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Tesco Black Forest Fruits

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Type: Other Fruits

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    2 Reviews
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      19.05.2009 15:48
      Very helpful



      Delicious and nutritious

      I keep a box of these in my freezer all the time. The contents are dark cherries (33%), red grapes (29%) blackberries (20%) and blackcurrants (18%). No additives, no extra sugar. 80g is equivalent to one fruit+veg portion per day.

      The size of the box has recently decreased from 500g to 350g, and is currently on sale for £1. I find this so much cheaper than buying a bunch of fresh grapes, punnets of blackberries etc., which all have to be eaten within a day or so. The 'best before' date on the box is usually over a year ahead, and I can take as much as I want, when I want.

      I use this fruit to make my own version of a fruit corner yogurt. I nuke a couple of tablespoons of the fruit in the microwave until the juices flow, and then add some dollops of natural yogurt. Totally delicious, and very cheap.
      Dark-coloured fruits are full of anti-oxidants and other goodies, so it's good for me too.


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        26.03.2009 09:06
        Very helpful



        Not something I would buy again

        As you must know by now (and are probably fed up with hearing) Dave and I are following the Slimming World healthy eating programme and we have both lost a stone each and feeling much better than we used to.

        Anyway one of the things that we enjoy eating is sugar free jelly poured over fruit with yoghurt poured over the top just before serving.

        Dave's favourite fruit is raspberries and I have been buying frozen raspberries from Tesco's which are delicious and almost as good as fresh ones.

        I also noticed that they do frozen Black Forest Fruits in the same range so I decided to try them. The ingredient list on the back told me that the pack contained dark sweet cherries, grapes, blackberries and blackcurrants.

        These packs are found in the freezer section and currently cost £1.99 for 500g of fruit. They also do summer fruits as well as the raspberries that I have already mentioned.

        The Black Forest fruits are sealed in a plastic box with a cellophane peel off lid. This is then covered with a cardboard sleeve showing the information about the product.

        The cardboard sleeve is mainly in shades of deep pink, presumably to match the colour of the fruits, so it is easy to spot the product in the freezer when doing your shopping. There is also a very appetizing picture of the fruits on the front.

        We also have the information that 80g of this product constitutes one of your recommended five a day portions of fruit and / or vegetables. At the bottom of the sleeve is the now familiar nutritional information expressed as a percentage of the guideline daily amount.

        When I got the fruit home I put it straight into the freezer as I knew that I would not want to use the whole pack at once. When I come to use some of fruit I just pour some of it out and put the rest back into the freezer.

        To use the fruit just slide off the cardboard sleeve, remembering to recycle if of course, and peel the cellophane off the top of the plastic box; the fruit inside looks really nice. They are whole, no scruffy bits and pieces here, and look really appetizing - in fact just like the picture on the front of the pack.

        The next bit is peculiar to our household as Dave doesn't like cherries. What I do is put the cherries in two glass dishes and the rest of the fruits in another two ready to be covered by either strawberry or raspberry sugar free jelly and then I put the rest back into the freezer. If I am a bit short of room in the freezer I pour the remaining fruit into a freezer bag for storage which saves a bit of space. Remember to recycle the plastic box when you've finished with it though!

        Even though I ate mainly cherries I did try all of the fruits to see what they all tasted like. The grapes, blackberries and blackcurrants all tasted almost as good as fresh ones but the cherries didn't taste much like cherries should taste. They tasted nice but I can't really describe why it is different from the taste of fresh cherries - it just is!

        The nutritional values for 100g of this fruit is as follows:
        46 Calories
        Protein 0.8g
        Carbohydrate 10.5g
        All of which is fruit sugar
        Fat 0.1g
        Fibre 1.8g
        Vitamin C 44mg

        100g of fruit will give you 74% of you recommended daily intake of vitamin C.

        As I have already said we use this fruit in fruit jellies but they could equally be used on gateaux, trifles or in baking.

        In conclusion this fruit was nice enough but wasn't as nice as the raspberries in our opinion so I shan't be buying any more of this and will stick to the raspberries in future.


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