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Morrisons Yorkshire Pudding And Pancake Mix

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Mix

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    1 Review
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      01.04.2009 18:46
      Very helpful



      Brilliant quick and easy!

      I really really do love pancakes. People often tell me anyone can make them and it's really simple, but for me it really isn't and I have no idea why and believe me I really have tried! I always end up with a really stodgy mixture that could stick wallpaper on walls and that's even with my laptop in the kitchen telling me how to make them step by step! So me, I get my Mum to make me them. However a couple of weeks ago she went on strike and said no more. She got fed up of watching me wolf down 6 big pancakes in a sitting covered in golden syrup and told me I was far too unhealthy and if I wanted more I'd have to learn to make them for myself!

      So that was when I tried to make them. I've tried lots of different recipes including one's with butter in them and cream and all sorts and in the end I had to give up as it was all so disastrous. Even by using the simplest recipes known to man my pancakes stuck to the bottom of pans (I wrecked two completely) or I'd get the salt amount wrong and basically every one I made was inedible.

      Then one day I saw this batter mix and thought it was really worth a go because my pancake cravings and going cold turkey was really starting to get to me! People said I was lazy and all it is, is flour cos you still have to add egg and water and or/milk but again I was happy at the thought of not having to guess the amount of salt and making a mix up of half water and half milk etc. This just seemed easy!

      The Packaging....

      Light blue cardboard box. On the flap that opens the box up at the top of the box the best before date is stamped on in black ink and I'm happy to report it has a 2 years unopened shelf life! On the front in white writing I'm told they are 'M' Morrisons Yorkshire Pudding And Pancake Mix that is 'a quick and easy way to make crispy Yorkshire puddings or delicious pancakes'. Then there is a photograph of some small stacked pancakes covered in blueberries and a stack of golden Yorkie puds! I am then given an at a glance nutritional chart (for easy of use), told they can be cooked in the oven or on the hob and that they are vegetarian and the size is stated (2x 128g, which means there is two packets of the mix within the one box.

      On the back of the box again I'm again told it is a Yorkshire Pudding & Pancake Mix and that to 'just add egg and water'. I am then given a list of ingredients and allergy advice, nutritional information in full is given, I'm told how to store them and cook them, I'm given contact details for Morrisons, size is stated, I'm told where to find the best before date stamped on and finally there is a bar-code on there. Nice enough box and doesn't look like it cost 45p (for two sachets!) at all.

      Making Them....

      Well to make up the mixture all I do is open up one sachet (which is a frosted white colour) and put it in a bowl and it's a dry white powder. I then add one egg and 200ml of cold water and I beat the hell out of it with a fork (you can of course use a whisk if you want to). There is no smell to the mix and you end up with a greyish, smooth but quite thick mixture with no lumps in it at all providing you mix it well, and I always do.

      Then all you do to make Yorkshire puddings is preheat the oven (220C, 425F Gas Mark 7) and pour the mixture into 12 patty tins which are pre oiled and cook for about 20-30 minutes (or till they look cooked). This makes as you'd expect 12 very light, golden and crisp (similar to Aunt Bessie's frozen one's) Yorkie puds which rise beautifully and if you like your puddings light, airy and crispy these are great for you!

      If like me however you want to make pancakes with the mix then I simply melt some cooking oil in a small frying pan and pour some of this into my pan, making sure I thicken up the edges and flip half way through cooking them one by one. I find one of the packets makes me 6 largish pancakes but of course this depends on the size you want them to be and the time it takes to cook them is individual due to thickness etc but they only take a couple of minutes really.

      The Results....

      Well I used one packet to make some Yorkshire puddings and they were great. Ok not as wonderful as proper home made one's I won't lie but for quick and easyiness I really did like them. I found them very light although not horribly flaky and the golden appearance looked very appetising indeed. They tasted like Yorkshire puddings and even I found them easy to make! You could of course use one mix to make one big Yorkshire pudding or a couple or something but you'd need to watch them like a hawk to make sure they cook ok as you'd have to adjust the cooking times given!

      As for pancakes well again not as great as my Mums home made one's but still to be completely fair really very good in my opinion. Again they looked very appetising and I found them easy to prepare and I found that they didn't taste lumpy from bits of flour and were really nicely seasoned. I got them golden brown and they were light and airy and not one bit 'flat' in taste. They were simply really good and really straightforward to make!

      I think this mix is rather great. If your a nervous, hopeless cook then the packaging is great at explaining exactly what to do so it's pretty much fool proof cookery! I certainly will be buying batter mix again life's too short not to!


      Wheat flour, skimmed milk powder, salt

      Allergy Advice....

      Contains Gluten and milk
      Produced in a factory which uses nut ingredients

      Nutritional Information Per Yorkshire Pudding (30g of mixture)....

      Energy 43Kcal
      Sugar 0.7g
      fat 0.8g
      Saturates 0.2g
      Salt 0.3g

      This particular box can only be found in Morrisons as it's a shops own brand product.


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