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Morrisons Victoria Sponge Cake Mix

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Mix

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    4 Reviews
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      01.04.2010 17:36
      Very helpful



      Absolutely recommended

      I often bake cakes and other treats to take into work on special occasions, and usually I make them from scratch. But a few days ago time was tight and I'd promised my colleagues I'd contribute to the Easter cake bake-off! So, ever resourceful I saw this bag of Victoria Sponge Cake Mix for a mere 32p, I realised that if you can't be bothered to bake it..fake it! (Although this is a far more honest way of 'cheating' - I could have bought a Mr Kipling!!)

      Anyway, for 32p I thought why not!

      So, all you need to do is - pre heat the oven to 200 degrees celsius (I have a fan assisted oven so pre heated to 195) and grease and line two 17 inch round baking tins.

      Empty the cake mix into a mixing bowl and add one egg (I used one large egg). Then add five tablespoons of tap water and mix well. Now at this point I felt the cake batter was a bit too thick so I added another five tablespoons of water. I would say that you should use your own judgement here - a good cake batter is thick but pourable and thickly coats a spoon.

      So, divide the cake mix between the two tins (it doesn't look like a lot of mix and might only be about 2cm thick but don't worry). Spread it so it evenly covers the bottom of the tins.

      The cakes took 15 minutes in the centre of the pre heated oven. After baking, take the cakes out and leave them to cool. I found that they were even enough not to have to cut the top off one of them to layer them, but you may need to. You can put most anything between the layers of a sponge, I used chocolate icing and spinkles but you can also use jam, buttercream, coconut cream, double cream and so on.

      The cake itself was soft, spongy, moist and very appealing. It smelled lovely and rich. Once it was decorated it looked just like any of my home made cakes.

      It went down very very well, too! it was deliciously moist one day after being baked, and very moreish. I can honestly say that no-one commented on it being a packet mix and it saved me plenty of time, creaming butter and sugar and sifting flour and so on. In fact the whole cake minus cooking and cooling time took less than 15 minutes of actual prep and construction.

      I will certainly use these cake mixes again as they are so very handy - they have a good long shelf life (mine are dated December and it is April) and I can think of nothing better than only being one egg and 20 minutes away from a fresh cake! I would highly recommend these as a great midway between cooking from scratch and buying-in (in fact, I'm quite sure Delia would approve!)

      I have tried the chocolate variety also with similar results - a delicious chocolate cake which went down a treat. For 32p you really can't go wrong, and I will be sure to have these in my cupboard for all occasions.


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      01.02.2010 22:10
      Very helpful



      Great if you haven't got the time to make a cake from scratch.

      I purchased this cake mix as I needed to make a cake for a friends birthday but I did not have a lot of time to do this.

      As it only costs thirty two pence I was dubious about the end result but decided to give it a try.

      I was surprised to find that the mixture was very simple to make, all that needed to be added was one egg and some water.

      It was very simple to make, all you need to do is whisk all of the ingredients together, turn the mixture into two greased baking trays and then cook it for fifteen to twenty minutes in a pre-heated oven (200C). Once they are brown and springy they should be removed and left to cool for around five minutes. They should then be turned onto a cooling rack. I used buttercream and jam for the filling but since then added chocolate and maltesers to make a yummy but very naughty treat.

      This mixture is very versatile, it is so simple to make and tastes great.


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        04.11.2009 10:56
        Very helpful



        A great cheap sponge mix with excellent results

        Morrisons Sponge mIx is in a slightly different packet to the Victoria Sponge cake but the dooyoo team have sent this link through so here goes.

        Having taken early retirement I am having to cut back on a few luxuries like fresh cream cakes from the local bakers. So with more time on my hands I have decided to make my own cakes and puddings. I have started buying Morrisons sponge mix as I have a local Morrisons store, but I am sure the other main supermarkets will sell a similar product. Now I could start from scratch mixing flour, butter, sugar etc but why bother with the messy bit when a mix has done it all for you.

        Now the sponge mix costs 32p for 225g and is in a pink coloured plastic wrapper with Morrisons sponge mix written in white and there is a picture of two smallish heart shaped cakes filled with cream on this packet although I have seen this product with one large cake featured as well. On the back in two white strips is a list of the ingredient and nutritional information on the right and on the left a guide of how to cook.


        Wheat flour, sugar, Vegetable oil, Dextrose, rising agents, cornflour, salt and flavouring.

        Nutritional information per 56g serving without filling

        Energy 184kcal
        Protein 2.6g
        Carbohydrates 32.4g of which sugars 18.1g
        Fat 4.9g of which saturates 1.3g
        Fibre 0.8g
        Sodium 0.2g
        Salt equivalent 0.5g

        There are also 2 warnings highlighted -
        One is the allergy advice that the product contains gluten and sulphite and the other is that the product is produced in a factory which uses nut ingredients.

        Now the advantage of this cake mix is that you only need one egg and some water,

        To cook the basic recipe

        Preheat oven to 200°C
        Grease and line two 6-7 inch cake tins.
        Empty the contents into a mixing bowl.
        Add a medium sized egg and 45ml of water
        Mix together with and electric whisk for 1 minute
        Add another 30ml of water
        Mix for another minute.
        Divide the mixture evenly between the 2 cake tins
        Bake in the centre of an oven for 15 - 20 minutes.
        Remove the sponges.
        Allow to cool for 5 minutes before removing them from the tins .
        Sandwich together with a filling of your choice when cooled completely and dust the top with icing sugar.

        On first using this product and having read the instructions I opened the packet to be met with a very pleasant aroma of vanilla. The mixture is cream coloured and is finely mixed with very few lumps unlike some I have tried in the past that are very lumpy. On adding the egg and the water I always mix first before diving in with the electric whisk to avoid being sprayed by the mixture. Now the mixture takes on a yellowy colour and is very easy to mix to get a nice smooth thickish consistency and it does only take one minute. Adding the final amount of water obviously makes the consistency more runnier but it looks like yellowy thick double cream. Splitting the mixture between the two cake tins there doesn't seem to be an awful lot of mixture in each tin and at first I did wonder if I had the right sized tins, but with the mixture in, I placed both tins in the oven and waited 15 minutes. On opening the oven I was pleasantly surprised to see that the cakes had risen and they were a lovely golden colour and firm to touch and a lovely aroma of sweet vanilla filled the kitchen. I tested the middle of the each cake by sticking a knife in to make sure it came out clean and it was. I then let the cakes cool before removing them from the tins. The final sponges were about one inch in thickness although one of the sponges was slightly lob sided probably because I hadn't spread the mixture evenly before placing the tins in the oven. I then sandwiched them together with a filling of jam and vanilla butter cream. The proof of the pudding is obviously in the taste. The texture was smooth, light, springy, moist and not too sweet and a hit with all the family.

        Now I have followed the basic recipe loads of times and I have never been disappointed, which is why I have now grown more adventurous and changed things a little to add some variety. I now always add 2 eggs to give the mixture a more lovely yellowy texture and cut back a little on the water. When I have whisked the ingredients I then add different ingredients e.g. cherries, currents, sultanas, coconut or even lemon juice but my family's favourite is my apple sponge which goes down well after a Sunday lunch.

        Apple Sponge

        This is a very easy recipe.
        Ingredients : 1 large Baking Apple
        1 heaped dessert spoon of sugar
        150ml water
        Morrisons sponge mix
        In a pan put about 150ml of water and the heaped dessert spoonful of sugar, peel and cut up the baking apple and stew for about 5 minutes until the apple has softened and the mixture is the consistency of wallpaper paste, for want of a better description. At this point you can test to see if it is sweet enough and add more sugar if needed.
        Mix the sponge mix by adding 2 eggs and 45 ml of water and add a further 15 ml before whisking again.
        Now get a tin I use a small bread tin measuring 8½cm by 4½cm and grease the sides with butter. Pour the stewed apple into the bottom and then all of the sponge mix on top. Bake in the centre of the oven for about 20 minutes and then check to see if it is ready by sticking a knife or skewer in the centre. If the knife comes out clean it is ready if not put back in the oven and check again in another 5 minutes and repeat as necessary as ovens do vary. Mine takes about 30 minutes. Remove the cake from the oven and allow to cool. Then decorate with a sprinkling of icing sugar. This gives 4 very generous portions and is delicious on its own or served with Morrisons ready to serve custard.

        Of course you could always split the mixture and use to make about 12 small cakes for a change.

        A fantastic product. Highly recommended.


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          27.04.2009 20:11
          Very helpful



          A really great jam & cream sponge for only 99p!

          COST: 99p

          NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per one-eighth of a cake):

          Calories: 173
          Kj: 726
          Protein: 1.9g
          Carbohydrates: 24.7g
          - of which sugars: 15.8g
          Fat: 9.8g
          - of which saturates: 3.3g
          Fibre: 0.4g
          Sodium: 0.1g
          Salt equivalent: 0.3g


          Wheat flour, sugar, glucose syrup, seedless raspberry puree, sugar syrup, modified waxy maize starch, elderberry concentrate, pectin, citric acid, sodium acetate, flavouring, potassium sorbate, caramelised sugar syrup, anthocyanins, butter, invert sugar syrup, dried egg white, egg, vegetable oil, palm oil, rapeseed oil, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, vegetable glycerine, whey powder, disodium diphosphate, sodium bicarbonate, soya flour, salt, cornflour


          Contains egg, gluten, milk and soya. Produced in a factory which uses nut ingredients.


          PLEASE NOTE: The heading for this review states that it's Victoria Sponge Cake Mix, but it isn't - I don't know what happened there, but the product I'm reviewing is a ready-made sponge cake, called Morrisons Victoria Sandwich cake.

          I bought this cake at the same time as Morrisons Lemon Drizzle Cake (see other review), feeling deprived of a sugar fix, very hungry and very piggy.

          Morrisons Victoria Sponge Sandwich Cake comes in a box that is mostly purple, with a picture of a slice cut out of a large cake on the front. The back of the box shows the usual nutritional information, ingredients list, allergy advice, Morrisons' quality claim with contact details, and advice that the outer box is recyclable.

          On opening the box, the cake is inside a cellophane wrapper which is non-recyclable, and has a circle of greasproof irritatingly stuck to the base - this needs to be removed before eating of course. The appearance of the cake is very appetising - a golden brown top and sides, with a reasonably generous sprinkling of icing sugar on the surface. You can see the cream and jam filling without having to cut through the cake first, and it appears on the generous side.

          It is recommended that one-eighth of this cake is a single serving, but that amount is such a very tiny, tiny piece, and I'd imagine it would be very difficult to cut a slice that small. I just ad-libbed and cut off the amount I felt like eating, which was just over a quarter of the cake - still a fairly small serving.

          As my knife pressed through the cake, I noticed the top and edges were not hard exactly, but slightly well-done - but the sponge under the outer surface was light, moist and springy, yet substantial in that the consistency had a density level similar to a home-made cake.

          The cream inside is a bright white, and the jam is a rich, ruby red hue, both contrasting nicely against the golden coloured sponge. There was no icing on this cake to fall off, and the icing sugar didn't puff up in choking clouds - and I raised the piece of cake to my mouth, noticing a strong strawberry jam aroma.

          On biting into the cake, I noticed that the difference in consistency to this and a real home-made cake was negligible, and I chewed through the sponge. The jam had a slight tartness to it which complimented the sweetness of the sponge and the cream filling brilliantly, and the serving of jam and cream was proportionately perfect to the sponge.

          Enjoying this cake greatly, if I closed my eyes and forgot that I'd visited Morrisons that day, I could almost have fooled myself that it was the lovely creamy jammy sponge cake my mother used to make when I was a child - so, I helped myself to another rather large slice.

          After I'd devoured the second piece, I wanted another, but common sense took over and I put the rest away to eat at a later date.

          My summing up verdict is that Morrisons Victoria Sponge Sandwich Cake is absolutely delicious, a bargain at 99p, and I most definitely will buy it again and again and again. The Lemon Drizzle Cake is nice, but this one is even nicer. Of course the fat and calorie content is very high - but that's to be expected in a product such as a cake laden with jam, buttercream and sugar. Another thumbs up to Morrisons! If the entire range of Morrisons' food was as good as this sponge, I'd shop there all the time and never think of going anywhere else.

          Thanks for reading!


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