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Greens Tweety Pie Vanilla Cookie Kit

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Type: Vanilla

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    2 Reviews
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      11.02.2010 16:48
      Very helpful
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      Worth the 99p paid though no more

      Greens Cookie Kit

      Tweety Vanilla Cookie Kit

      Cheap Fun for the Children

      Although I am not a great fan of cooking myself, I always wanted to try to get my daughter into cooking and so far she loves it. She often helps prepare dinners and especially loves cooking cakes and biscuits - even more so when she manages to cover mummy with half a ton of flour!

      Usually we make cakes and biscuits from scratch, though on a recent shopping trip, my daughter spotted this pack of Tweety Pie cookie kit and so as she had been a good girl (for once!) whilst we shopped, I thought I would buy it for her for us to make together later.


      Greens, to me at least, is not a well known product as some found in supermarkets, though after buying this pack I have noticed a few different varieties such as Dora the Explorer, Fairy Princess and classic Gingerbread men in many different shops. Not only do Greens cater for cookies but their lines also cover cupcakes and other small sweet feasts and are all aimed towards children. They also cater for adults with a variet of puddings and cakes.

      Greens began as a family business back in 1978 and was listed as a public company in 1995 originating in Australia and now their products can be found over the world.


      Although there are many different varieties of Greens cookie kits, this review is covering the Tweety pack.

      The packaging is rather a small box though brightly decorated in bright yellows and rainbows with a picture of Tweety as seen in cartoons as well as an image of what the cookies should end up looking like (of course, this rarely happens when actually cooking things at least with me!).

      On the back of the box is a push out centre part which contains the cooking instructions for these cookies along with little pictures of Tweety to help young children know what to do. The writing is actually very small and sometimes difficult to read though pretty straight forward. This instruction part can then be kept for another time.

      The set includes;

      Bag of cookie mix
      Tweety Pie shaped cutter
      Small tube chocolate decorating sauce

      You will also need to add one egg and a small amount of milk (Couple of tablespoons) and some flour to put on the side to roll mixture out, so it works out very cheap. Also included as a bonus extra is a children's activity mat.


      As with most biscuits, this ready to make pack is very simple to use and instructions are straightforward for both adult and child as there are handy little pictures for very young children. All in all, it takes about 15-20 minutes to prepare with 10 minutes to cook and some extra time after to decorate. Of course on top of that is the clearing up what with all the flour covering the floor and clothes rather than on the side!

      The instructions are in five small parts. The first deals with Tweety showing your child what temperature to put the oven on - of course, this is mummy's job! To begin, you need to mix the cookie mixture with the egg and milk slowly, adding egg bit by bit. This does say that you need to start with a couple of tablespoons, but for the mixture to form a proper dough, I found that we needed to use most of the egg/milk mixture.

      When the dough is formed it is time to roll it out and use the Tweety cutter. Rolling it out was fine though the cutter was not at all like the image on the box, which didn't surprise me, and so there were some very difficult parts to get out of the cutter causing Tweety to break and become very misshapen. Of course, this doesn't worry my daughter though it does take a little more time as you have to gently prise the dough from the cutter. There is a small hole where you can prod something through to help get it out though to be honest this is as useful as a chocolate teapot!

      It states that it takes 8-10 minutes to cook though we found it had to stay in a little longer as it was still wet inside so do watch this.

      Once cooled, it is time to decorate. The chocolate decorating sauce comes in a very small squeeze tube which is easy to use. If the sauce does not come out then it is advised to put it in a jug of warm water for a minute, though it flowed well for us (possibly due to the heat of the oven). My daughter loved decorating Tweety though did find it a little hard to squeeze it out so I helped her.

      The pack says that it makes 10 - we managed to make 11 and a half!


      Of course, once the cooking is done, my daughter can not wait to dig in! From her face, and the fact she asked for more straight away, proves that she loved the taste, though I was not as easily convinced.

      The cookie mix should be of a vanilla flavouring, though I did not taste any at all. It was simply a plain tasting biscuit. There was 'something' in the taste though I could not put my finger on it though it was certainly not vanilla. It was not a bad taste by any means though the dryness did not set my taste buds alight at all.

      The biscuit did taste a lot better when you ate a part of it with the chocolate sauce. The chocolate sauce is not overly creamy and nothing like cadbury's though it was not at all sickly and did enhance the flavour of the biscuits for the better.

      There was no bad aftertaste - in fact, the taste left your mouth altogether after a few minutes.

      When the biscuits hardened more, they did become a little more tasty though probably not enough for me to buy the set again. This often happens, though, with ready made sets like this - nothing beats homemade biscuits and cakes.


      A lovely little bonus within the pack is a small activity booklet. This booklet includes a few little activities which my daughter has yet to do. These include;

      A cooking sheet where older children can note down the flavours of their biscuits and the times they put them in the oven and take them out which helps children feel even more involved.

      For younger children there is a sheet to find four different animals. My daughter has actually looked at this part and found all the animals and named them - a little game to pass the time whilst the biscuits are cooking!

      There is also a game to find the ingredients in the picture of the fridge and tick them off when the child finds it. This can also be extended to your actual home fridge.

      Another small game where the child follows the breadcrumbs to find the cake as well as a count the candles game.

      There is also a small food for thought questionnaire for older children.

      The main part of the activity sheet is three large cut-out people where the child can colour and cut out holes for their fingers to go through to make them move - I am sure my daughter will enjoy this part when we get around to it.

      There are 6 worksheets to collect from different varieties of these cookie sets.


      As some people may be allergic to certain ingredients, I thought it best to include them here. These ingredients do contain Wheat, Gluten, Milk and Soya. The cookie mix itself does not contain may though the sauce, even though such a small amount of sauce is included, contains a lot of ingredients.

      Cookie Mix:
      Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, dextrose, colour: beta carotene, cornflour, natural flavouring.

      Chocolate sauce:
      Sugar, water, glucose syrup, milk chocolate (7%), cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, soya lecithin, vanillin; chocolate, humectant: E422, palm oil, dextrose, skimmed milk powder, cocoa powder, modified maize starch, emulsifiers: E492, E435; natural flavouring, gelling agent: E440, preservative: E202.

      Apparently this pack is also suitable for vegetarians and in case you are conscious about your daily intake;

      Per 100g (pack is 207g)
      Energy: 434kcal
      Protein: 6.9g
      Fat: 15.4g
      Of which saturates: 7.2g
      Fibre: 2.5g


      According to their website, this pack can be found at Morrisons and other independent stores. We found this pack at the 99p store. Usually I am not sure about buying food products from here though after checking the date I thought it would be ok. At 99p, really I see no reason to complain about these though I wouldn't pay more than this really (although my daughter loves them!)


      At 99p you can't really go wrong. The taste to me was bland though the chocolate sauce did help. My daughter, though, had fun making and decorating them and especially eating them so I feel that it was money well spent. At 99p I would say that it is worth buying for younger children to have a short time in cooking without too much hassle though I wouldn't recommend paying more.


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        24.11.2008 22:55
        Very helpful



        Great tasting cookies for you and your child.

        Greens Tweety Vaniila Cookie Kit will make you 10 tasty cookies. I brought this kit from Filco for around £1.20 (What a bargain).

        The other day I noticed Greens cake kits I had never heard of the brand. But when I mentioned them to my parents they said they had been around for a long time and sold great products. I like baking with my daughters but being honest I'm not that good but I think it is good for them to learn how to cook and have fun doing it .I have already got a few cake kits so I thought I would try something different. I knew that the kits were suitable for kids to help with so I thought then at least I would be able to Make them. So I decided to get the cookie kit and what a great buy it was.

        The kit comes with:
        Chocolate decorating tube with chocolate that you squeeze out
        Yellow cookie mix
        Tweety Pie Cutter

        Extras you will need:
        1 egg
        Flour for dusting


        1. Heat the oven to Gas mark 5, and lightly grease a baking tray

        2. In a bowl mix together the egg and 10ml of milk.
        In a separate bowl, empty the cookie mix and add 40ml of the egg and milk mixture and mix together to form dough. If the dough is a bit dry add a little more of the egg and milk mixture.

        3. Once the dough is formed, knead on a slightly floured surface until smooth and then roll out until approx. 6mm thick. (Depth of the cutter)
        Lightly dust the cutter with flour and then cut out 10 Tweety cookies, re-rolling the dough if you need to
        Put the cookies onto the greased baking tray and cook in the centre of the oven for 8-10 minutes.

        4. Use the decorating sauce to decorate the cookies, you can follow the lines or makeup your own ideas.

        Inside the packet you get a little activity booklet where your child can fill out puzzles to do with cooking. They can do this whilst the cookies are cooking. On the back of the instructions there is also a 20p off coupon for when you buy your next Greens product.

        The cookies turned out great and my daughters loved making them. They took us a bit longer to make then the cakes normally do but it was worth it. When we make them next time I think we will use some of my daughters other cutters so the cookies are all different. They had fun decorating them with the chocolate sauce and we loved the taste. The cookies didn't last for long. Next time we go shopping I'm going to look out for other Greens products I have seen on there site for us to try out.

        The Greens website is very helpful it has recipes etc on there. If you click on the bit on there site that says kids kits. Then all the kits that they sell come up so you can see other products that are similar including Tom and Jerry cakes and Dennis the Menace chocolate cakes etc. It also tells you which shops stock them. It's definitely worth looking at. The site is www.greencakes.co.uk


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