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Silver Spoon White Cubes

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Brand: Silver Spoon / Type: Baking Aids

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    2 Reviews
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      14.05.2010 09:48
      Very helpful



      Perfect for me

      I switched to Silver Spoon White Sugar Cubes after failing to train my family on how to use granulated sugar without making a mess.

      My sugar is always stored in an air tight storage jar and I was sick of opening it and finding brown congealed lumps of sugar stuck to the sides or indeed in the sugar itself.

      Mr. Benn always puts his teabag in a mug with the water, stirs it around with a teaspoon and then sticks the wet teaspoon in the sugar making the sugar damp and lumpy and brown lumps at that. I even put a sticky label on the jar which said DRY SPOON ONLY PLEASE but that didn't make any difference.

      Benn junior at 19 years old still has not got the hang of how to get the sugar in the cup without spilling some on the breakfast bar and has certainly not got the hang of wiping it clean afterwards.

      I went to my friends who was not well and offered to make her a cuppa. I opened her sugar jar and there they were all pure white little sugar cubes, no brown stained sides or congealed sugar in her house. Envious I rushed off to Sainsbury on the way home and found a box of Silver Spoon white cubes.

      Silver Spoon cubes come in a sturdy box and handled with a little care do not break easily. I tip them carefully into my sugar jar and hey presto no spoon needed. This has certainly solved the problem of the dirty storage container, even Benn junior gets them in his mug without making a mess.

      They can also be used crushed and sprinkled on cakes and pastries and used in recipes that need dissolved sugar.

      I particularly like that fact that I know exactly how many calories I am putting in my tea each cube contains 13 calories. I know granulated sugar has 16 calories per teaspoon, but how big is the teaspoon some of mine vary in size and is this heaped or level. Much easier to work it out exactly with these little cubes.

      You can buy Silver Spoon sugar cubes from any Supermarket and most shops they are currently 56p for a 500g box at Sainsbury. Once opened if stored in a cool dry place will keep indefinitely.


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        05.05.2010 23:17
        Very helpful



        Sweet and practical. And pretty.

        It would have to be a tiny igloo, of course (unless you are prepared to spend a lot of time and millions of little sugar cubes) but it would be cute, and sweet.

        I have liked sugar cubes since I was 5 years old. I saw the film "The Black Stallion", about a boy who befriends a black Arabian stallion when they are both shipwrecked on a deserted island. There is a scene when the boy first sees the horse on the boat, and steals some sugar cubes from the dining hall to give it.
        I had never seen sugar cubes before, and there was something about seeing the black stallion eating the lined up cubes one by one that captured my imagination, and I've had a little fascination with them ever since.
        I like the look of them, all white and cubic...the shiny, compressed little sugar granules...*swoon*...
        Their whiteness reminds me of snow, and their shape of the blocks of snow used in the construction of igloos, hence the title of this review.

        Recently, I have been attempting to improve my dietary habits in order to lead a healthier life, and one of the measures I have taken is to reduce my sugar consumption.
        Sugars are present in most foods, be it naturally or as an additive, and I have been trying to reduce the amount of refined sugars I consume.

        So, no more donuts for me then. Nor a lot of other foods.
        But what about coffee and tea? I'm not a "no milk, no sugar" type of person - I am of the "white and sweet" persuasion - and coffee and tea are two of the simple pleasures life has to offer.

        So far I have tried a few alternatives to sugar, but I still haven't given up on it completely.

        My way of keeping the sugar intake down? Sugar cubes.

        There are at least two advantages to using sugar cubes: it's less messy than using the loose granules, and because all the cubes have the same volume, it's easy to stick to a certain dose.

        Silver Spoon's White Sugar Cubes come in 500g packs.
        Each pack contains 144 sugar cubes, each one weighing 3.4g - that is 3.4g of carbohydrates, and 13 Kcal per cube.

        There is no recommended daily allowance of sugar, because the body does not need refined sugars to function, and it would actually be better not to take sugar altogether, since so many foods already contain sugar naturally.
        In any case, the United States have come up with an official figure of a maximum 40g of sugar per 2000 calories consumed in a day.
        To keep it in perspective, a 355 ml can of Coca-Cola, as sold in the UK, contains 39g of sugar.

        Thus, by knowing how many grams a sugar cube weighs, it's as easy as adding up the number of sugar cubes you consume to know what your daily intake is.

        The design of the packaging is not to my liking: the box opens along the longest side, leaving the top like a big flap that fits too tightly.
        It doesn't really bother me though, as I transfer the sugar cubes to a bowl, but it's not the most practical design if the cubes are kept there.

        The Silver Spoon's White Sugar Cubes are ideal for anybody who uses sugar in their drinks, and I highly recommend them, for the sake of convenience and control.

        A 500g box of Silver Spoon White Sugar Cubes costs 60p (56p at Tesco).


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