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Tesco Frozen Raspberries

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3 Reviews
  • Cost effective
  • Convenient
  • Softer than fresh
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    3 Reviews
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      26.07.2015 21:58


      • "Cost effective"
      • "Long lasting"
      • Convenient


      • "Softer than fresh"

      Excellent value, longer lasting alternative to fresh raspberries, ideal for puddings & smoothies

      These frozen raspberries are a lovely, convenient way of having fruit ready for smoothies without the worry of the fruit 'going off' if unused by the sell by date. These raspberries keep their shape well and make a colouful, flavourful addition to merangues with cream or creme fresh. These raspberries are also good in muffins and with yoghurt for breakfast. A cheaper, longer lasting alternative to fresh raspberries.


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      17.06.2009 18:36
      Very helpful



      great frozen raspberries

      I am used to frozen fruit - I am originally Polish and even in the communist times, bags of lumpy frozen fruit (strawberries and plums and gooseberries and cherries and others) were quite widely available.

      Frozen fruit seems to be a fairly new thing in British supermarkets, I suppose one of the reasons is that "fresh" fruit (I put it in quotes as "fresh" means usually transported hundreds of miles and chilled) of most kinds is available all year round.

      There is more and more frozen fruit available, though, and Tesco's range is pretty good. Some of it is under Tesco's own brand and some is from the budget/discounter selections. Tesco's own brand frozen fruit comes in plastic boxes, and has a bit of a premium product air about it.

      There are several problems with freezing fruit: first is inherent to freezing process and to do with the way that formed air crystals affect the structure of the fruit. Secondly, individual fruits can get stuck together. Thirdly, the fruits can get crushed and come out as a pulpy mess when unfrozen.

      Raspberries do freeze quite well and usually are not affected too badly by the first of the problems. Tesco's ones also come very well on the other two aspects. They stay separated and they don't get crushed.

      When unfrozen, the fruits look pretty good: there is some juice oozing out, but overall the raspberries appear quite close to what fresh fruit would be like. They keep their shape and even look good enough to put on top of deserts.

      Flavour wise, these raspberries are quite good too: they are not any worse than fresh Tesco raspberries - of course the taste it's not as good as that of very ripe, fresh raspberries picked off the bush or bought from a local stall or farm shop, but it's not too bad at all.

      All in all, this is a very good product, most of the year excellent value in comparison to fresh (or "fresh") raspberries and very much recommended for use in smoothies, eaten on their own with cream, but also in other deserts from trifle to cakes to even Pavlovas.

      Prices vary from around £2 to about £4 depending on offers and season.


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        03.02.2009 22:47
        Very helpful



        Great for our low calorie trifles!

        As a lot of you know by now Dave and I are following the Slimming World healthy eating programme and we are doing well and feeling good.

        Anyway one of the things that we enjoy eating is sugar free jelly poured over fruit with yoghurt poured over the top just before serving.

        Dave's favourite fruit is raspberries but of course they are not in season at the moment. Fresh raspberries are available in supermarkets but I am guessing that they wouldn't have much taste. I have tried strawberries out of season and they are tasteless!

        This is no problem as most supermarkets sell frozen fruits and Tesco's is no different.

        In the freezer section you will find 400g packs of frozen raspberries for £2.22 each. They also do blueberries and summer fruits in the same range.

        The raspberries are sealed in a plastic box with a cellophane peel off lid. This is then covered with a cardboard sleeve showing the information about the product.

        The cardboard sleeve is mainly in shades of deep pink - raspberry colour - so it is easy to spot the product in the freezer when doing your shopping. There is also a very appetizing picture of raspberries on the front.

        We also have the information that 80g of this product constitutes one of your recommended five a day portions of fruit and / or vegetables. At the bottom of the sleeve is the now familiar nutritional information expressed as a percentage of the guideline daily amount.

        When I buy these raspberries I always out them straight into my freezer at home as I don't use the whole pack at once. When I come to use some of them I just pour a few out and put the rest back into the freezer.

        To use the raspberries just slide off the cardboard sleeve, remembering to recycle if of course, and peel the cellophane off the top of the plastic box; the raspberries inside look lovely. They are whole, no scruffy bits and pieces here, and look really appetizing - in fact just like the picture on the front of the pack.

        What I do is pour a few of the raspberries into my glass dishes ready to be covered by raspberry sugar free jelly and then put the rest back into the freezer. If I am a bit short of room in the freezer I pour the remaining raspberries into a freezer bag for storage which saves a bit of space. Remember to recycle the plastic box when you've finished with it though!

        The raspberries taste almost as good as fresh ones. I don't think you can beat the taste of fresh fruit but these do come a very close second.

        The nutritional values for 100g of raspberries are as follows:
        27 Calories
        Protein 1.2g
        Carbohydrate 4.9g
        All of which is fruit sugar
        Fat 0.3g
        Fibre 2.7g
        Vitamin C 22mg

        100g of raspberries will give you 37% of you recommended daily intake of vitamin C.

        As I have already said we use these raspberries in fruit jellies but they could equally be used on gateaux, trifles or in baking.

        Since we changed our eating habits about three weeks ago we have already had at least 6 packs of these raspberries and we shall definitely be buying more!


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