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Silver Spoon Mini Fudge Chunks

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2 Reviews

Brand: Silver Spoon / Type: Baking Aids

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    2 Reviews
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      22.10.2011 13:01
      Very helpful



      Not sure why they didn't keep shape but they tasted nice pre cooking and for decorating cakes.

      I like looking around the baking sections in shops as some of the stuff you can use nowadays is amazing and cute. I picked these up in my local coop store for £1.20. I do like fudge so couldn't resist trying these.
      As the picture shows they are Silver Spoon which make lots of baking products and decorating ingredients along side their sugar ranges.

      The pack size is 85grams and opens easily as is a foil type packet. There isn't a reseal sticker on them meaning I had to eat the rest rather then put back in the cupboard knowing they'd end up falling out everywhere when they got moved, of course a Tupperware would have done the job.

      The ingredients are-
      Sugar, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Fondant (Sugar, Glucose syrup, water), Glucose Syrup, Vegetable Fat, Emulsifier:Soya Lecithin, Salt

      and allergy info-
      Contains Milk and Soya.
      May contain Nuts, Wheat and Gluten.
      Suitable for Vegetarians.
      No artificial colours.
      No artificial flavours.

      Now these are mini fudge chunks but look and taste the same as your average vanilla fudge square. I'd say these are one normal size square cut into about 12 mini chunks.

      Now I used these the same afternoon I purchased them and popped some into fairy cakes and left some for decorating as that's my sons favourite part.
      Now on the packet it states that the fudge chunks will keep their shape and not melt whilst cooking, so I was left wandering what I done wrong as when the cakes were cooled and we tried some we removed the cake from paper case and in one hand we had half a cake and the other hand had the case with the bottom of cake and all the fudge supposedly chunks all melted into a mass..... They had sunk and melted into one mass and that was not meant to happen... No idea why they even sunk as the fruit cakes didn't have sunken fruit. Anyway so using in the cakes was not such a good idea. But we did decorate some others with the fudge and they looking and tasted fine.
      They should be able to be used also in muffins, cookies etc but i'm put off by using them this way now.

      Would I buy again probably not unless for decorating purposes.


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        13.04.2010 18:24
        Very helpful
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        Wicked Fudge Flavour For Your Cakes And Biscuits

        My love affair with Silver Spoons new baking stuff continues and a wicked one I found the other day was these Mini Fudge Chunks. They're tiny cubes of fudge to use for putting into cakes and biscuits or you can just use them to decorate whatever you're making. We had a bit of a lazy day and I brought a pack of cheapo Sainsburys fairy cakes and me and my little sisters decorated them ourselves with some icing and these fudge chunks. They come out wicked and you would never have known they was Basics cakes by the time we'd finished.

        The 85g bag costs about £1.20 but you get LOADS for your money, we did 12 cakes with them and put quite a few on each one and there was still well over half the bag left.

        The fudge doesn't taste cheap and nasty like I thought it might and you could deffo pig out on it just like normal fudge. These aren't as creamy as fudge you'd buy just for eating but when they're on cakes that doesn't matter because the cake itself is going to be sweet and sugary enough.

        Today I made some cookies and mixed a few of these fudge chunks in with the dough before I cooked it. They kind of melt a bit but keep their shape good and if you eat the cookies while they're still warm the fudge gets a delish caramel toffee taste that brings the sweetness of them out big time.

        I reckon they'd be wicked sprinkled on ice cream as well, I haven't tried that but if you think about it that's all half the fudge flavoured ice creams are and you'd get the same flavour by using plain toffee or vanilla ice cream and tipping as many of these chunks over as you want.

        Anything sweet would be good with this fudge I think and I'm glad I spotted it in the supermarket because they're mega versatile....... I reckon I'm going to be cooking fudge flavoured EVERYTHING from now on!

        Recommended.... delish!!!


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