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Hovis Granary Bread Mix

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Brand: Hovis / Type: Mix

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    5 Reviews
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      16.04.2010 03:10
      Very helpful



      Bread making made easy!

      I love nothing more than fresh bread! In fact my Mum's nickname for me is the bread-bin cos I can easily eat any loaf of bread in a day and not much else provided it's toasted at least lol.

      I have been staying with my mate lately and moaning that years ago I had a bread maker and that I missed it and the other day whilst we did a car-boot she went off for a look round and came back with a fantastic bread maker for me and paid only £5.00 for it, excited we had to go to Asda to grab a bit of shopping and I couldn't remember what ingredients I needed to make a loaf so got this cos on the front of the packet I could see that it was suitable for bread makers and all you needed to do was add water to it and voilà!

      The Packaging:

      The paper bag contains 495g of bread mix and it is light blue and a light yellow colour and on the front of it I am told that it is Milled With Distinction By Hovis Bakery 'Since 1886' and that it is Granary Bread Mix 'Just Add Water' and that it is perfect for hand baking and bread machines alike and I'm given an at a glance nutritional value chart. Other information on the back of the bag includes ingredients and allergy advice plus a full nutritional chart, I'm told told how to mix it up (separate instructions are given for hand baking and bread machine methods), the best before date is clearly stated and contact details for Premier Foods (the manufacturer of all Hovis products) are given. It's a nice enough informative bag this and the instructions in-particular are very well laid out indeed.

      Using It:

      All you do with this is follow the instructions given of course. They slightly differ as I have already pointed out. My only criticism of this is that on the front of the bag we are told to simply add water which I saw and assumed to be correct but then when I came to making it up I was told to add butter or margarine for best results so I had to stop what I was doing and rush to the shops cos I wanted the best results of course!

      The mix is powdery with a few grains in it. It is a very well blended mix of wheat flour (both malted and not), with some wheat bran and salt and of course a few other ingredients are in there as well. I found my loaf in the bread-maker to give off a wonderful bready aroma as it baked and it mixed up like a dream. When baked I got a lovely slightly set looking loaf that had gone golden with a slightly harder crust to the outside of it.

      Taste wise this was a fantastic loaf and me and my mate absolutely adored it. It was nice and fluffy on the inside, harder on the outside, well seasoned and slightly textured. It had plenty of air in it and was nice and moist without being too airy or too moist type of thing and was simply rather perfect in appearance and in taste.


      Ok it's cheating your way to fresh bread but the aroma and feeling of eating it are brilliant! It took me no effort at all and I baked it in 3 hours! I liked the natural slightly malted, nutty texture this had and really thought this was beautifully seasoned. I will be sure to buy this time and time again in the future and won't be scared to hand mix this and bake it in the oven if I wanted to! Recommended from me, it's simply a marvellous, value for money, fuss free bread mix!

      Nutritional Information Each Slice (1/12 loaf) Contains:

      Calories: 142
      Sugars: 1.2g
      Fat: 2.4g
      Saturates: 1.3g
      Salt: 0.6g

      Available in all good supermarkets etc priced at about 68p a bag but at the moment this is on offer in Asda with 2 bags costing a pound! Bargain!


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      09.02.2010 12:21
      Very helpful



      A complete mixture for making bread, no hassle with measuring ingredients.

      'Hovis Granary Bread Mix'
      I have to say that from a very young age I have always been a lover of bread, especially granary. Although I always here from health and fitness enthusiasts that bread is one of the worst things you can eat with regards to things like weight loss/keeping your carbohydrates down, to be honest, I couldn't care less! I love, I love it, I love it!

      Usually I would buy regular pre-sliced bread from my local supermarket for eating during the week, and then take a trip to my local bakers on a Saturday morning in order to buy a freshly baked loaf of Granary for the weekend. God, the thought of a fresh, warm loaf of granary even makes me want some as I write this!

      Recently I was given (what I now see as pure brilliance) a bread maker as a gift. Now at first, I have to tell you I attempted to make a few loafs with this thing and ended up giving up as I just couldn't be bothered with all the measuring out of ingredients, washing up the dishes, and then waiting 3 hours for my fresh loaf to be done before I could devour it! All I kept thinking was that I could easily make a short walk to make bakers and get my loaf without all the hard work and mess.

      Then, oh yes, a big THEN.

      I was in Tesco's one day and whilst picking up some flour I came across the Hovis Granary Bread Mix. I have to admit, at first I didn't actually realise what it was, I thought it was just a basic mix for making the bread, but where you still had to add all the other annoying parts such as the salt, yeast, sugar, milk powder etc, etc.
      But on closer inspection I realised that the pack contained absolutely all the ingredients within, with only needing you the buyer, to add water at time of baking.

      I can't deny it though, I was still a bit dubious, but had the good sense to buy it and give it a go.
      After getting it home I couldn't wait until the weekend and decided to use the mix on a week night.
      The instructions were very simple.
      Open the packet, pour the mix into the bread maker, add the water, turn your bread maker to relevant settings for a 2lb loaf, and switch on.
      It really was that simple, no measuring out and no washing up!
      After the 3 hours that my bread maker states it takes to cook, my loaf was made, and was smelly, oh so yummy! I put it on my small wire bread rack and after a couple of minutes of letting it cool down I cut my first slice, laced it with 'I can believe it's not butter' and devoured it within seconds.
      I can tell you now.............it was good..............not just normal good..........but really good. I have to admit that I enjoyed it more than the loaf I usually get from the bakers.
      So what I do now, is have many of these packets in my cupboard at a time, and when I get up on a Saturday morning (usually 6.30am - oh my lovely children) and put my bread on to be made. By 10.30am we always have a fresh loaf of bread for the weekend! I have been doing this for ages now and don't intend to stop, as I've also learnt recently that you can get the same hovis pack, but for white bread.
      A few technical details.
      My breadmaker can make 2 size loafs, a 750g one and a 1kg one. This pack fits nicely into the 1kg setting.
      You have the option to add butter to the mix if you like, it tells you how much, and it is an optional suggestion (I personally never have).
      There are instructions on the back detailing how to make the loaf by hand and in an oven; if that is something you would enjoy doing.

      I personally by this from Tescos and it is priced at 71 pence (a lot less than your standard bakers price) but I believe you can also purchase it in most large chain supermarkets.

      1/12th of a loaf contains.
      142 calories
      1.2g sugar
      2.4g fat
      1.3g saturates
      0.6g salt

      This is a must buy, and only literally takes seconds of your time!


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        04.08.2009 22:00



        I would thoroughly recommend this for the budding baker

        I am a great fan Hovis Granary Bread Mix. I love to bake my own bread and invested in a breadmaker to do just that. With a family, I find that making proper bread goes down really well - I, myself, am very partial to the crust, warm with butter.

        I also love experimenting with different flavours and love this mix with added seeds - particularly pumpkin and poppy seeds.

        If you add raisins to the mix you can slice and toast the bread when it comes out and have fruited toast - absolutley fabulous with proper butter - not for the dieting amongst you though.

        The Granary mix has a unique flavour due to the fact that the malted wheat flakes are slowly toased and flaked - I understand this is a tradition passed down by the Benedictine Monks of Burton Abbey!

        The brand "Hovis" is over 100 years old - a name we can all trust.


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        07.02.2009 17:08
        Very helpful



        You don't need a machine or any special equipment, so go on, give it a try!

        One of the things that I am really trying to do at the moment is cut down on my spending, including food expenditure. When we first moved in together about 18 months ago, my other half and I made the usual domestic promises - always washing up right after we'd eaten, doing the washing when the machine was full rather than we had a little clothing everest piling up in the kitchen, and to set a budget £25 a week on food. This, of course, was never stuck to, with treats, rising food costs and going shopping hungry pushing each week's total up just that little bit further. Well, no more! Sticking to a food budget that was set when basics (pasta, bread, milk) were so much cheaper makes it even harder, but one thing that I have found making a difference is using a bread mix - specifically the Hovis Granary - rather than buying fresh bread.

        I love Granary bread - it tastes yummy, has an interesting texture and is much nicer to digest thatn white. But at the most expensive kind of bread you can buy, I wondered at first if a packet mix could really be a suitable subsitute? I needn't have worried. When baked, the Hovis loaf is - in everything but appearance - the same as bought loaves. The same bitty seeds, the same taste, the same texture - just perfect. And as a bonus, you can eat it warm from the oven, mmm.

        Now for the best bit - this bread is so simple, it doesn't require any machinery, tools or even too much elbow grease! I don't own a breadmaker and I can be a very lazy cook, but although there's a bit more thought involved than just picking up a packet, mixing the flour (yeast already added!) with water, kneading it a bit, sticking in front of the radiator to rise and then bunging it in the oven isn't exactly taxing. The hardest part for me is usually remembering to take it out of the oven in time before it burns... I even only recently bought a bread tin to cook it in, before that it did fine just shaped and plonked on a tray. It makes delicious crusty rolls too.

        At around 80-90p for a packet it's certainly not the cheapest bake your own option, but I won't give up good bread for a few pennies, and even at this price it's at least half the price of a ready made granary loaf. Go on, give it a try - there's nothing nicer than fresh baked bread, and saving a few pennies here and there feels good too!


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          01.09.2008 10:18
          Very helpful



          We haven't bought a loaf of bread for weeks since we discovered this bread mix.

          We have a bread maker and although I know it would be just as easy to add floor, water and yeast, we find that our yeast goes off so quickly that we are always buying new. We buy packets of bread mix because they last well and are so simple. You just ass the contents and 300ml of water to the bread maker and press go. It is that easy.

          The Hovis Granary bread mix makes a nice big loaf, which is one of the reasons we like it. It also contains lots of seeds, which are tasty and good for you. Sometimes if I am feeling the need to be healthier I will add some additional linseeds to the mix. This still bakes delicious bread and the mix can take the extra seeds but it does not really need it.

          The mix is one of the cheapest on the market. At the moment it is 27p in Asda and 29p in Tesco. It is well worth doing because you get a delicious loaf of bread for less than 30p. (No idea what the electric costs to cook it but it cannot be that much!) If you compare this with most seeded decent granary loaves that are now well over a pound, you can see what a bargain it is.

          Delicious, hot bread that makes your house smell bootiful! All for less than a chocolate bar. RECOMMENDED!


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