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Tesco Crusty White Bread Mix

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    6 Reviews
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      09.11.2009 11:18
      Very helpful



      Gorgeous Fresh Bread Quicker Than It Takes To Go To Tesco!

      I borrowed my mates breadmaker last weekend because my dad said he'd buy me one if I knew I was going to use it, I wanted to get an idea of how they work and that's why I borrowed it. Actually I've decided they're not worth the bother or time it takes to make a loaf and would rather carry on buying bread mixes and doing them by hand! lol

      This Tesco crusty white bread mix was the only one I'd got in the cupboard when the breadmaker arrived so I made that one. You can do it as a loaf or as crusty cobs but you have to make the cobs quite big or they'll go hard while they're baking.

      It's easy to make if you're using a breadmaker or not and you just have to add water to the mix and give it a good stir, or if you're using a breadmaker bung it all in and set the programme.

      The results were the same from the breadmaker and when I last made a loaf by hand a couple of weeks ago. It cooks with a thick crust that goes wickedly crunchy and flakey, every slice of bread you have off one of these loaves will leave bits of crust all down you so don't eat it without a plate big enough to catch them all! lol

      The bread inside is always fluffy and I've used this mix loads of times and never had a loaf that is still wet in the middle. This mix always rises properly as well and never sinks like when I try to make bread using the individual ingredients instead of a mix.

      Cooking time is 20 - 30 minutes, the smell of the bread as it's baking is gorgeous and fills the house quickly. A packet of this mix is 60p so if you buy this you're saving a few pennys on buying a fresh loaf from the supermarket, the saving isn't very big but the bread tastes loads fresher than one you can buy and you've got the advantage of being able to eat it hot out of the oven!


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        02.11.2009 15:23
        Very helpful



        An excellent bread mix for both hand made and machine use

        I have had a bread machine for some years now but for some reason I lost interest in it and only recently decided to did it out and start using it again. Also the fact that it will save me a few pennies. I was on the look out for a decent priced bread mix on recent shopping trip and this is the one which I finally decided on.

        ~~THE PACKET~~

        The bread mix comes in a green and white paper packet. The front of this had the product name at the top in white lettering a at the bottom is a picture of a sandwich. The back of the packet has information on storing the mix, Nutrition and the number to call if you have any problems with this mix. The one side of the packet have allergy information and ingredients and on the side is the directions for use.


        For me the quickest way of using this mix is to pour the white flour like mix into the tin in my bread mix and add325ml of warm water and then press the start button on the machine. For those of you who do not have a bread maker or would like to make small rolls then the directions are below.

        Place the bread mix into a large bowl and add the 325ml of warm water. I found that adding it slowly make for easier mixing and less lumps. You need to mix the water in for a good 5 minutes, I have at times found this to be longer, until the mixture turns into a dough. A food mixer can be used for this but personally I have found that a spoon to start the mixture off and then I use my clean hands to finish it off and make a great dough. Yes your hands will be rather mucky after doing it this way but it is such a better and nicer way of making up a great dough.

        The dough then needs to be placed onto a lightly floured surface and left to rest for 5 minutes. After this time it should be kneaded and then left again for a following 2 minutes. After this time then it needs to be shaped into a ball and left for yet another 5 minutes.

        After all of the time has elapsed the you can mould the dough into your required shape. I have found that the amount of dough you have make a nice 10 small round rolls or if you like them slightly bigger then you should get a good 8 rolls. Plating the bread makes for a nice loaf or you can simply place it into a the standard loaf design. After you have chosen how you want your dough then you place it onto a greased baking tray and lightly dust the top with flour.

        After the dough has been dusted you need to cover it with a lightly damp cloth and leave for30-40 minutes. I personally leave it for the full 40 minutes. After this time you will notice how the dough has doubled from its original size.

        Now is the time when you can actually get the dough into the oven. It needs to be placed in the lower half of the oven and cooked on gas mark 8, 230 degrees Celsius or 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 30mintes for a loaf or 20 minutes for rolls. The bread should be a nice golden brown colour when cooked.

        When removed from the oven please allow to cool for a few moments before tucking in!


        The bread which comes out of my machine is absolutely lovely and all of my family enjoy it. The only downside to using the machine is that the bread always ends up with a hole in the bottom from the kneading arm in the machine but this is only a small downside when the ease of making the bread is taken into account.

        The results which we found from cooking and making the bread without the machine were just as good. I did notice that the crust on the loaf not cooked in the machine was not a thick or crunch as the machine loaf but this is no real tragedy for me as I do not eat crusts anyway.

        The bread is a nice white colour and is very light to eat. My boys like nothing more than having a nice think slice of it toasted for with their breakfast and always tell me that I make the best bread!

        The best thing I find about baking my own bread is the smell which wafts around my whole house. It is so welcoming and for some reason always makes me feel hungry! The smell from this bread is no exception and even when it is gone the bread still has a lovely fresh smell when sliced.


        The nutritional values of this bread mix and finished 100g loaf when nothing is added to it are:-

        Energy - 245Kcal
        Protein - 9.7g
        Carbohydrate - 47.1g
        Of which sugars - 2.1g
        Fat - 1.5g
        Of which saturates - 0.4g
        Fibre - 3.3g
        Sodium - 0.4g
        Salt equivalent -1.0g

        The ingredients to the mix are:-

        Wheat Flour, Yeast, Salt, Chickpea Flour, Vegetable Fat, Emulsifier (Mono and di-Acetyltartaric Esters of Mono and Di Di-Glycerdes of Fatty Acids) Dextrose, Flour Treatment Agents (Ascorbic Acid)

        This bread mix is suitable for Vegetarians.

        To store this bread mix it must be kept in a dry and cool place and once opened it must be kept in an air tight container.

        The brad mix has a very long shelf life and on the last one I bought it was dated a good 10 months away.


        As this bread mix is made by Tesco then it is only available in their shop and comes in a 500g packet with a price tag of 65p. For me I find this is very reasonable and you cannot pick up a decent loaf for any where near this good price now in any shop.


        Overall I do rate this mix very highly as it is convenient, cheap and makes my house smell wonderful. Also my boys enjoy it and think I am the best bread maker ever!


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          30.09.2009 00:15
          Very helpful



          If you love home made bread give this a go

          I was bought a bred maker for Christmas and I have always use hovis bread mixes but I noticed this in Tesco and for 60p I thought I would give it ago,

          *** Packaging**
          Green paper packer with a bread roll on the front. - looks like a mini packet of flour.
          Tesco font written in bold white text
          Crusty white written in bold white text
          Bread mix is written in green with black outline
          And the information text is written in small bold text.
          Information on how to use is on either sides and the back

          *** Product it self***
          Before adding to the bread machine - it's fine white flour
          After being in the bread maker or in the over - a nice crusty loaf of bread.

          ***Nutrition value***
          Per 45g of baked bread
          110 calories
          0.9g sugar
          0.7g fat
          0.2g Saturated fat
          0.5g salt.

          *** How to use***
          I found this very easy to use, just add to the bread maker, and add 325mls of warm water and away you go my bread machine binged 3 hours later and out came a very high and crusty loaf of bread. I was shocked to say the least that an own brand could be better then a named brand. The bread had rose better then an the named brad an it was lot softer in the middle as well.

          I have also added the water and cooked it In the oven when my bread maker went bang and I made 6 lovely large bread cakes. These were nice crusty on the out side but lovely and soft on the inside.

          I also found this bread was a lot more moist, and tasted great, I have now switched my hovis bread mix for Tesco bread mix

          I also found this bread kept nice and soft for a good 4-5 days if kept in foil.

          There do a wholemeal bread mix to. Which I have not tried yet.


          Great product id be lost with out mine. I love the smell of fresh cooking bread on a Sunday afternoon.
          Cheap and it makes a great bread for sandwiches and toast and nice big chunky bits for soup.

          Would highly recommend.


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            04.09.2009 23:00
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Yummy fresh bread

            I've had this bread mix in my cupboard for absolutely ages and recently noticed it was approaching the expiry date, so thought I'd better use it up. I've used a few of these ready made bread mixes now and on the whole found them to be good, so was looking forward to trying this one out.

            The bread comes in a green paper packet, a lot like a packet of flour, and there are full instructions for use on the side. It is suitable for making in bread machines but as I don't have one, I made it by hand.

            Making this up is very easy and shouldn't take much experience. The only things you will need are warm water a mixing bowl and wooden spoon, and either a baking tray if you're making buns or a loaf tin if you want to make a full loaf.

            Like any bread mix, making this up is a long process. I think that's one of the reasons it had been in my cupboard for so long - I'd not really found the time to make it up.

            The first step is to empty the mix - which looks just like white flour - into a bowl, and then add 325ml of warm water. You then need to mix for 5 minutes. It does say if you have a food mixer you can use one - unfortunately mine blew up so I had to do it by hand. The dough comes together quite quickly and let me tell you after five whole minutes of mixing it your arms will be tired!

            You then need to let the dough rest on a floured surface for 5 minutes, knead for 5 minutes and then rest for another five minutes. When this is done you need to shape the bread. Obviously if you're making this in a loaf tin you need to shape it into an oblong, but I made rolls, so shaped it into balls. One pack will make 10 medium sized bread rolls.

            The next step is to leave in a warm place covered with a cloth for 30-40 minutes until the rolls double in size, before baking for 20 minutes for rolls or 30 minutes for a loaf.

            The whole process is extremely easy and although it takes a long time, I think anyone could do it, even if they have no cooking experience.

            After 20 minutes I found that the rolls were cooked, yet looked a little bit pale. Perhaps I should have brushed them with egg or milk to make them go a bit browner on top. Despite being pale in colour they looked good and I could tell that the top of the bread was beginning to go a little bit crusty.

            The important thing I suppose is the taste and I must admit I was not disappointed. Like I said I've used quite a few bread mixes now and this was definitely one of the best. The rolls came out very light inside but with a crusty top. They were lovely and soft and I had one warm with butter which was lovely. They also toasted very well.

            A pack of this costs just 65p, only from Tesco. This is fairly good value considering you get 10 rolls from one pack, as I normally pay about that for a pack of 6.

            If you're not the best cook, or like me, are not very confident when it comes to making bread, this mix would be a great one to try. It gives the taste of fresh home-baked crusty bread, is easy to make and doesn't cost the earth. Well done Tesco!


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              09.08.2009 08:59
              Very helpful



              Easy to make white bread packet mix that is great to eat.

              I use my bread-making machine a lot. Most of the time I make a nutritious wholemeal loaf with spelt flour and some seeds - and sometimes I just buy a bread mix.

              One of the happy memories of my childhood was eating fresh white bread crusts with butter and jam on at my nan's house after school. It was with this thought in mind that I bought the packet of bread mix.


              The mix comes in a simple green and white paper packaging with nutritional information and instructions for use on.

              This is the problem with the instuctions. There are clear instructions for making the mix up by hand - but when it comes to reading the instructions on the packet for the bread-making machine it is a little confusing. There is a simple grid with mix to water ratios. The packet contains 500g of bread mix but there is no ratio for that amount! It mentions instead machine capacity. I spent a few minutes reading it and wondering why they had not just used a simple recipe for the amount in the packet. In the end, I used the amount of water in the hand-made bread instructions. When I consulted the Tesco website, there was some different instructions:

              Add the bread mix and water according to the following size machines:

              MACHINE SIZE 1lb/400g 1.5lb/600g 2lb/800g

              MIX 250g 350g 500g

              WATER 160ml 230ml 325ml

              Consult your bread making machine to confirm the capacity and bake on rapid or normal settings.'

              I suggest that Tesco tweak their packaging.

              Making the Bread

              Basically, when using a machine, you tip the water and the mix in and turn it on. The actual amount of dough seemed quite small and I wondered whether the loaf was going to be small. However, when it finally finished baking in the machine, it was huge!

              Making the bread by hand is a longer procedure and can take around an hour to prepare and prove (leave in a warm place to rise) and 30mins to bake.

              Eating the Bread

              As I had a fresh batch of strawberry and gooseberry jam made with fruits from my allotment, I was keen to get slicing and scoffing. Barely 5 minutes had passed before I was cutting into the huge loaf. Even when hot, it was easy to cut. The texture of the bread was light and evenly risen with a crust that was pale and easy to eat.

              I think that I actually prefer a crust that puts up a bit more resistance (even though I had put the machine on the 'medium' crust setting). Next time I use this mix, I will use the darker crust setting.

              The taste of the bread was good; it was not too salty and went very well with my Pura spread and jam. It was soft to eat and not too filling - which is probably because it is not a wholemeal. This unfortunately, can tempt you to eat several slices in a row. I know one or two people who have a bit of a bread addiction and this loaf would be a temptation indeed.


              Wheat Flour, Yeast, Salt, Chickpea Flour, Vegetable Fat, Emulsifier (Mono- and Di-Acetyltartaric Esters of Mono- and Di-Glycerides of Fatty Acids), Dextrose, Flour Treatment Agent (Ascorbic Acid).

              The allergy advice is that it contains wheat and gluten (somewhat obviously).

              The packet states that the mix is vegetarian but it looks to me like it is also vegan.

              Per serving (a slice) the bread contains 0.7g of fat and 0.5g of salt.


              A packet of this mix costs 65p. This makes it quite favourable in comparison to the better shop-bought loaves although you would need to factor in the energy costs for cooking which probably makes it more even in costs.

              To Conclude

              I liked this bread mix and would buy it again - but not too often because it is not wholemeal and it is far too tempting. Fortunately, Tesco also has a wholemeal bread mix which is also a good one

              There is a train of diet thought around which believes that once you start consuming carbohydrates you want to carry on and consume a lot more. This bread could seriously tempt you to do this..... I suppose I'm saying that it is a good bread mix. Now then, time for toast.....


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                07.08.2009 12:54
                Very helpful



                Worth it in the end!

                A couple of months ago, I decided to try making my own bread. I didnt really fancy having to weigh everything out individually, so I thought that I would give the bread mix a go.

                The mix comes in a green bag, just like flour does. It is found in the baking section of the supermarket, with all the other baking stuff. They also do a brown version if you prefer brown bread. The mix comes in the one size which is 500 grams and costs 65 pence.

                The bread is really easy to make. Apart from the mix, all you need is 325 ml (11 fl oz) of hand warm water. The whole packet has enough mixture for one large loaf or 10 small rolls. To make, the instructions are as follows:

                -Put the mix in a bowl, add the water slowly and mix for about five minutes.

                -After mixing, place the dough on a floured surface and rest for five minutes.

                -When this time is up, knead for two minutes, mould into a ball, and rest for a further 5 minutes.

                -If you are making rolls, split the dough into 10 bits, mould into shape and put on a greased baking tray. If its bread, then mould the whole lot into the shape of your bread tin and place it in.

                -Cover the rolls/bread with a damp cloth and then leave for 30-40 minutes in a warm area, so that they can rise.

                - The oven needs to be pre-heated to 230 degrees centigrade/450 degrees Fahrenheit or gas mark 8. Rolls go in the oven for twenty minutes and bread for thirty minutes (both need to go onto the bottom shelf)

                -After they are ready, place on a wire rack to cool.

                I think that the bread tastes better than shop made bread. I also like the fact that I put in the effort to do it myself, and that it has turned out good (before getting the mix, I had never made bread before). The bread has a more rustic look and taste about it and is nothing like the usual Kingsmill (or other brands) sliced bread.

                I personally quite enjoy making this bread every other day or so, though sometimes I cant really be bothered! I enjoy the taste of it and wouldnt go back to the usual sliced bread.

                There are a couple of downsides though. Sometimes I do forget that I need to make some, so I have to go and get some from the shop. Also, if you have never made any bread, it can take a bit of getting used to. If you are willing to persevere then you do get there with it.

                I would recommend the mix as it is a lot tastier when made than normal sliced bread. Just remember that it takes over an hour to make, from mixing it with water to taking it out of the oven!


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