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Morrisons Fruit Cocktail In Juice

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Other Fruits

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    1 Review
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      12.05.2009 00:01
      Very helpful



      A nice, dinky little serves-one size tinned snack or dessert


      COST: 34p for a 225g tin (drained weight is 140g)

      NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 100g, undrained):

      Calories: 56
      Kj: 241
      Protein: 0.4g
      Carbohydrate: 12g (all of which sugars)
      Fat: 0.1g (all of which saturates)
      Fibre: 1.6g
      Sodium and salt equivalent: Trace


      Diced peach and pear, grapes, pineapple tidbits, cherry halves, erythrosine (colour), water, refined apple/pear/grape juice from concentrate, citric acid



      Morrisons Fruit Cocktail In Juice comes in a green tin that has a ring-pull opening device. The front of the can has an image of a bowl of fruit salad on the front, and the back shows nutritional information, ingredients list, storage instructions and advice that the can is 100% recyclable.

      Still stuck in my bout of nostalgia, I spotted little single serving sized cans of fruit cocktail in Morrisons the other day, so decided to buy a couple. Hovering between wondering whether I should have the fruit with cream, custard, or some other mindless indulgence, I eventually decided to eat it on its own - at least that way I can give a more accurate review of the product as it stands.

      I opened the can using the ring-pull feature, and inside, was greeted with a pleasant, colourful portion of roughly chopped pieces of fruit nestling in a fairly thin juice. The fruity smell emanating from the can was quite refreshing, and I was pleased to notice that the cherries were of the red variety, and not those that to me are the pretty boring, dark coloured morello sort. The pieces of fruit were uneven in size, and cut fairly small, but there seemed to be a more or less even ratio of different kinds of fruit (peaches, grapes, pineapple, pears and cherries).

      First, I sampled a spoonful of the juice, and noticed the flavour to be slightly sharper than I personally like, but I'd imagine most people would prefer it this way. It isn't the thick, sugary syrup that fruit used to be canned in - it tastes a little like apple and orange juice mixed, although in the ingredients list it states that it's made from apples, pears and grapes.

      I do believe (despite what I said in the first paragraph) the tin is intended to serve two people, but if that is so, then each person should expect only a very tiny portion of the fruit salad. I personally would say that the portion inside the can is just the right amount for a single serving.

      Though the fruit was packed fairly tightly into the can, there seemed to be an awful lot of juice, and once I'd tipped it the whole lot into a dish to eat, the pieces of fruit were swimming around and the liquid level rose almost up to the rim of the dish. I felt there was a little too much juice for my own liking - but having said that, the portion of fruit certainly wasn't sparse; just that maybe the ratio of juice to fruit could have been a little more even.

      On tasting, I was very conscious of the sharp taste of the juice, and I felt that it detracted somewhat from the sweetness of the fruit, so I picked out the pieces and left the juice until last.

      All of the varieties of fruit tasted really nice, and I could distinguish easily between them as I was eating. The little pieces weren't mushy; nor were they unpleasantly hard, as they sometimes can be - they were just the right level of firmness. On chewing, I noticed that there were none of those unpleasant little hard bits you can get in some brands of tinned fruit, and I viewed that as a bonus.

      The whole effect (minus the juice) was very refreshing, and I thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful - when I open the next tin, I think I'd like something with it though; such as custard, evaporated milk, cream or ice cream. I'd also think Morrisons Fruit Salad In Juice would be ideal to stir into a jelly when making, and the juice could be used as part of the liquid.

      My summary opinion of Morrisons Fruit Salad In Juice is that it is pleasant, and attractive to look at - but the juice is too sharp for my own palate. This would make a good dessert for people who aren't fond of fresh fruit; tinned is better than none at all, and it would make a lovely trifle. The consistency of the fruit pieces is good, being well-prepared as regards de-coring, removing stalks etc., and I'm quite looking forward to eating the next tin - I certainly would buy it again when the craving for this type of product hits me again, as I'm sure it will. It's a low fat, low sugar product that's also calorifically kind, and very reasonably priced. I'd recommend buying a larger tin though, if feeding more than one person.

      Thanks for reading!


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