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Green's Dennis the Menace Chocolate Cake Mix

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Brand: Green's / Type: Chocolate

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    1 Review
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      06.11.2009 07:54
      Very helpful



      An expensive product thats just not worth the money!

      In the cold weather and drasted rain it's hard to find activities that are fun and will keep my 23 month old twin boys entertained for a long while. Cake making a few weeks back though worked a treat and we are forever making them now. As much as I know that I save a few pennies by buying the supermarkets own flour etc I do like to buy the novelty cake making boxes of various characters.

      The last one I bought was Greens Dennis the Menace Chocolate cake kit with chocolate icing, waferettes and decorating tube. My boys don't have a clue who dennis the menace is but the bright red and dark black stripy box, as well as menacing denace on the front caught my eye and I paid a whopping £1.89 for the box. The front of the box informs us that this can make 12 yummy cakes, and with a picture of one sitting next to that claim, looking so scrummy I couldn't wait to make them with my boys. The back of the box has instructions on how to prepare and make the cakes, both in writing and pictures making it a little more interesting for children. The instructions actually come off the back of the box making them more practical to carry around the kitchen or pin up somewhere for easy viewing. The box informs us that all you need is 1 medium sized egg and cold water ... jesus so on top of the hefty price tag for this stingy box I had to use my own water and buy eggs too!

      Everything else for the cakes is provided within the box though. The box includes;
      *Natural Brown Icing
      *Cake Cases
      *Natural Choc Cake Mix
      *Decorating Tube

      The instructions were clear and easy to follow allowing me to help my twin boys through the cake making process and thanks to the convenience of the ready made packets I didn't have to test their patience by keeping them waiting to long measuring out ingredients etc. Instead I just had to snip open the packets needed, pour them into their bowls and let my boys get on with the mixing for some messy fun times.

      The cake mix mixed easily with the egg and water added, although it didn't turn out completely smooth. It began as a pale brown powder and once mixed in it became a dark brown, chocolatey mixture with the sweetest smell my teeth were about to rot at just the scent of it! After mixing my lumpy brown mixture, me and my boys dolloped it into the cases from the box and left them in the oven to cook for just 10-12 minutes.

      Once cooked they were of course brown being chocolate cake but you could see they had hardened and darkened on the very top. I then used the icing from the packet provided added the advised amount of water and stirred until a smooth, chocolate paste of icing sugar.

      My boys then had fun decorating their cakes with the chocolate icing and placing the dennis the menace decorated waferettes on top just to make them look pretty.

      It was time to tuck in!

      They were HORRID! They contained absolutely no flavour, they didn't taste of a nice, sweet tasting moist sponge nor chocolate like they were meant too. They were bland, tasteless and dry. The icing sugar added nothing except an overwhelmingly fake sweetness. The waferette on top just sat looking menacing on top it offered nothing except looks, which in all honesty seeing as it was my boys that made them they didn't have alot going for them in the appearance department lol!

      For the price I paid I'd expected them to at least taste a little good, I've bought other ready made cake mixes like this before and they have been tasty, the toppings have just topped them off in flavour and looks, the sponge has been moist and enjoyable. These however were vile, brown cakes that lacked any taste at all. The best part about them was the large swig of water I had after my first bite to wash it all down.

      I certainly wouldn't recommend trying these to anybody, a complete waste of money and time!

      As for the '12 scrummy cakes claim' there wasn't enough of the cake mix to make 2 scrummy cakes let alone 12?


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