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Marvel Dried Milk

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Brand: Premier Brands / Type: Baking Aids

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    3 Reviews
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      15.09.2011 23:40
      Very helpful



      A must have for me!

      Dried milk isn't really something I have a lot of experience with to be totally honest with you. On and off over the years I have consumed it and even bought some when caravaning and things like that but usually I buy fresh milk of course like many of us do. However the other day when I was in my local Poundland store I spotted a tub of this and it seemed a very good idea to me to buy a couple of tubs of the stuff as I am forever running out of milk as I consume so much of it in teas and coffees and the like and am not always well enough to get out and get milk and the likes!

      The Packaging:

      I bought a 175g of this which comes in a cardboard tub with a white plastic lid. On the front of it there is a picture of a glass of milk and we are told that it is Marvel 'Original' Dried Skimmed Milk and that it contains less that 1% fat and the weight is stated (which I have listed already). On the back of the tub other information listed includes being told a bit about the product, ingredients and nutritional information is given along with being told how to use it and contact details for Premier (the manufacturer of the product) are given. Nice enough tub this is and its informative enough too.

      Using The Powder:

      Well the powder is a mix of 99.9% of dried skimmed milk and vitamins A & D and is naturally calcium rich as well as containing vitamins A & D and is meant to be great in tea and coffee and for use in bread making and cooking in general too.

      To make up one pint of the milk you just add 4 1/2 heaped tablespoons of the milk powder and add one pint of cold water to it and mix it up. You can heat this as well by bringing it to the boil on a low heat and you can also use it directly in tea or coffee by sprinkling in 1-2 teaspoons of it into a cup/mug.

      I have used this by making it up and then using it throughout the day and also directly into into my hot drinks.

      Making it up really is simple and it makes up into a thin white liquid. It doesn't go lumpy if mixed up well enough though it doesn't contain very much flavour at all so for me this is rubbish to use on cereals and the likes as it tastes like water to me!

      Directly into tea or coffee I find it does go a bit lumpy and I end up having to scoop the bits out though it does end up giving a bit of a creamy taste and does taste like skimmed milk opposed to when its mixed with water I just am not keen on the lumps at all though like I say you can pick them out!

      This to me is a must have for my cupboard for those times when I do run out of milk. It isn't fantastic but it is handy to have in for a cuppa! I prefer milk however have found this a really good emergency product!

      Nutritional Information Per 57g Serving Made Up With 1 Pint Of Water (The Important Bits):

      Energy: 198Kcal
      Carbohydrate: 30.2g
      of which sugars: 30.2g
      Fat: 0.3g
      of which saturates: 0.2g

      Available in all good supermarkets etc priced at about £1.50 a tub.


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      17.01.2009 20:14
      Very helpful




      Milk usage in my house seems to vary . If I buy a pint, you can guarantee that everyones going to want cereal and milky drinks and it will soon be gone . If I buy a big 4-pinter, you can guarantee everyones going to want toast and jam for breakfast, and it gets wasted. It was pretty hard for me to get the balance exactly right, so I started buying Marvel Dried Skimmed Milk as a stand in for those times when I found I ran out. Because if I run out of milk, and can't have a cup of tea, my evil side comes out .

      I've tried a few different brands, including shops own, but Marvels a firm favourite with me . I think perhaps my mother using it when I was younger a lot meant I found the taste more acceptable than other brands - after all, it's been around since the mid sixties, so they're doing something right!

      I purchased a 340g pack from my supermarket for about 2.50, and made up according to the packet instructions, it makes 6 pints of skimmed milk.

      It comes in a cardboard tube shaped carton, pale blue in colour, with a silver foil (easily removed using the tab) under a blue plastic cap that is easy to remove and replace. The carton contains all the instructions needed to make the milk up, as well as the address for the manufacturers, which is :

      Premier International Foods UK ltd
      Bridge Road, Long Sutton
      Spalding, Lincs PE12 9EQ
      0800 0327111

      While I find the carton very sturdy, I do tend to decant my milk powder into a tupperware container just to ease stacking in my cupboard, as the canister is quite tall .

      Making this up is easy - 4 and a half heaped teaspoons mixed in a pint of cold water . It mixes in easily, occasionally it clumps a little but a vigourous stir soon sorts it out . Or you can be lazy, and do what I do, whizzing it in the blender for a few seconds . Once made, it needs to be kept in the fridge as normal milk, and it does tend to settle a little, so a quick stir before you use it does no harm at all . Once made, it doesn't keep for too long in the fridge, one or two days is probably the top limit .

      On the packaging, its recommended that you use up the pack within 6 weeks - I've used mine over a much longer period with no ill effect whatsoever though. It also mentions on the pack that its not to be used for babies under 12 months .

      As well as making it up in pints, a little stirred vigorously into tea works very well, perhaps half a teaspoon or so . This is really where I use it most often, in teas and coffees . I have also used it in baking and cooking, and most of the time I've acheived a good result, although I think it works better in recipes where you're not really going to taste the milk, such as scones, rather than in the making of creamy sauces, as is does lack a little of the richness of real milk.

      Taste wise, while not horrible, you can tell it's not real milk - mainly because it just tastes 'thin'. It lacks the creaminess and richness of real milk, and especially used over cereals, its not as good as the real thing in my opinion, although my daughter doesn't mind it. Its not something I would ever choose to drink in preference to real milk - (with the exception of making hot chocolates and milkshake, anything where you flavour over it), but it's not unpleasant, and when I'm out of milk, its usually preferable to a trip down the shops .

      Overall, a great cupboard standby for those times when you really need a cuppa .


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        04.10.2008 16:44
        Very helpful



        Review of Marvel Original Dried Skimmed Milk

        Whilst perched upon my couch ready for an afternoons football on sky sports, cup of tea in one hand, remote controller in the other I was pondering what my next review should e about...within a very short space of time I realized the answer was staring me in the face.. Marvel Original Dried Skimmed Milk.

        I have an unashamed tea addiction that needs to be fed on a daily basis and the only way to guarantee there being milk in my home at any given time was to have dried milk. I was first introduced to dried skimmed milk by my dieting mother many years ago, but my dependence upon dried milk only really started when I moved into my little village about 6 years ago with its one shop with limited opening hours. To prevent me missing morning cuppa, action had to be taken. From then on no larder of mine is without a box of dried milk.

        I've tried a few different types of dried milk but my preference is for the Marvel Original Dried Skimmed Milk.

        Basic Facts

        Dried Milk can be traced back to the 13th Century in Mongolia
        Marvel Dried Milk first introduced to UK in 1964
        Comes in 175g and 340g sizes
        Fortified with Vitamins A (72% RDA per 100g) and D 28% RDA per 100g)
        0.6% fat.


        I purchased the 175g pack for £0.99 from Wilkinsons. In my local shop it I have seen it priced at £1.49 and the 340g priced at £2.89. The 175g will make 3 pints of milk.


        Comes in a plain blue tubular carton. easy opening and closing lid over a silver sealing, presumably aiding freshness. Refreshably simple design.


        Premier International Foods UK ltd
        Bridge Road, Long Sutton
        Spalding, Lincs PE12 9EQ
        0800 0327111


        My usage is strictly limited to tea making but you can make up pints of milk by putting 4 ½ heaped tablespoons into 570ml of cold or cold water. The packaging also claims it can be used in bread makers and cooking others can tell you of that because safe to say there will be no cooking reviews from me, even I would struggle with 150 words on my reviewable cooking experience or skills.

        Being an outdoorsy type person and as well as frequent sailing trips I do love a bit of camping and this is where dried milk itself comes into its own. Easy to store and seal, a Tupperware container of powdered milk is often one of the first items packed.

        There is a statement on the side of the packaging saying that it is not intended as food for infants under 12 months. The non-existent cooking review of mine will be closely followed with a breastfeeding review, another subject I am not able to enlighten you on,

        Long Life

        Powdered milk last longer than normal milk, the packaging recommends usage within 6 weeks of opening but i have used some for over 6 months without trouble.


        Like all powdered milks I have tried Marvel has a slightly synthetic taste to it. You know when you have a tea when dried milk is being used because it does taste different. It's not a bad taste, but it isn't as good as the real thing. I have tried to have a bowl of cereal with some dried milk but I really did not like it at all and would rather go without than try that again. I would rate Marvel milk the best out of the ones I have tried in the all important taste category as it is closest to the real thing, but still a country mile apart.

        Best Use

        For best use in tea, first pour the boiling water on the tea bag, put I heaped tea spoon in the cup, leave for 30 seconds and stir very well. Dried Milk can congeal at times and make the look and taste of the tea a lot to be desired. Marvel, is certainly one of the better powdered milks for not congealing.


        Being less than 1% and fortified with vitamins it is a good healthy product. Essential for camping and sailing and the only way to get my tea fix. Marvel is the best out of the powdered milk brands in taste, certainly for tea making purposes and I would recommend this to anyone.

        Thanks for reading


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