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Silver Spoon Milk Chocolate Flavour Cake Covering

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Brand: Silver Spoon / Type: Chocolate

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    1 Review
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      13.04.2010 23:47
      Very helpful



      good for small cakes and for the kids to use.

      I am always baking cakes and wanted to get some supplies in for something to do with the kids in the Easter holidays. I usually ice the cakes with butter icing or melt 'real' chocolate, but I saw this chocolate flavour cake covering in Sainsburys and thought I would give it a try, here is how it got on.....

      First impressions - well my first thoughts were that is was huge, it comes as a 300g bar. It is in a plain white foil wrapper with the big silver spoon blue logo on the front. It says it is perfect for melting, drizzling or baking.
      On the back there are all the ingredients and the nutritional information table. There is also clear instructions on how to melt or use the 'chocolate'.
      The wrapper is easy to undo but can't be resealed after opening.

      Whats inside ? - Well, it looks like chocolate, smells like chocolate but it isn't chocolate. In fact I am not really sure what it is, it is a fake chocolate made especially for use in baking.
      The bar is sectioned in little squares that can easily be broken up into smaller pieces.

      Using it - I used it to cover a chocolate sponge cake - to cover the cake you will need to melt the 'chocolate' you can do this by either breaking it up into squares, and putting it in the microwave for one minute, or you can do the traditional bowl over saucepan on the hob method. Either way you will get the same end result - a bowl of creamy melted 'chocolate'. To spread on the cake use a knife or e back of a spoon. It is best to heat your tool up before you start spreading and keep warming it up as necessary during the process to keep the 'chocolate' smooth. I found this very easy to do, my children aged ten and five could do it with ease and had great fun spreading it all over the place and licking the spoon after.
      It set really quickly into a hard glossy shell that cracked when we cut into it. I thought it looked really good and gave a professional finish to the cake.
      The taste however was not so good, it was very synthetic tasting and reminded me of those chocolate flavour lip glosses you can buy. It was ok in conjunction with the chocolate cake and the kids seemed to like it, so not a big problem.
      I had some melted 'chocolate' left over so we decided to pour it into some little animal moulds we had. This was easy for the children to do by themselves. We left the moulds in the fridge for about half an hour and then turned them out. The cake covering had made perfect little animal shaped 'chocolates', they set really well and the children were so proud of what they had made. These really didn't taste very nice though, it had the same 'fake' taste as the cake but unfortunately no other flavours to hide it in anyway, even the kids said they didn't taste very nice.

      You can buy this cake covering from most supermarkets, you will find it on the home baking aisle. It costs 99p for the huge bar, which is quite a lot cheaper than other cooking chocolate but remember this isn't real chocolate.

      Each 300g bar contains 1686 calories and an astonishing 111.6g of fat, so a third of the bar is pure fat, 88.5g of that is the bad saturates. I won't list all the ingredients but key points are that it contains no artificial colours or flavours, is suitable for veggies and it does contain milk and soya, it may also contain traces of nuts.

      I think if you are filling or frosting a cake, especially small cupcakes then it is fine and great value for money. I wouldn't recommend it for melting to make chocolate or eating on its on as a chocolate substitute as I think you will be disappointed.


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