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McDougalls Fairy Girl Cake Mix

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    3 Reviews
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      13.09.2014 23:10
      Very helpful


      • tasty
      • quick
      • fun


      • "not all is provided"

      A great mix

      I bought this because I have never made boxed cupcakes before and thought that it was about time I actually tried doing so. I bought this for 99p from Home Bargains and though I had a few complications I really couldn't complain for that price.

      The instructions were easy enough to follow and I found that the only things you needed to provide was a small amount of tap water, a teaspoon of butter and a medium sized egg. Now I wasn't aware you needed extra ingredients as I pretty much assumed that everything you needed would be in the box. It must have been naive of me to assume so. That being said for butter I used Lurpak that was in my fringe as I do not use the oil made Flora or Clover. I was lucky in that sense.

      The mix was really easy and simple. I made them within 10 minutes but found the mix was extremely runny when I didn't even add all the water in. I poured it into the cases none the less and it filled 8 of the ten cupcake cases a little less than half way. I placed them in the oven for 10 minutes and they sprang just a little above half way and were pleasantly cooked all the way through.

      I melted the icing and chose not to add butter, as I am not fond of butter cream and then placed the sugar paper images on top. They looked rather beautiful and how pictured on the box, aside from the butter cream.

      I am extremely pleased with what I got for 99p and I would definitely recommend boxes like this for children's parties. For my first boxed cupcakes at 21 I am extremely happy. They came with little to no mess.


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      05.08.2008 17:52
      Very helpful



      Really great for something to do in the summer hols

      I like to make cakes from scratch normally but when my friend bought her daughter round who wanted to do some baking I decided that this Bang On The Door Fairy Girl Cake Mix might be more appropriate as it's specially made for baking with kids. This is a lot easier than doing it from scratch because you don't have to weigh out all of the ingredients.

      It comes in a box that makes 12 cakes, it only cost be about £1.40 from Morrison's which is a pretty good deal considering it contains almost everything you need. The box is bright pink and has a picture of a fairy holding a wand on the front. There's also a photo of one of the completed cakes which looks really good. The McDougall's logo and the Bang On The Door logo's are on the top of the box. On the back are the ingredients, nutritional information and instructions on how to make the cakes.

      The contents of the box are:
      12 Cake Cases
      1 Bag of Vanilla Cake Mix
      1 Bag of White Chocolate Hearts
      1 Bag of Strawberry Icing Sugar

      Unfortunately, as with all kits of this type the fresh ingredients are not provided so you will need:
      1 Medium Egg
      3 Tablespoons of Cold Water

      These cakes are really easy to make which is what makes them great for kids, they're especially good for younger kids because you don't have to get them to weigh out the ingredients, this makes it a lot quicker to make which is good because kids often don't have a lot of patience.

      Lets get started then:
      Preheat your oven to 180C/360F
      Place the cake cases in the baking tray
      Empty the packet of cake mix into a bowl
      Add the egg and water
      Mix them together until the mixture is smooth and creamy
      Divide the mixture into the cake cases
      Cook in the centre of the oven for 10-12 minutes
      You can tell when they are done because they will be a pale golden colour, if you're still not sure then gently press them with the back of a teaspoon, if the cake bounces back up then it's done.
      Put them on a wire rack to cool down
      Leave them for about 20 minutes so they are completely cool

      Empty the packet of icing sugar into a clean bowl
      Add a teaspoon of water
      If it's too powdery then add more water
      The icing shouldn't be too runny when you're done
      Spread the icing evenly over the cakes
      Sprinkle on the chocolate hearts before the icing dries

      As you can see they are really easy to make and my friends daughter really enjoyed herself especially when mixing the icing. The best bit of all though was eating them. They were very nice, the vanilla cake wasn't too strong, just perfect and went with the strawberry flavour icing very well . The chocolate hearts weren't very strong tasting either. Overall the taste were very nice together. The cake had a nice springy feel to it and wasn't at all dried out. They are great as a snack.

      They contain no artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours. Plus they are suitable for vegetarians but they may contain nuts.


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      06.05.2008 08:48
      Very helpful



      Easy to make cakes but disappointing decorations for the cakes.

      ~ Price ~

      This pack cost £1.37 but it's worth looking out for 3 for 2 deals in a lot of supermarkets.

      As well as this 'Bang on the door - Fairy Girl, Cake Mix', Morrisons also had:
      * McDougalls Spider Man Bun Mix
      * McDougalls Fifi and Flowetot Muffin Mix

      ~ Packaging ~

      A pink outer box with a picture of the 'fairy girl' on the front and the finished cake which looks too perfect to have been made and decorated by a young child!

      The back of the box has a step by step written guide with the odd photo, on how to make the cakes.

      I have to say that this written form isn't as child-friendly as some other brands I have used as it relies upon being a good reader, whereas the written with pictorial guides allow the child to actively participate in working out what has to be done next.

      Inside the following items are included:

      * 12 cake cases
      * vanilla flavour cake mix
      * a bag of white chocolate hearts
      * a bag of strawberry flavour icing sugar

      ~ What you need ~

      All of the ingredients listed above, including:
      * one medium egg
      * 3 tablespoons of cold water
      * a bowl and spoon or whisk to mix
      * a baking tray
      * an oven!

      ~ How easy are these to make? ~

      So easy to make, thanks to the fool-proof step by step guide.

      1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 C or gas mark 4 - 160 C for fan assisted ovens.
      2. Mix the cake mix, egg and water in a bowl and mix till creamy.
      3. Put equal amounts of the mix in to the cake cases and bake for 10-12 minutes.
      4.Bake on the middle shelf for 10 - 12 minutes until pale golden in colour.
      5. Cool the cakes.
      6. Mix the icing sugar with 1 teaspoon of water until it's smooth.
      7. Spread the icing sugar over the cakes and decorate with the white chocolate heart sprinkles before the icing sets.

      ~ What are they like? ~

      I have to say that these are quite tasty. The vanilla flavour isn't too over-powering and the sponge is moist, which so often isn't the case with ready mix children's cake packs. They are sometimes quite dry and quite frankly unappealing but these are tasty.

      The allocation of preparation and baking time is just about right. They suggest 15 minutes prep time whereas it took about 10 mins and 10-12 baking time, I went for the 10 minute baking time for fear of drying them out too much.

      What I wish they would put on though can't, is the amount of time needed to clear up the mess after making them but that goes with the territory!

      I have little patience and like things to be done straightaway so the cooling down period of the cakes was a little frustrating, but that isn't the manufacturer's fault. You really do have to wait until the cakes have cooled down otherwise the icing sugar doesn't set and runs all over the place!

      The icing sugar isn't a sickly strawberry flavour, just enough to give it the extra sweet flavour, which is good.

      The decorating part is usually always the favourite but there wasn't a great deal of option with this as there are with some cake mixes, just stick the stars on, so a little disappointing in that respect for her!

      I use a lot of cake mixes due to the easiness of them and these cakes are certainly good quality and tasty. There's a nice smell of baking wafting through the kitchen and they aren't bad at all. Definitely worth giving them a try, if only to let children see how much fun can be had in the kitchen!

      I know many people like the whole aspect of encouraging children to measure out the ingredients using scales which is full of educational values. I am all for this when time is on your side but when time is limited and you want a small, relatively easy activity to undertake, then these mixes are a great idea!

      On a downside, there is nothing that resembles a 'fairy' to these cakes other than the illustration on the front of the box, not even fairy shaped milk chocolate pieces and there weren't any fairy picture waferettes as the packaging displays.

      ~ Additional Information ~

      * No artificial flavours
      * No artificial sweeteners
      * No artificial colours
      * May contain nuts
      * Suitable for vegetarians


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