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Tesco Prunes In Syrup

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Other Fruits

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    1 Review
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      25.03.2011 18:49
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      Delicious served on top of porridge or yoghurt

      A 420g can of Tesco prunes in syrup will cost you around 60p. I realise that prunes are not everyone's cup of tea but a few prunes for breakfast can work wonders if you are prone to constipation. If you are not familiar with prunes ( they are a little bit old fashioned nowadays!) they are plums that have been dried. You can buy dried prunes from the supermarkets and health food shops and they are delicious. Dried prunes are sweet and sticky and they are really chewy. Not only are prunes good for you if you tend to suffer from constipation but they are full of fibre and rich in iron, vitamins and minerals.

      The Tesco prunes in syrup are as good as any you can buy. Tesco sell the canned prunes in syrup but they also sell canned prunes in a natural juice. If the prunes are served for breakfast then you can place two or three on top of your porridge or yoghurt. We also love prunes served on top of a milky pudding. The Tesco prunes are not pitted so you need to be aware so that you do not swallow the stones! If you are only serving them for breakfast then they are fairly economical, one large can will make four small servings.

      The can contains just prunes, water and sugar. The can is filled with soft juicy prunes and thick sweet syrup. The prunes are almost black and the dark sweet syrup tastes wonderful. The slightly wrinkly skin of the canned prunes is a touch tougher than the softer flesh that lays underneath. In the middle of the prune is the pit or the stone that you need to remove and place on the edge of your plate. In all honesty I love the sweet rich syrup that the prunes lay soaking in and it sweetens the porridge or the yoghurt and you need use no more sugar.

      Tesco have placed the nutritional values on the front of the can. One half of the can contains 205 calories. The canned prunes are low in fat and salt but high in sugar and fibre. When you open a can of the Tesco prunes in syrup they do need to be used up within a couple of days. Once the can has been opened the remaining prunes need to be placed into a plastic storage container before they are chilled. Prunes cannot be stored in a metal dish because the acidic syrup would pit the metal.

      The Tesco prunes in syrup taste good. I have bought the Tesco prunes in natural juice but I prefer the taste of the rich sweet syrup. I see prunes as an adult food, I know my grandchildren would curl up at the thought of munching on a prune!


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