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Supercook Sugar Flowers

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Type: Sugar

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    2 Reviews
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      26.02.2010 12:23
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      These Flowers Look Nicer Than They Taste!!!

      I ordered these by mistake when I did the shopping online in Sainsburys, I meant to order Hundreds & Thousands but had had a few drinks before placing the order and made loads of mistakes! lol

      This is a tub of sugar flowers, they're not shaped much like flowers and are just a hard swirl of sugar but each one has got a coloured dot in the middle and that makes them look like flowers. They come in different pale colours like pink, blue, yellow and white and there's not a lot of taste to them so they're for decoration more than anything.

      I used most of the first tub to decorate fairy cakes because the hard texture of them means they don't go that good on biscuits. The flowers are quite crunchy and not exactly hard like the silver balls I buy a lot but they're deffo quite tough to bite.

      I think they make the cakes look lovely though and last time I used some green food colouring to paint a stalk on the icing round the flowers and some leaves. It didn't look professional but shows how easy it is to get nice designs if you can be bothered.

      The flowers just taste sweet and even though they're nearly 100 % sugar I couldn't say they've got much of a sugary taste. When you first bite one you get like a powdery sweet flavour in your mouth but it disappears dead quick and then they don't taste of anything! lol

      Deffo a decoration then and not something you'd add for flavour, I'm not mad keen on the texture of them either because it's a sort of hard paste feel whan you're chewing them. I only put a couple of flowers on the top of each cake and usually pick mine off because of disliking the texture of them.

      A 21g tub is 79p and that's a bit of a rip off because you don't get THAT many flowers in a tub. I've brought them again just once because my mum needed some to decorate an Easter Cake prototype that she made last week, it looked wicked and I can't wait for her to make the proper one now!

      Recommended... for decoration of cakes but they don't add anything to the flaour!!!


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        13.11.2008 22:47
        Very helpful



        Just about bearable when you really need them.

        Supercook / Dr Oetker's 'Sugar Flowers'

        What are they?
        A tub of Sugar flowers!

        Special features?
        Usually used to decorate the cake, can also be used on iced buns, desserts and any other sweet treat. Colourful pretty little flowers (approx. 15-20mm) that come in lilac, pink, yellow, white and blue. And made from sugar, of course!

        Any good?
        I'm not really too keen on these, but they are pretty handy when I can't be bothered to make my own. Depending on what you're after, these are quite basic, they are almost literally sugar moulded swirls with a dab of colour icing to help them resemble more of a flower. Anyone can actually make these if they could make up a decent sugar mixture -because just by looking at these, you can be sure that these were made just by simply squeezing some icing in an icing bag through a patterned nozzle.

        Not sure if it was just the type of cream I was using, but the flowers don't appear to be colourfast - some of the colour does come off onto the cream, cake etc.

        In term of taste, it does appear to vary - ironically they don't taste sweet, well, at least not to me...! They have very a mild taste of icing sugar but quite a few of them do have a bitter taste, particularly the yellow ones - I think this might be down the dyes or colourings that are used for them.

        The flowers are 'dried' sugar (surprise, surprise...) so there is good crunch to them, I would probably describe them as quite 'chalky' and that for both in taste and texture.

        Only 9 p for a tub of 21g which equals around 30-35 flowers - that's pretty good I think!

        I actually bought these a couple of months ago, and this review was also written then (half unfinished, of course...). I have since walked past these at Tesco's and they have gone up to 76p a tub - people haven't gone sweeping them off the shelves like they did when they were 9p from a few weeks ago, obviously.

        Anything else?
        These sugar flowers also claim to be free from artificial colours and preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavours and hydrogenated fats. It is also suitable for vegetarians

        Brilliant and very handy - also good value for money when they were 9p - although considering the taste - I would still think twice about using them again. Definitely wouldn't buy them now though!

        Thanks for reading, xx

        ©Leighsa 2008


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        Baking Aid

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