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Tesco Seedless Grape Selection Pack

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Seeds

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    1 Review
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      16.05.2009 17:43
      Very helpful



      A delicious choice between green and red grapes.

      I like to buy this punnet of grapes from Tesco as you get half green and half red, I adore all grapes but it's nice to be able to pick what colour you want without having to buy two packets which obviously works out expensive.

      I think these are very reasonably priced at £1.77 for a 450g punnet, they are wrapped in breathable plastic which helps to keep them fresh and the punnet itself is ideal for storing the grapes in if you don't like having them rolling around loose in your fruit bowl. Not that they ever last that long in my house as I can eat grapes by the hand full.

      Tesco grapes, whichever variety you buy, are always very good and these are no exception. Each grape is unbelievably fresh, I always buy the furthest date possible in the supermarket even if it means rummaging around at the bottom of the box and this means that the grapes are perfectly fresh and I have not yet bought one of these selection packs that have been any less than at their best.

      The grapes themselves are not a uniform size, although even the smaller ones are a decent size. I have had some absolutely huge grapes from these packs in the past and this is fine, sometimes when I buy grapes from my local market I find the larger fruits are often over ripe and soggy inside but these ones are perfect and so full of juice that they literally burst when I sink my teeth through them.

      These grapes are extremely juicy and have a lovely crisp texture on the skin which makes them very cool and refreshing, they are seedless so there is no messing around spitting the seeds into your hand or inadvertently biting down on one to discover that grape seeds are actually harder than they look! To be honest I'm a bit of a grape snob and will not buy anything other than seedless now, although I find the price gap between seeded and seedless grapes is now narrowing to make it a feasible option to stick to seedless.

      Have you ever tried frozen grapes? They are absolutely delicious, especially in the summer. Simply pop a hand full of grapes in the freezer for a couple of hours and eat them while they're still hard, they are succulent and sweet and extremely refreshing particularly in the summer. I learned this tip at my Weight Watchers meeting because a lady said she could convince herself she was eating boiled sweets - and it's true!


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