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Tesco Pot - Pineapple in Pineapple Juice

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Pineapple

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    1 Review
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      01.07.2009 16:09
      Very helpful



      A delicious and easy way to enjoy fresh pineapple.

      I give up buying fresh pineapple, I really do. Admittedly the price of these delicious fruits is coming down in most of the big supermarkets, but I absolutely hate waste so buying a full one just for me is proving irritating in the extreme. The problem is pineapple is so filling and goes off very quickly once it's been cut, this means that I am regularly buying pineapples just to eat two slices and then putting the rest in my compost bin the following day. And before you say it I know you can buy those baby pineapples which would be a much more manageable size for me, but I find them too sweet and much prefer the more earthy flavour of the 'normal size' pineapple.

      I use tinned pineapple sometimes but find this lacks the naturalness of fresh fruit, so while shopping in Tesco recently I spotted their plastic pots of pineapple in juice on special offer at 49p for 400g so I decided to buy one to try. I was reassured by the claim on the pot that once opened I had two days in which to consume the pineapple providing it was stored in the fridge, although before you open it you can keep the pot in a cool dry cupboard.

      I was immediately impressed by the ratio of pineapple to juice, which in my opinion was absolutely perfect. The juice covers the chunks of fruit with roughly 5mm of juice at the top of the pot to prevent any of the pineapple drying out, this is in stark contrast to a tin of Tesco pineapple I bought recently which had at least an inch of juice rising above the pineapple and annoyed me no end as I had paid for fruit not juice!

      The fruit in this pot was absolutely delicious, as good as fresh pineapple with the added advantage of not having to peel and chop the awkward fruit. The chunks are of a fairly uniform size and are tender with a juicy and slightly fibrous texture which I would expect from a fresh pineapple. The fact that they are stored in pineapple juice (made from concentrate, by the way, which is a slight disappointment) gives the individual chunks a fresh and well rounded flavour, I found the pineapple of the perfect sweetness for me which also indicates that it is very fresh indeed.

      The pot itself is perfect with the lid fitting nice and snugly in order to keep the fruit fresh in the fridge, it's pretty robust so I didn't have to worry about holding it gingerly in case I accidentally squirted half of the juice onto the floor after picking it up too heavy handed!

      I recommend this product 100%. If you love pineapple but avoid buying it because of the cost or waste involved with buying a fresh fruit then certainly give these a try, the price has now risen to it's normal 99p level, which is still very good value in my opinion considering it removes the need to prepare the fruit and also can be spread over a couple of days which is ideal for people who live alone as I do.


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