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Hovis White Bread Mix

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Brand: Hovis / Type: Mix

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    9 Reviews
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      04.06.2012 19:46



      I have been making this bread for some time, I have found that although the bread is very good some bread is saltier than others. completely confuses me as to why. Peter Caswell


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      22.02.2012 14:57
      Very helpful



      a good, quick alternative to bread making

      Hovis offer a range of bread products.Hovis White Bread MixHovis offer a few different flour products for bread making. They have a bread mix which can be used for baking bread by hand or for use in a bread machine.

      The bread mix can be used to make a large, 2lb loaf when used in the bread maker. If baking by hand, it can make a large loaf, 2 small loaves or 8 rolls. This bread mix is made with 100% British wheat and should make a delicious white loaf. It is suitable for vegetarians. There are no artificial preservatives or flavours present. You can opt for a granary mix too.

      The idea behind this bread mix is that it takes out the hassle of weighing lots of different ingredients. Basically, you need warm water and some optional butter. The bake by hand method involves a lot of hassle and I feel that if you are going to make your own bread by hand, you may as well make it from scratch!

      If you are using a bread maker, the mix should added to your bread pan followed by your option 25g of butter and then 350ml of warm water. It is recommended that you do not use a fast bake option but set your machine to bake a 2lb loaf on a dark crust setting. That is it!


      The bread mix is presented in a paper like back which is made of mixed materials and cannot be recycled. The bag is red and cream and all the important product information is noted.

      ~Ingredients and Nutrition~

      Wheat Flour (milled from 100% British Wheat),Dried Yeast ,Dextrose ,Wheat Fibre ,Salt ,Soya Flour ,Vegetable Oils ,Calcium Carbonate ,Emulsifiers (E472e, E491) ,Milk Proteins ,Flour Treatment Agent (E300) ,Hemicellulase ,Alpha-Amylase

      (basically everything you would put into the machine if baking from scratch)

      1/12 of a 2lb loaf contains 151 calories, 1.6g of sugar, 0.3g of saturated fat and 0.47g of salt.

      This bread mix is a 495g size. Tesco have it priced at 67p. Asda offer it at 90p on a 2 for £1.70 offer.

      ~My Thoughts~

      When I received my bread maker at Christmas, I was a bit unsure what ingredients I would need to make my first loaf. I browsed the shelves in Asda and came home with what I thought I would need. Luckily I picked up 2 bags of Hovis Bread Mix as I actually didn't get all the correct ingredients. Rather than make a further trip to Asda, I decided to try out the bread mix. I think it is safe to say, I won't be giving up Warburtons loaves any time soon, but this is a pretty good bread mix!

      Using this mix is very easy and it really is as simple as throwing everything into my bread pan. I did feel a little guilty about "faking" my first loaf but had a little bit of satisfaction! The bread mix itself is a thick and crumbly powder which has a wheat aroma. There is plenty of it and when you consider the price, it is much cheaper than a shop bought loaf. I decided to add the 25g of butter (I use block butter) and set my machine to the recommended size and crust.

      ~Can You Smell It?~

      I suppose I was a little bit excited about using my bread maker for the first time. I peeked in the viewing window and noticed that the bread mix, mixed up well and everything was done for me from the kneading to the cooking. I made the mistake of opening the top of the bread maker towards the end which did impact the overall appearance of my bread. I didn't make that mistake with the second bag.

      Anyway, 3 hours (or there abouts) later, my bread maker bleeped and I quickly removed the loaf from the bread pan. 2lb isn't massive but freshly baked bread is really designed to be consumed quickly after baking. It was a nice size for my family of 3. The first loaf had risen nicely but because I opened the machine, it had sunk in at one end and looked rather mishaped! I felt the dark crust was a bit too dark for my liking as I prefer a light crust.

      The second loaf looked a bit better - nicely shaped and as I had selected a medium crust, it looked less "burnt" and more appealing to the eye with its golden brown colour. I allowed the bread to cool down each time and then sampled it. The second loaf was the tastiest. The medium crust was lovely and firm but inside, I was met by a soft and fluffy white bread. It looked fresh and the bread had a delicious "fresh baked" aroma about it. Not quite as nice as one made from scratch but acceptable for a mix.

      ~The proof is in the taste~

      Whilst my Hovis bread won't win any awards, it is pleasant enough for my small family to consume at home. The first loaf was sliced and used for dipping in soup that evening. It held together well but was very easy to eat and tasted fresh with a lovely, fluffy texture. The crust had a nice flavour and the bread really was lovely.

      The second loaf I allowed to cook and sliced down for sandwiches. I found that the bread was a little too soft for my to spread my block butter on without tearing - nothing major but not as strong as it could have been. Our sandwiches tasted delicious - two lovely, thick slices of bread with some ham and tomato. Very yummy and satisfying. The bread toasts lovely too and spread with some butter and jam is very nice to eat.

      Whilst our loaves didn't last all that long, I did wrap half a loaf up in some cling film and it kept fresh until the following day. I suppose, unlike shop bought bread, it won't last as long but it still tasted just as good the following day.


      This Hovis mix is very easy to use and produces a pleasant loaf of bread. It isn't amazing and most of the satisfaction of making from scratch is gone but there isn't much work needed to create a fresh loaf of bread. I actually prefer the bread mix to a proper Hovis loaf and it is of a high quality in my opinion.

      I have bought another few packets for those days where I can't be bothered putting too much effort in but still want a fresh loaf.

      Overall, 4 stars for this bread mix.

      Thanks for reading!

      *Originally posted on ciao in Jan 2012*


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        05.04.2010 20:26
        Very helpful



        Tasty tasty tasty

        Having 2 weeks off for Easter break away from teaching, I thought it was time to sort out my kitchen. I gave it a good tidy and found loads more cupboard space. So the next morning I went to Tesco and bought lots of stuff. I decided I was going to have play with a little more freshly made food. After seeing the previous night Jamie Oliver make these Pizzas in 3 minutes.

        I knew what I wanted I wanted, Yeast, Bread Mix and some Mozzarella Cheese. As I picked up the bread mix I noticed a smaller packed of 'Hovis White Bread Mix - Just Add Water', ooh I thought I'll take one of these and give it a go, at just 495g it was more of a usable size than 1kg of normal bread mix, especially as I would be making pizzas for 2. (also saved me having to do maths of cutting down quantities).

        Once home I unpacked my car with my new kitchen toys and brought out the bread mix, put it in a mixing bowl, I took a pinch and scattered it on my new marble kitchen board where I would do my kneading, and added 300ml of water. Nice and simple. I then plunged my hands deep into it and started mixing it together. The dough was forming but also sticking to my fingers, luckily as it got doughier and doughier it came off my fingers and formed a huge dough ball that I could start kneading. I did have to add a tad more water than 300ml to get all the powder out of the mixing bowl so keep a little spare if you're doing this by hand.
        I plonked the huge dough ball on my kitchen board and started kneading it, it only takes 10 minutes and it becomes a good piece of dough ready to make into bread. Now I was making Pizza so I didn't need to follow the rest of the instructions which are to leave it for 2 hours to prove, as it would do that in the oven as it would be a very thin base. So I rolled it into a long cylinder and then twisted off 8 smaller balls. Ooops, Jamie Oliver did 8 from 1kg, so I combined these into 4 balls. I then needed the 4 balls a bit more then put them to the side while I went to prepare the tin foil storage. I cut off 3 tin foil sheets and olive oiled them up ready to receive a pizza base (we are talking small pizza bases here). I went back to the dough and rolled out 4 pizza bases, be warned you will not get perfect circles (not that it really matters it). I rolled them out quite thin, and placed 1 each onto the tin foil and put in the fridge for later usage. The 4th, as is chefs privilege , was going to be cooked and eaten.

        Recipe 1
        Thyme chopped up, Mozzarella slices and olive oil drizzled on top. Ready for a tasty snack pizza. Jamie Oliver suggests cooking on the tin foil, but I have a stone pizza base, so I used that instead. In for 20mins on 220C heat, and it was ready. It tasted gorgeous, the bread was crispy, it was hot, and it was just like pizza. Fantastic, I was really impressed with my first attempt at pizza.

        Recipe 2
        Thyme & Tomato chopped up, Mozzarella slices and olive oil drizzled on top. I took this one off the tin foil and put on the stone pizza base and cooked again for 20mins, again it was perfect.

        This Hovis Bread Mix - Just add water, clearly is good. It was fun to make, and fun to prepare and allowed me to do one thing I had wanted since being in Spain 12 years ago, pizza bread with Thyme and oil as the only toppings as a snack. I am already preparing to try more, and making my own normal bread soon.

        If you want to make your own pizzas this is one that clearly is worth buying, very simple to use, and very tasty, and very very little mess.


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        19.02.2010 15:54
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        perfect for home baking or in a bread maker. would recommend

        Hovis Bread mix

        Well I decided to do my shopping online with ASDA and the Hovis bread mix was one of the items i purchased.
        As soon as they arrived I wanted to try this out as I have not used my bread maker in a while. Each bag contains 495g of bread mix which will make a 2lb loaf. All you need to do is just add water to the mix if making it without a bread maker or water and a little butter if using the bread maker.

        The ingredients in the pack are as follows:
        Wheat Flour , Salt , Dried Yeast , Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil , Emulsifiers (Mono- and Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Esters of Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, Sorbitan Monostearate , Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, Lactic Acid Esters of Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids) , Improving Agent (Calcium Sulphate) , Dextrose , Flour Treatment Agents (Alpha Amylase, Ascorbic Acid) .

        Once the bread was finished I let it cool and tried it, and it was delicious it had a very fluffy centre with a nice crispy crust.
        My family loved this mix and I will be buying again at just 50p per packet it's cheaper and much tastier being home cooked than buying a standard loaf of bread from a shop.

        Overall I would recommend this mix to anyone even if you do not have a bread maker, you cannot beat the fresh taste of homemade bread and with it being a Hovis mix you know it is going to of good quality, I give this mix 5/5 because it's delicious, light and fluffy with a nice crust.


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          21.11.2009 00:19
          Very helpful



          Produces great tasting bread everytime!

          Review of Hovis White Bread Mix

          ~~The Product~~

          This is an easy peasy mix for producing one loaf of white bread. I generally keep a couple of these mixes handy when we are travelling on our narrowboat, as sometimes we find ourselves in an area where shops are few and far between, bread seems to be the one staple that we run out of fairly regularly during our travels!

          The 495g pack will produce 1x 2lb loaf or 8 rolls. The only ingredient you need to add is water and even a 10 year old child can make it...in fact my 10 year old granddaughter has made it!


          The bread mix comes in a recyclable paper pouch. It is basically pale yellow and green in colour, with the well known 'Hovis' logo across the front in a gold coloured font, above images of a green mixing bowl and a delicious looking loaf of bread. The front of the pack also advises that the mix can be used either in a bread maker or for hand mixing.

          Ingredients, company information and nutritional values can be found on the sides of the pack and directions for use are printed on the back.

          ~~How to Use~~

          I have only used this mix for the hand method so cannot comment on the success of use in a bread maker.

          To produce your loaf by hand, you need 10fl oz of warm water, the instructions do state that 1oz of butter can also be used, but this is an optional extra and one that I do not bother with!

          The contents of the Hovis bread mix should be place in a mixing bowl and mixed with warm water until a soft ball of dough forms.
          Turn the bread mixture out onto a floured surface and knead for ten minutes. Shape the dough into a round loaf or rolls and place on a greased baking tin, cover with a (clean) damp tea towel or greased clingfilm and leave in a warm place until the dough has doubled in size. This usually takes around one and a half to two hours.
          Once the dough has risen, reshape or place in a loaf tin and bake in the oven at 220/425 electric or gas mark 7 for approximately 30 minutes for a loaf, or 20 minutes for rolls.

          The kitchen fills with a lovely aroma of baking bread as the dough cooks. I think this is the nicest part of home bread making, the smell is unique in my opinion, totally delicious!

          Once your bread has cooled, enjoy with butter, toasted or however you choose to eat bread.

          The bread toasts very well, the crust on the Hovis home made bread is not too hard making it perfect for sandwiches. Providing you have kneaded the dough sufficiently, the texture of the bread is close and springy. Insufficient kneading will produce bread with an uneven surface and a holey texture. Too little water will make your bread tough and too much will give a dense, wet texture.

          I have found that bread made with this mix keeps quite well, if you can bear to keep it and not gobble it up as soon as it's made! One thing I have noticed is that the crust does tend to harden slightly when the bread is a day or two old, however I think this is perfectly normal and it certainly doesn't affect the taste or enjoyability of the loaf!

          ~~Ingredients, Nutritional Values and Allergy Advice~~

          I won't bore readers with a long list of ingredients and nutritional information, firstly I don't think people really want to read it and secondly as the bread will be cut according to individual users tastes ( and skill with a bread knife) it will not in my view, really be an accurate nutritional account!

          For anyone who has allergies, the product contains wheat gluten, yeast and may contain traces of nuts.
          When made according to the instructions this bread is suitable for vegetarians.

          The pack advises that 1 12th of a loaf, when made according to the instructions, will provide approximately 140 calories.

          ~~Availability, Price and Manufacturer~~

          Hovis White Bread mix can be found in most major supermarkets, the price is in the region of 80-90p per pack. I generally buy mine in Sainsbury's where it can be found in the baking goods aisle.

          Hovis White Bread Mix is produced in the UK by McDougall. The company can be contacted at :- McDougall, Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 2HJ
          or www.hovisflour.com

          ~~My Thoughts and Conclusion~~

          This isn't the cheapest bread mix on the market but it is one of the most reliable and tastiest. To use this sort of product is definitely not cheaper than making your own bread from scratch with yeast, flour and fat, but as a standby Hovis White Bread Mix is a very good buy.

          As mentioned in at the beginning of this review, my 10 year old granddaughter, who loves helping in the kitchen, can bake bread very successfully by herself using this product.....I do of course supervise her when she is using the cooker, just in case readers think I'm totally irresponsible!

          To conclude, I would recommend this product to others.

          Thank you for reading.

          ©brittle1906 November 2009

          N.B. My reviews may be found on other review sites under the same user name.


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            04.08.2009 19:33



            Great if you have the time or inclination

            I love making bread but find time at a premium when you're work fulltime and have a family.

            This product is great - whether or not you are using a breadmaker. Also, you don't have to make the whole bag up in one go (although if you want to make up half it is best to tip the whole bag out into a clean mixing bowl and stir until thoroughly mixed, then put what you don't want back into the bag and seal tightly for later use). Add just slightly less than half the water - or you could use milk. It is easier to add than to take away.

            Knead for about 10 mins or about 5 mins if using an electric mixer and Bob's you're uncle. You can also add fruit (raisins are especially nice) or seeds - pumpkin seeds are nice.

            This is a great product and you can always have fresh bread available at relatively short notice.


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            04.05.2009 23:48
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A great mix for bread!!!

            I love this product! When I first moved into my new flat I found that it was cheaper to buy this product than to buy the nice freshly baked buns in the supermarket as at the time it was on offer at around 29p a bag.

            The bread mix makes either one loaf of bread or 8-12 buns (depending on size!).

            Unlike when making your own bread you need to get yeast and mix together all the ingredients, which can be annoying, messy and time consuming. With Hovis Bread mix, the mix is completely made up like a flour type subtance which has everything you need in it. All you do is add water!

            Once you have added your water, and mixed it all together, you then have to knead the mixture. This is so that air can get into the mixture to help it to rise. You have the knead the mixture for around 5 minutes to ensure its complete.

            You then either put the dough ball into a bread tin or shape it as you like, you can experiment with shapes or the buns you make; its fun for kids to use this mix and make fun shapes- i.e. plaiting the dough, putting a smaller ball on top of a lager ball and putting your finger through the middle of it, making submarine rolls, hedgehog rolls etc.

            You then have to leave the dough to rise for around 2 hours in a warm place, I normally put mine in the boiler cupboard when the boiler is hot, or in the oven on gas mark 1, this won't cook the bread, but will give off enough heat to help the yeast in the bread rise.

            After around two hours the bread should be sufficiantly risen, and its then cooking time. Make sure you brush with beaten egg, melted butter or just water.

            A loaf needs half an hour on gas mark 6-7 and buns need arlund 20 minutes at the same temperature.

            Before taking your bread out of the oven, I always pick up the buns or loaf and tap the bottom of the bread lightly, if the noise sounds hollow, the bread is ready, if it sounds like a thudding noise, the bread needs a few more minutes (I try an extra 5 minutes at a time).

            The final result is a delicious fresh bread which is gorgeous with soup, toasted or for sandwiches.

            Its easy to make, and even at full price, is only 69p, which is less than the average loaf of bread. You also have the satisfation of making the bread yourself, and your house is filled with that fresh bread smell!

            I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves fresh baked bread but who doesn't have the time or energy to do it from scratch! :-) Its perfect for children to make too!!!


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              23.09.2008 13:12
              Very helpful



              A good mix to have just in case

              I buy this mix and the wholemeal one by Hovis to make bread in my breadmaker. I find it very useful to have a mix in the cupboard in case we run out of bread as we live 8 miles from the nearest shop.

              The mix costs 95p from the co-op and basically makes a 2lb loaf of bread when you add water and a small amount of butter to it.

              On the packet it tells you how much water to use, machines vary on whether the water or mix goes in first, in mine I put the water in first then the small amount of butter which is optional then the mix. I put it on a standard program with medium crust and leave it for a few hours while it cooks. The smell of fresh bread baking is delicious whilst this cooks!

              The bread is more doughy than bread you buy from the shops, it also doesn't keep as well. After a couple of days it goes rock hard and dry so it's best eaten fresh.

              It tastes fine though, I think all homemade bread tastes different to the bread you buy anyway. It obviously requires skill to slice it thinly enough for sandwiches, a skill I don't have! If I slice it I have oddly shaped slices of varying thickness but my partner is quite handy with a bread knife!

              What I really like about these mixes is the fact there's no messing around with all the separate ingredients so not much margin for error. I tried a loaf using separate ingredients and it came out like a small, hard rock so this premixed mixture makes life easy.

              Also at 95p it's now cheaper than buying most loaves of bread although you do need to add the electricity costs into the final amount so probably not much cheaper!

              It's a handy mix to have in the cupboard in case you need it but the loaf of bread doesn't last as long as a shop bought one so not suitable for everyday use in my opinion.


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                25.07.2008 00:41
                Very helpful



                Well worth keeping a packet or two stashed away

                Costs between 75p and 95p (depending on where bought) for a 495g pack which makes one small loaf

                Nutritional Information:

                Calories: 140 per slice
                Sugars: 0.8g per slice
                Fat: 3.2g per slice
                Saturates: 1.4g per slice
                Salt: 0.64g per slice

                NB: According to the information on the packet, a slice counts as approximately 1/12th of a cooked loaf.

                Wheat flour, salt, dried yeast, emulsifiers (mono and diacetyl tartaric acid, esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, sorbitan monostearate), vegetable oil, improving agent (calcium sulphate), dextrose, flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid)

                Allergy Information: Contains wheat gluten and yeast - may contain nuts.

                Suitable for vegetarians


                Hovis White Bread Mix comes in a pack which is coloured a creamy pale yellow, and various shades of soft green. The Hovis logo is clearly shown on the front, together with a picture of a baked loaf and a mixing bowl, which has a wooden stirring utensil inside, resting against the rim.

                Full instructions for making the bread either by hand or in a bread-making machine are printed on the side of the pack.

                Quite a few years ago, I went through a phase of making my own bread from scratch. The results weren't exactly what I'd call an outstanding culinary achievment, but the taste was reasonable, even if the consistency wasn't a million miles away from a house brick.

                More recently, and as my memory has begun to let me down in a big way, I found that bread was something I was constantly forgetting to buy when out shopping. Being as I am a midnight snack merchant, and can't resist a doorstep sandwich at the witching hour, running out of bread became a big problem for me. I did flirt with the idea of perhaps making my own again, but decided against it as I value my teeth too much.

                One day recently I was walking around the supermarket, and my eyes were drawn to something which possibly could solve my problems of the frustration of too many midnights spent sandwichless. I homed in on a row of neat little packets of Hovis White Bread Mix, so I picked one up and read the instructions. The whole process seemed reasonably simple, so I popped one in my basket. Once home, I unpacked my shopping and put the Hovis White Bread Mix away in the cupboard, hoping I'd remember it was there when the next breadless emergency hit.

                I didn't have to wait too long - a couple of weeks later, I forgot to buy bread and only realised it once I was home. From my house, the nearest supermarket is a bus journey followed by a lengthy trudge, and I didn't want to make the trip there and back all over again just for bread. It was then I remembered my little pack of Hovis White Bread Mix nestling amongst the tins in a dark corner of my food cupboard.

                I followed the instructions on the packet carefully, kneaded and pounded the dough with all of my might, then left it to stand (covered with a clean damp cloth) for the required time before baking.

                The time being up, I removed the damp cloth and noticed that the dough had almost doubled in size. I rather fancied a round loaf, so I quickly moulded it into shape, placed the wodge of dough on a flat lightly greased baking tray, and popped it into the oven.

                During the cooking time, the whole house was infused with the smell of freshly baking bread, and I was trying to summon up lots of willpower down the road of, if it tasted as good as it smelled, I'd have to discipline myself severely so as not to eat the whole loaf - hot from the oven and oozing with butter - at one sitting. When the suggested cooking time was up, I removed the baking tray from the oven and was pleased to see a lovely round, golden loaf of bread which hadn't in the slightest lost the shape I'd moulded it into. I placed it onto a wire rack to cool, and after about fifteen minutes, my greed got the better of me, so I cut off a thick slice. The texture inside seemed pliable and spongy, and the smell was superb. I smoothed a lump of butter over the surface of the slice, and it melted slightly, seeping into the bread.

                Unable to control myself any longer, I took a huge bite - and was very pleasantly surprised. It was delicious, and just like warm bread bought straight from a bakers' shop oven.

                The real test came afterwards. How long would the bread (providing I could summon up the willpower not to eat it all first) remain fresh?

                Once the loaf was completely cold, I placed it into a plastic bag and stored in the fridge. At midnight, I had my regulation sandwich, and the bread was still deliciously soft and fresh. What about the next day? Well, it retained about 98% of its freshness overnight. The only slight deterioration was that the outer crust had hardened somewhat, but not so much that it had become unchewable. I can't say if the loaf held onto freshness into its third day, because it didn't last that long - it is such very tasty bread, that I was unable to eke it out.

                In summary, I would say that Hovis White Bread Mix is a very good standby to turn to in an emergency, when you don't want to go shopping just for a loaf, or you forgot to buy it on your last shopping trip. The taste and texture are very good, and if you don't like the slight hardness on the crust when it is a day old, then I suppose the birds would be glad to relieve you of it. This loaf also makes very good toast, but you need to toast it for longer than you would ready-made bread.

                For the price, it is rather expensive for the size loaf it makes (equivalent to a small ready-made Hovis loaf) as you have to do a lot of the work yourself, but is a very worthwhile item to keep in your food cupboard for emergencies. Watch those calories though......at 140 per slice, it's deadly compared to ready-sliced bread.

                Happy kneading, and happy eating!!!!!


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