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Mcdougalls Bob The Builder Mini Muffin Mix

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Brand: McDougalls / Type: Mix

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    1 Review
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      07.10.2009 15:11
      Very helpful



      A great box for a treat!

      Having 22 month old twin boys who have got to the stage where they can't stand the sight of each other I am trying to keep them occupied as much as possible with fun and possibly messy activities to prevent any friction. Of course this isn't always possible but I am trying! Knowing that they are both Bob the builder mad I of course HAD to purchase the box of McDougalls Bob the Builder bun mix when I seen it in poundstretcher for 99p. It does say Mini Muffin mix at the top of the page but I suggested the Bun Mix! Of course though having two boys who fight over ANYTHING I purchased two, again to prevent fights - which unfortunately it didn't succeed. However the messy involvement of bun making DID succeed!

      The bob the builder bun mix is eyecatching and themed like Bob the Builder - it would definitely catch any child's beady eye whether they were a fan or not. Bob the Builder is clearly shown on the front of the box with a picture of one of these cakes underneath him. The top of the box clearly says Mcdougalls so we also know the brand. We are also told that these contains 'No Nasties' - the boxes words not mine by the way! They contain No Artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours! There is a Bob the Builder themed spot the difference activity provided on one side of the box allowing for a little extra fun for older children. Instructions on how to make the cakes are given on the back, if you were planning on letting your children get on with it though they will need to read unfortunately as the majority of the guidelines are written and just two pictures are shown, which don't actually 'guide' them in anyway. The other side of the box shows us all the nutritional info needed.

      One bun contains;
      78 calories
      9.0g sugars
      1.9g fat
      0.7g saturates

      Now for 99p it's not just the fun, Bob the Builder themed box you are provided with of course, it's the insides that are more important right as you actually need ingredients for your cakes. So inside your box you can find;

      * 12 Navy blue cake cases
      * A white packet of Vanilla sponge mix.
      * A white packet of Pink Icing
      * A see through packet of Bob the builder spinkles.

      To make the cakes though you do need to use a few of your own tools and ingredients such as cold water and an egg and your own bowl, spoons or whisk and of course a baking tray!

      To make the cakes it was simple thanks to the mixtures and ingredients coming prepacked it was a simple case of pouring the mixtures into bowls and mixing with the recommended amount of water. As my boys are quite young I poured the ingredients into a bowl, mixed the hardest bits together to create a soft mix and then let them pair get on with the messy parts, I showed them how to mix the 'already mixed' cake mixture and then spoon the mixture into the cake cases laid out on the baking tray.

      This did create an awful lot of mess which is to be expected really but it sure kept them occupied and they had great fun. It was so nice to see them both enjoying themselves together for once yet being independant at the same time. I only showed them once with a spoon how to let the mixture drip into a cake case but they seemed to grasp this simple task within seconds and soon grabbed the spoons back off me to get on with it themselves. I also allowed them. when the cakes were actually cooked to 'mix the icing', even though I had already done this and they helped me decorate the cakes too by adding the icing and sprinkling the bob the builder sprinkles. I found the whole cake mix allowed alot of involvement for the TWO of my boys to join in, show off their skills as all kids like to do deep down and really have some fun too.

      It was a little difficult to prise their cake mixes in the cake cases off them at first, as they are so young it was a little difficult to explain to them that they needed to cook. Luckily they only took around 12 minutes in a preheated oven so when I popped them in I quickly got the pink icing ready for them to stir and get ready with. This took their mind of their cooking cakes for a short while but it definitely stopped their frustrated tears that's for sure.

      Of course the cakes do have to cool once they've cooked until slightly golden on top, so again I had to occupy my boys minds, they seemed so excited when I took the cakes out of the oven so I popped them up on their chairs and asked them to help me washing the dishes. No this wasn't because I was being lazy - No really it wasn't lol! Again this small task allowed them to have alot of involvement in the whole cake making process, gave them even more independance and of course the messyness of the splashing water pleased them too!

      When it came to decorating their cakes they spread their icing, rather messily, over their buns and stood their proud over their finished products when they sprinkled their sugar sweets over the top.

      I have to admit they were very tasty cakes too, the sponge was soft and fluffy and the icing was very sweet. I have to say though, the sprinkles weren't all that great they were shaped nothing like Bob the builder characters or tools to me they looked more like messed up bananas or even bones for that matter.

      Overall the whole box was definitely worth 99p, I suppose you could say you could buy your own ingredients and make more for your money but for a one off activity, or even for a party or get together with their buddies this makes for great fun - and quiet! lol. If I wanted to make a larger batch of cakes I would probably go out any buy the value products in supermarkets such as flour etc and I would definitely get more for my money but this was brilliant as a treat.

      The younger the child is of course they need alot more assistance but thanks to the already measured and prepared mixes the older the child is you could leave them to their own devices and just keep a watchful eye now and then.

      The mixes were easy to mix together just by adding the egg and water, although the mix was a little lumpy it needed that mummys touch and vigourous mix to smooth it out more. There isn't alot of the mixture though when made up and it just about made it to 12 cases which resulted in smaller cakes.

      Although overall I was pleased with the product and my boys had great fun I do think I would only buy these again as a proper treat or for a party. Next time I will just prepare my own ingredients and let them get messy with them.


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