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Tesco Sesame Seeds

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Sesame

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    1 Review
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      28.10.2009 22:34
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      Meant to keep you healthy

      Sesame seeds are meant to be good for you and if you like the odd mineral supplement then I'd rather eat the actual product high in the supplement than a manufactured extract.

      If you keep birds then you'll know these seeds look just like bird grit, slightly paler but the same look and feel, though fortunately not as hard when you come to eat them.

      Apparently they contain the essential minerals copper, magnesium, calcium, zinc and all-sorts - the sort of minerals you never knew you needed until someone dreamt up the idea of promoting them as a health food. These minerals may help protect you from everything from heart failure, arthritis, and respiratory conditions to colon cancer - depending on what you read; no doubt only if you manage to swallow a cup or so every day for umpteen years. - so take such research with big pinches of salt.

      Well I like just like them to give a bit of feel-good factor to fresh natural yoghurt for breakfast. I can't eat them later in the day other wise I get the gripes. So do always drink loads of extra water till you get used to them. With my small pots of homemade yoghurt I add about three teaspoons of these seeds. They give a little crunch and quite a pleasant fresh but non-descript flavour.

      They are currently £0.89p for 100g at Tesco

      As with so many things the manufacturer cannot guarantee they are nut-free, but sesame seeds are one of the ingredients that have to be declared for allergy advice - hence the packet of sesame seeds says "contains sesame seeds" (!!)

      They contain 18.2% protein and lots of energy, 58% fat though a sprinkle on your cereal won't give you much. They do cheer up boring cornflakes to give a slight nutty/gritty flavour.

      As one of the oldest recorded condiments to food, dating perhaps back to before 1500BC - the phrase" open-sesame" stems from the way the seeds pods burst open when ripe.

      Sesame seeds are of course the main ingredient of Tahini, which I intensely dislike but is used in middle-eastern cookery. Just the seeds turn up as topping to bread and rolls, for me they just don't go so I'll just to stick to using them as a feel-good sprinkle on my breakfast.


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