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Sainsbury's Fairtrade Granulated Sugar

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Type: Sugar

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    1 Review
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      26.05.2008 10:24
      Very helpful



      Golden granulated sugar is less refined and retains some of the natural molasses

      I am someone who has been converted to golden granulated sugar, after realising that conventional 'white' cane sugar is bleached and drained of its rich, dark molasses. Now, when I see white sugar I cant face buying it- it looks so artificial and unhealthy compared with the more natural alternative....golden granulated sugar.

      ~What is Golden Granulated Sugar?~

      Basically it is a less refined version of your standard white cane sugar.It retains some of the natural, health promoting, goodness of the molasses, and this lends the sugar a more ruddy, cream/brown colour. The natural colours and flavours of the raw sugar cane are therefore more evident, and the snow white appearance of traditional sugar is replaced by a caramel shade. To me, the golden granulated sugars are more fine in texture, whilst normal cane sugar is grainy and 'bitty'.

      Aswell as granulated sugar, golden icing sugar and golden caster sugar can be purchased from the supermarkets. These are brilliant for use in all cooking, including baking, and sauce making. Furthermore, I use golden granulated sugar in my tea and coffee quite regularly. The only thing with the icing variety, is that it is not ideal for merangue making-because you wont end up with pretty, snow white peaks. The merangues will be a caramel brown colour instead; this is fine, if you value your health over the appearance of your merangues, but the 'purists' among us may not approve!!!!

      ~Health benefits of Molasses~

      The truth is, there probably isnt enough molasses retained even in golden granulated sugar to have any real health benefit, but to me, I feel happier knowing that my sugar has not been chemically stripped of every last vitamin and nutrient derived from the natural source. There is much debate in the food and medical communities as to whether molasses, in its purest form (as a by product of refining sugar) is helpful to health. Many argue that it is rich in B vitamins, and can ease many ailments- not least joint pain and degeneration. It is also believed to encourage a healthy vascular system (heart and circulation). It may be mixed with hot milk to make a tasty healthy drink:


      I suppose you could say that the jury is out on the health benefits, but I cant use white cane sugar uinless I have to now- it looks too processed to me. Maybe Im being fooled by a crazy marketing ploy, but the reasoning behind it makes sense to me.

      ~Why have Golden Granulated?~

      Sainsburys golden granulated sugar is a fair trade product, which by definition should help workers in developing nations achieve a fair wage for their labour. This, to me, is a good reason to purchase the product.

      Also, because it is unrefined, the industrial process used to produce it is less extensive- this is beneficial to the environment also. Clearly, if you keep the product in as near a natural state as possible, there is less wastage of by-products too.

      ~Where can I Buy it?How Much does it Cost?~

      Sainsburys Golden Granulated Sugar (Fairtrade) costs 99p for 1kg.

      This compares with Silver Spoon Refined Sugar 79p for 1kg.

      Tate and Lyle Refined Granulated Sugar is 49p for 500g.

      (Source: Sainsurys online http://www.sainsburys.com/groceries/frameset/navigation_frame.jsp).

      So, give it a try. You might be suprised and even converted!


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      Golden granulated.

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