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Supercook Jelly Diamonds

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Brand: Dr Oetker's / Type: Baking Aids

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    1 Review
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      05.05.2010 13:39
      Very helpful



      If you fancy a trip down memory lane for a party these aren't a bad deal & should make people smile.

      It's my dad's birthday soon, and we're all getting together for a bit of a gathering. We don't do it that often as we're all rather spread out from furthest south of Kent all the way up to Brum and beyond, and there's rather a lot of us now too with all the kids and extended family members etc. Anyhow, for the event I thought some cakes might be rather nice, so this morning in Tesco, I set about gathering the ingredients for a nice batch of individual cakes including those ingredients needed to make a butter icing and some decorations. Cakes aren't something I make that often, we're more a cookies or ice-cream sort of family really when it comes to sweet things, so I had to go and really look properly in the baking isle to see what was what.

      One of the things I found (and added to my basket), was these jelly diamonds. I remember them from when I was a kid, and thought hey why not go retro. I bought smarties, hundreds and thousands, little silver balls, and these! Hey if you're gonna relive the past why not do it properly - I may have been inspired a little by having watched Heston Blumenthal doing a 70's style meal on TV last night a little too.

      I'm not going to make my cakes yet, as the gathering is a few days away yet, but I have to say I have opened this tub just to reacquaint myself with these you know. After all, a cook has to know her ingredients ahem doesn't she! These really are terribly kitch... errr I mean retro. Little diamond shapes of gelatine covered in sugar. Actually, looking on the packet I see these have improved since I was a child, they're now free from artificial colours and flavours, they're suitable for vegetarians, and don't even contain any artificial sweeteners or preservatives either, so time has changed them a little.

      To me they still taste the same. They have a similar consistency to jelly tots, although the flavours aren't quite as defined as jelly tots are (ooh I could have used those instead couldn't I - blast!). I'm sure there are specific flavours in there, but I don't think I can describe which fruits they're supposed to belong to exactly. The dark purpley red one is kind of blackcurrent/blackberry ish flavoured, the orange one is orangey the yellow one lemony, and then from there I get sort of lost as to what the rest are supposed to represent to be honest. The tub is 85g and cost me 79p, and it contains plenty of jelly diamonds to thoroughly decorate any large cake or batch of smaller ones, and still leave lots over, and I think for what you get and for the fun of the thing, that's a pretty good price really.

      Overall do I recommend them. I suppose so yes, they're free from a lot of the nasties that come in many cake decorations, and they're quite nice tasting. They're suitable for everyone, and they're pretty to look at which is sort of the point when you're using them to decorate a cake. I think if you're looking to go posh then you're gonna be out of luck with these, they're not posh they're too kitch and childish really to ever be able to do posh even if you placed them in very fancy ways. (Thought: I wonder if you could make a pretend mosaic with them? Hmmm...). For what I want them for, they're perfect however, and I'm sure for kids parties or for baking with the kids they'd go down a storm too.


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