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Ocean Spray Dried Cranberries

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    10 Reviews
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      14.10.2009 19:56
      Very helpful
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      Delish Cranberries From Ocean Spray

      I love dried cranberries on cereal but the Tesco by me hasn't been selling their own brand for some reason and I'd given up looking on the dried fruit aisle and started buying them from the health food shop in town instead. Last week in Tesco though they were getting all their Xmas stuff out so I went to have a look to see what was on offer this year, the selection boxes and tree decorations bored me after a few minutes but while I was walking away I saw some Ocean Spray dried cranberries in little 40g snack sized bags and also bigger bags for sharing or cooking with.

      I got the little bag because dried cranberries vary big time between brands and I wanted to make sure I was going to like them before shelling out for a big bag.

      I ate them as soon as I got home and they were yummy. They've got quite a lot of sugar and sunflower oil added to them but that makes them taste nicer because pure cranberries are too sour to snack on even though they're wicked for cooking with.

      These have got a proper lovely texture and are a bit tough on the very outside but loads softer inside, they're nice and chewy and when you bite into them the sweetness and flavour comes bursting out. I only ate half the bag and saved the rest for on my cereal the next morning and they were wickedly yummy, the milk softened them nice and the tangy flavour of the cranberries come through more than when I was just eating them as a snack.

      Ocean Spray say these are good for all types of cooking and baking and even though I haven't used them like this I reckon they would work well for everything because of the delish taste and texture of them.


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        03.10.2009 17:47
        Very helpful



        Dried cranberries

        I was given a packet of these by a friend when I was ill, my first thought was that I'd much rather have chocolate but thought I'd give them a try seeing as I had them. My packet was different than the one above, thet were called Craisins.

        What are Craisins?
        Craisins are dried cranberries from Ocean Spray. These are sweetened so that they do not taste too sharp.

        Cranbrries (61%), sugar, sunflower oil

        I believe that the oil is used to stop them all sticking together.

        Each 40g serving contains 128kcal, 26g sugar, 0.6g fat. The sugar content is quite high, that's 29% of your RDA.

        The Benefits
        Not only do they provide antioxidant flavonoids, but they also have an anti-adhesion quality that keeps certain bacteria from sticking to cells in the urinary tract, the mouth and stomach. Cranberries are known to reduce the occurrence of urinary tract infections

        According to Ocean Sprat they're so surprisingly sweet and delicious. And because they're made from real fruit, they're naturally fat-free, cholesterol-free and a good source of fibre. On top of that, they have no preservatives or artificial flavours.

        £1.79 for a 170g packet.

        My Experience
        Well they were definitely not chocolate but I was very pleasantly surprised at their sweet taste. The cranberries look a bit like raisins only they are red and not quite so plump. Its best to put a few in your mouth at a time so you feel like you are chewing on something. I enjoyed their sweetness and have since used them in cakes, on cereal and just as a snack on their own. Not as good as chocolate but certainly helps when I have a craving for something sweet.


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          28.09.2009 21:35
          Very helpful



          a great alternative to unhealthy snacks

          Ocean Spray is a brand that specialise in Cranberry juice, but has also made these fabulous dried cranberries.

          ~~~PACKAGE AND DESIGN~~~
          The packaging is a nice small plastic pocket which is resealable. The font is a nice and modern funky text, captures attention and was what made me drawn to it in the first place. I bought it as I wanted to try these, was always on Marion Cranberries before.

          The cranberries are nice rich colour and are small, very plump, gooey and sticky. There are many in one pack.

          ~~~TASTE AND TEXTURE~~~
          The taste is a nice sour sweet combination. I prefer these to the Marion ones, as these are more juicy and have more tang to it. They are more geniune tasting, and provide a more wholesome experience.

          They are also chewy which gives your mouth some nice bit of exercise and if you just want something to chew on you can have these! A great replacement to gum, which we all know is just plastic!

          They are great as a snack, with cereal, for baking and more! I personally love them in my cookies, muffins and other cake recipes. They fit right in and provide a great combo for white chocolate and hazelnuts.

          I also eat them with bran cereal, which uplifts the taste, and make it more healthy. With these, you can brighten up almost any meal, they can even serve as a portion of dessert, and most importantly, they count towards your 5 a day!

          You can purchase these for arund £1.50 at most supermarkets.

          Not only is the packaging eye-catching and alluring, so are the cranberries, with its nice colour. They are not only attractive, but taste great too! I love the chewiness, and the taste which is unique, has a nice sour sweet quality, seperates it from any other dried berry.

          It is fantastic with baking, great as a snack and can be consumed anywhere, anytime. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a healthy alternative to snacking.

          I got through one packet in less than a week. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I do if you gave it a try!


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          08.06.2009 21:57
          Very helpful



          A great addition to any storecupboard v versatile.

          I had always heard of Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice, but until recently, I did not realise that they produced their own packet of dried cranberries. Whilst on a recent shopping trip to Tesco I was searching for dried cranberries for some rocky road squares that I often make. I have bought Tesco own brand before, but happened to notice these ocean spray 'juicy dried cranberries'. Even better news was that the bigger 170g bag was on offer, buy one get one free at £1.79. Ocean Spray also produce a smaller 40g bag as well.

          The cranberries themselves are, according to the blurb on the packet, 'the finest quality North American Cranberries' which are also grown specifically by Ocean sprays 'Grower Owners' since 1930 - so its nice to know that what you are buying should be of a high quality.

          One of the main benefits of eating cranberries is the antioxidants that occur in these naturally. Again, according to the back of the bag, antioxidants can 'act on certain harmful bacteria in the the body'. This helps to ease the guilt of eating these as a snack, although each 40g serving does contain 128 calories, as well as 26g sugar. The cranberries are also free from artificial colours and flavourings.

          I have to admit, that although hubby loves cranberry juice, I hate it - however, I absolutely adore these dried cranberries. They are as sweet and juicy as they claim to be, and even though I originally bought them for tray bakes, I have ended up putting them into many other things including sandwiches, salads, cous cous and even yogurt. They are a great way of sweeting up something without adding too many calories.

          All in all, I much prefer these to Tesco own dried cranberries, and feel the quality is much better as well as the cranberries being juicier and sweeter. They are so versatile that I think these will become a regular on my shopping list from now on.


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            05.06.2009 21:52



            Great between meals snack

            Mine are slightly different from the ones shown, they are the Craisins, but I would assume they are the same thing. They are an ideal snack and much healthier than chocolate which is my preferred snack of choice! They are just sweet enough without being overpowering. I have started to keep a bag on the table beside me and they have stopped me on many occasions from reaching for the biscuit tin or a bar of chocolate. I am able to snack between meals with out feeling over guilty about it. You only need a few at a time to make you feel fulfilled and it makes you feel better knowing you are eating a fruit instead of a chocolate bar! Not sure they would count as one of your five a day but am not 100% sure on that one , I guess they could do! Highly recommended if you want a healthy between meals snack


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            11.05.2009 18:27
            Very helpful



            great snack on the go.

            I am a person who loves snacking in between meals or even when working .This is not because I am the glutton you make me out to be from reading my first sentence but because my actual large meals are pretty small or in other words I cannot eat too much(a normal adult serving) at a time.
            Oh dear now I have invited those fitness conscious people to leave unappetising comments !!
            To put everyones mind at ease I was only referring to the 170gm pack of Oeanspray dried cranberries I snack on.


            These come in a handy 40gms pack that is ideal for kids lunchboxes and the big re-sealable 170-gms pack. Both these packs are red...red for cranberries and at the top is a bit of silver for goodwill.there is a micky-mouse shaped clear window on these packs through which you can see the content within. The resealable stayfresh bit of the bigger pack is a piece of fine art in itself and it does seal down well(when at home we never need to seal it , it finishes in one go, it does keep the office desk tidy

            The information provided at the back of the pack are printed in a quirky style ..mostly to amuse children I guess.

            Content of the pack:

            I have never been fond of fresh cranberry.. they are a bit too sour and have the bitter bite I don't fancy, however these squashed dry yet soft red cranberries are a different story altogether. They are quite sweet though not ,overly soand tempting on the taste buds, well at least I can't just have a single and stop at it.This comes as no surprise as on the pack it says that only 61% of the pack is of cranberry ..well the rest of the 39% is entirely made up of sugar and sunflower oil..fancy that... omg the good food people are getting ready to comment again. It's a wonder though as every 100gms adds up to only 319 kcalories... loads less than that packet of crisps I would have otherwise eaten.

            Fat content amounts to 1.4 gm per 100gms and 76.6gms are carbohydrates and the good bit is that it has 5.7gms of fibre and forms one part of the five a day fruits and nuts intake.

            There producers claim that no artificial preservatives or colour or sweeteners have been added to the content and I believe them as I have never found a lingering bitter aftertaste that comes from the addition of artificial sweeteners.


            Hmmm when I last bought those little packs some 10-11 months back they were for 49p at Tesco and the bigger packs are at £1.69 but often they are on some money saving deal or the other too. Value for money in my opinion, everythingthing good comes with a price-tag.

            Other ways to eat it :

            Sprinkled on plain youghurt.

            Sprinkled generously on any cereal . Children specially love the vibrant red colour and the tangy sweet taste.

            Used in baking and chutneys.

            Conclusion :

            Fresh cranberries have been known for ages for having a very high vitamin C and anti-oxidant content and the juice does wonders towards treating urinary track infections , so one can hope the dry berries will also retain some of the goodness.

            I think people with dental problems and diabetes should stay away from these packs as they are so addicive.

            Good way to tackle the irrational sugar cravings one gets from time to time.

            That's a 100% natural snack in a pack , that is widely available, low in fat, high in fibres and overall healthy.


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              13.01.2009 12:17
              Very helpful



              Dried sweetened cranberries are a yummy healthy snack!

              I drink archers and cranberry when-ever I go out at weekends drinking with my friends.

              I saw these in Tesco and thought I would give them a try as a healthy snack rather than chocolate or biscuits!

              ***THE CRANBERRIES***
              The packet i got is slightly different from the packet shown. Mine was a smaller packet and is white and they have called the dried cranberries Craisins. The packet I purchased has 40g of dried cranberries in it. The cranberries are known by a well know brand Ocean Spray. I paid less than £1.00 for this 40g bag.

              ***ABOUT OCEAN SPRAY***
              Ocean Spray formed in 1930 with just three cranberry growers., but they have now become a thriving agricultural cooperatiev of over 600. When you buy ocean spray products you are buying taste, quality and goodness and healthy refreshment you wont find anywhere else.

              Ocean Spray do a large range of Juices, and other products such as Conserve and different ranges of dried cranberries with added seeds and other different fruit as well.

              ***CRANBERRY GOODNESS***
              Each 40g of these sweetened dried cranberries typically contains 80mg of Proanthocyanidins (PACs). These naturally occurring antioxidents can also act on certain harmful bacteria in the body. Cranberries score among the highest of all common fruits on the antioxident scale, and they have the highest antioxident capacity compared to 19 common fruits.

              You may ask why do we need these antioxidents?
              It is known from studies that people who eat adaquate amounts of fruits and vegetables which are high in antioxidents have lower risk of cardiovascular diesease, certain cancers and cataracts. Recent research shows that the risk of cancer and heart diesease in considerably lower in people who eat 5 and 7 servings on anti-oxidant rich fruit and vegetables per day.

              ***TASTE TESTING***
              When you first open the packet you can just see lots of little dried up cranberries which are a deep red/ruby colour. They do look just like raisins apart from a different colour.

              There isn't much of a smell to these, they just smell like raisins or currants which isn't much smell at all. I wouldn't say they smell particularly yummy.

              I put one in my mouth and the texture is quite hard and rough. You cant taste much until you bite into the cranberry, then you can taste a sweet but tangy taste from the cranberry, they soften up very quickly and are easy to chew.

              When I first ate one of these I wasn't too sure if I liked it, but I was determined to eat something healthier for a snack so I tried another one and another and then they grew on me.

              ***NUTRITION INFORMATION***
              The following nutrition information is per 100g
              * Energy - 1356kJ/319kcal
              * Protein - 0.1g
              * Carbohyrdates - 76.6g
              of which sugars - 65.0g
              * Fat 1.4g
              of which Saturates - 0.1g
              * Fibre - 5.7g
              * Sodium - Trace

              ***OVERALL OPINION***
              I would definately buy these again as the more I ate them the more I liked them. For some people they may take a bit of getting used to, but they are a yummy snack.

              They are great for lunches boxes and they can also be used in recipes and you can sperinkle them on top of cereal as well.


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                10.11.2008 12:00
                Very helpful



                A great alternative to sweets

                Until very recently the only cranberries I had had was in the sauce variety at christmas. But then we decided to make the Nigella Breakfast Bars from the express book. This called for dried cranberries and we discovered these little babies!

                Ocean Spray dired cranberries are slightly sweetened to take away that sourness, but they are tasty and full of flavour.

                They come in a big bag - like the one pictured and also in smaller bags which are kinda snack sized. I've just enjoyed one fo the litttle bags as a mid morning snack. Cranberries are also full of antioxidants which help to keep you healthy. So as well as being tasty they aren't too bad for you, the antioxidants help to fight some of the seriously nasty bacteria we can incur!

                Like many other dried fruits, to me cranberries are a great way to tackle the sweet cravings we get, in a healthier manner. But should still not be eaten too much, as they are sweetened so have extra sugars.


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                09.10.2007 11:28
                Very helpful



                Brilliant health benefits as in my review

                Ocean Spray have newly released a product, Ocean Spray Dried Cranberries. The North American dried cranberries come in 40g ad 170g bags, which are the perfect size for snacking on healthily, especially if you are on the go. The 40g bags are small and light enough for you to put in a handbag so you can have the choice of a healthier option when snacking during the day and can also fit in to your Child’s lunch box, helping them achieve their 5 a day which is a very important part of their diet.

                Even better, this delicious snack comes in four different flavours. These flavours include Dried Cranberries, Dried Cranberries with Tropical Fruits, Dried Cranberries with Raisins and lastly, Dried Cranberries with Mixed Nuts & Seeds.

                Not only can you eat this snack on the go, but you can sprinkle it on cereal or mix it with yoghurt, for something different that you wont get bored of!
                The health benefits of Cranberries go on and on. They are enriched with Vitamin C and research has proved that cranberries are full of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants protect the cells from damage by unstable molecules called free radicals. Research has so far found out that cranberries can help treat a urinary infection, prevent plaque from forming on teeth and finally, those that drink cranberry juice / eat cranberries often can kill the H. Pylori Bacteria which can cause stomach cancer and ulcers. The benefits of cranberries are outstanding, so I would definitely recommend everyone consumes as much as they possibly can, within reason.

                I love this new snack from Ocean Spray because not only is it delicious but it has a slightly tangy taste, which really get your taste buds going! It is also something different from your everyday apple, pear and banana… and it is always good to have variety! My personal favourite is the Cranberries with Mixed Nuts & Seeds. I like to mix it with strawberry or vanilla yoghurt, especially for breakfast… yum!

                The foil bags keep the cranberries fresh and can be easily stores as well. The cost varies depending which supermarket you purchase these from, but tend to be from £0.54 per 40g bag. Supermarkets which sell this product include Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

                Nutritional information per 100g bag of Dried Cranberries:

                Energy – 1356 kJ / 319 kcal
                Protein – 0.1g
                Carbohydrates – 76.6g
                Sugars – 65g
                Fat – 1.4g
                Saturates – 0.1g
                Fibre – 5.7g
                Sodium – Less than 0.1g


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                  14.09.2007 10:10
                  Very helpful



                  If you like raisins - stick to them!


                  If you’re like me, when you hear the name Ocean Spray, I immediately think of Cranberry Juice. There’s now an addition to this in the form of Ocean Spray Dried Cranberries, so I thought these would make a nice change from the norm.

                  PACKAGING & NUTRIONAL INFO

                  These foil packets come in 2 sizes - 170g and the 40g snack-sized packet that is the subject of this review . The packets have a small heart shaped window on the front allowing you to see the dried fruit inside. According to the packet these are 100% natural, low in fat, a source of fibre and contain no artificial ingredients. In fact the only 3 ingredients are cranberries, sunflower oil and sugar. I was rather surprised to see though that only 61% is actual cranberries and the remaining 30% is split between the oil and sugar! With only 319 calories for a 100g serving these have for to be better for you than that bar of chocolate you were thinking of having!


                  First off I have to say that these are not completely dried as some fruits are (apricots for example) they are soft , squidgy and chewy therefore making them a ready to eat snack.

                  To be honest I have never tried fresh cranberries (having only drank the cartons of juice) and was somewhat put off by the unappealing appearance of these, but then the goodness is in actually eating them, not what they look like!


                  On opening the packet (just an easy tear across the top job) there is no discerning smell. In fact the only ‘aroma’ I get is an oily one! Surprisingly these aren’t at all sticky or oily to the touch and they have the look and texture of red raisins. That’s all there is to them!

                  So popping a few into the ol’ north ‘n’ south (mouth) it feels and tastes exactly like you were eating raisins. The only difference is a slight cranberry that comes through whilst chewing and even then I would say it’s more of a general fruit taste rather than being able to pinpoint it as cranberry. There is no tartness or tang to these in comparison to the juice and despite the amount of sugar they contain, they are not overly sweet. These aren’t very juicy either, even though they are dried you’d expect them to have a little but they taste quite dry. There is no lingering aftertaste and I would go so far as to say they were quite bland. It really was like eating a raisin with a touch of a fruit flavour and one handful was enough for me.


                  Whilst ready to eat dried fruit is a good idea, in this instance it was a big let down. Maybe I expected too much in the taste department having drunk the Cranberry Juice but I really did think these could have had a bit more actual flavour to them. What flavour they did have was very mild and light and soon disappeared. Maybe someone who had had fresh cranberries can tell me they taste so much better than these dried ones!
                  They are handy for lunch boxes or if you’re on the go and you could even throw a handful into any cakes or muffins you may bake. Ideal as a way to get youngsters to eat some fruit though if they like raisins, I’d stick to buying them! Ocean Spray in juice form is very tangy and refreshing but unfortunately, these dried fruits were a let down.
                  There is no indication on the packet as to whether these are suitable for vegetarians nor how much a packet would contribute towards your 5-a-day.
                  At 49p for a small packet it won’t break the bank but I think I’d rather spend that on fresh fruit that has so much more taste so I’ll bypass these next time I’m in the supermarket. So just two out of five starts from me, but try them for yourself, you may end up liking them!

                  OTHER INFO

                  Distributed in the UK by Humdinger Ltd,
                  Sutton Fields Industrial Estate,
                  HU7 0YG.

                  More info at www.oceanspray.co.uk and available in Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons and Tesco.

                  Thanks for reading

                  HotBabes © 2007


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                  Available in 170g or 40g bags.

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