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Gia Tomato and Garlic Puree

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3 Reviews

Brand: Gia / Type: Baking Aids

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    3 Reviews
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      25.10.2013 15:19
      Very helpful
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      Would repurchase

      This review is for the Gia sundried tomato purée.

      For the last couple of months I have been on a healthy eating plan. I still eat the food I love such as pizza and Chinese, just homemade lower calorie versions. When making homemade pizzas I will just buy a couple of pizza bases, stick some tomato purée and cheese and veg on them and they're honestly just as nice as shop bought and takeaway ones, but much more nutritious.

      I have used a few different brands of tomato purée including supermarket value brands over recent months but the one that I used earlier today when making a pizza for I and my family was this one, which is from the brand Gia. Gia isn't a brand that I'd really heard of before I bought this but it is one of the slightly more expensive brands.

      I paid 72 pence for the 80 gram tube, and used all of it up on four mini pizza bases, so it was used up very quickly but I do think it is worth paying a little bit more when it comes tomato purée because the cheaper brands can taste a little bland and watery. This tomato purée came boxed and I felt that this was a little bit excessive packaging wise, and it went straight in the bin once I'd got the tube out.

      The tube itself is a squeeze tube with a screw top lid and the opening is quite narrow which is good because it doesn't all come out at once, so it is easy to distribute it over the pizza evenly rather than it all just coming out in a big blob in the middle of the pizza. The tube as I said is squeezy but I did really need to squeeze hard to get it out, especially after half the tube had been used and I has to put some effort into getting the rest of it out as it was stuck at the back of the tube.

      The overall packaging design is good though, but I do think that the cardboard box is a little excessive although to be fair it does have plenty of product information on it. The purée is nice and thick in consistency but not gloopy and I found it was very easy to spread over the pizza bases. When putting the grated cheese on top the purée held it in place because of the texture which was good too. The purée was an appetising red colour and smelt fresh.

      The smell of the purée as well as the taste of the purée was lovely. The taste was very rich and tasty with a strong (but not too strong) fresh tomato taste and hints of herbs & a very subtle spiciness, which added to the overall taste of my pizza and it didn't taste at all artificial like some brands of tomato purees do. As it is sun dried tomato purée with added herbs and oil it is a lot tastier than your average plain, average tomato purée and I think it was worth the price. The taste of the purée went well with the cheese on my pizza and I would definitely purchase this purée again to use it either on my homemade pizzas again or to go in homemade pasta sauce.

      All in all I give this tomato purée five out of five stars and I recommend it, it isn't the cheapest brand of tomato purée around but it is worth the price because it is very tasty with a nice thick texture.


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        20.06.2009 17:24
        Very helpful



        A storecupboard staple

        I am writing here about Gia Garlic Puree in Vegetable Oil and Not the Tomato and Garlic version indicated in the picture. I understand there a several different Gia Garlic products - all worth a try I'll bet.

        I found this next to the tomato purees in both my local Tesco and Sainsburys. It cost me 63p for 90g and to my mind that's money well spent. I'll tell you for why.

        We like garlic in my house. It goes into so many of the dishes that I cook and is so utterly delicious. On an average week I and my family do repel most of the people we live and work around with our garlic breath. Further to this the lingering Garlic smell stains my hands as pretty much a permenant fixture.

        My sister in-law introduced me to this little tube of wonder. It was sitting by her oven and when she wasn't looking I had a good old nose!

        The Claims

        Gia Garlic is produced to a unique formula based on an authentic Italian recipie. Careful handling retains the full fragrance and unique taste of garlic.

        Use Gia Garlic and save yourself the fiddle and mess of skinning and crushing cloves of garlic.

        The Ingredients

        Garlic 55%
        Sunflower Oil
        Preservative (potassium metabisulphate)

        Allergy advice - may contain nut traces

        The Uses

        Gia Garlic can be used in all recipies which call for Garlic - such as Garlic Bread, Sauces, Roast Meats, Stews, Casseroles.

        We have also used it in our Chilli and Bolognese and to make very feisty Garlic Mushrooms.

        What I think of it

        This is a really good and useful little product. I always have a tube of it handy and I keep it in the fridge next to my tomato purees. It comes in a metal tube and is sealed. You pierce the end with the pointy lid and in my house we get through a couple of tubes of this a month.

        I have found it so much easier than peeling and skinning garlic and we find the flavour to be perfectly fine.

        The only difference that I do notice is that because this is premixed with sunflower oil it does add a cloudly and sometimes oily sheen to my sauces. It still takes fine though. Also when we were making Garlic Mushrooms we didn't need to add as much oil as it already contains some.

        You don't need to use much as it says on the box one good squeeze is the equivalent to one large clove. I think this is an accurate claim.

        I'm pleased and impressed with this product and whilst there are several exceptions when I need to use fresh garlic - in sauces this is easily as good


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          27.08.2008 21:18
          Very helpful



          An easy alternative to chopping and blending!

          I decided to start reviewing some of my cupboard staples, and I apologise in advance there are quite a few!

          The first one I will start with is one I am never without, used in almost everything I cook, the product I will now review is "Gia, tomato and garlic puree".

          The packaging is simply yet effective, the outer box is a long rectangular box with the picture of tomatoes' and garlic against a red background.
          Inside this is a soft metal tube featuring the same picture as the outside box. This is topped off with a white plastic screw cap, under which is a foil sealed top, this can be opened by simply turning the screw lid over and piercing the foil with the spike inside the lid.

          Once pierced the thick red puree is very easy to squeeze from the tube and the smell leaves you in no doubt as to what it contains.
          This product is very concentrated and a very small amount goes far, of course I love the stuff so use quite a lot and in many different meals.

          As an avid dieter this product is a must, adding depth and intense flavour to meals without the worry of added calories and fat, my favourite is a sin free spaghetti bolognaise sauce incorporating tomatoes, mushrooms, herbs, two oxo cubes and a healthy squeeze of this puree, delicious and very healthy!.

          The contents of this puree is again as simple as the packaging - tomatoes', garlic puree (17%) and salt.
          This is ideal for people who don't like peeling and chopping garlic, even with the baking soda trick the smell is still lingering for quite some time after.
          As an after thought if you don't want the lingering smell on your breath a glass of milk after your meal should sort that little problem out.

          This product only displays two warnings these are, this product may contain nuts, not sure how when it only contains three items as it is! And secondly as this contains fresh tomato puree once opened it must be stored in the fridge and be consumed within a month, not something I ever worry about, it barely lasts a day in my house!

          Finally the cost of this product, this will only set you back around 50p and I buy mine from Asda, next to the other puree's and sauces.

          For more information visit - www.asda.co.uk or www.giaspa.it

          Thanks for reading x


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