how much vitamin benefit is derived from the greenness, but it is 2% spinach, so there might be some. The taste is not noticably different to white pasta, but being lasagne I've only had it smothered in sauce so I might not have noticed.


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  • Product Details

    No pre-cooking required. Waitrose lasagne sheets are prepared so they can be used straight from the pack and do not require pre-cooking. For perfect results dip each sheet into lukewarm water just before use.

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