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Nestle Carnation Squeezy Condensed Milk

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Brand: Nestle / Type: Dairy

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    1 Review
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      19.01.2010 11:19
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      Highly Recommended

      Carnation Squeezy Condensed Milk is essentially just regular condensed milk - but in a squeezy bottle. A standard sized tin of this stuff works out at £3.20 per kg, whereas a kg of this squeezy bottled stuff works out at £4.38. So you're probably wondering if there's any point in buying it in the squeezy bottle over just getting a standard tin? Well, as it happens there is a better reason to buy this bottle than most people will have realised.

      When you buy condensed milk in a tin, you have only 2 days in which to use the entire tin up. That's not very practical at all if you just wanted to use a little bit on some desserts, rather than use an entire tin in one go in baking or whatever. However, if you buy this squeezy condensed milk, it remains fresh in the fridge for up to 3 weeks. That's a pretty big difference in shelf life after opening!

      For those who don't know, condensed milk is essentially just milk that's been condensed and sweetened with (lots of) sugar. It tastes like thick, sugary cream with a really smooth, sticky texture. It's absolutely gorgeous on ice cream or on fruit salads, and it can be used in lots of different dessert recipes like different kinds of cakes and things. The mrs also uses this to make a gorgeous kind of fudge.

      The other advantage to having it in a squeezy bottle is of course the convenience of it. When you want to use it, you just flip open the cap and give it a little squeeze. The valve always makes this a really clean affair, and I've never had a problem with this stuff running or making a mess.

      If you're a fan of condensed milk but you hate how it goes off so quickly, then this is worth a try for the greatly extended shelf-life, and the convenient dispensing it offers too. It's quite expensive at £1.97 per 450g bottle, but in my opinion it's worth it. Dairy products in general are quite expensive these days, so I think that's a large part of what you're paying for here, never mind the brand name. Besides which, supermarkets don't do own brand versions of condensed milk for some reason, so it's Nestle or nothing!


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