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Tesco Tuna & Pasta Bake Recipe Mix

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Mix

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    4 Reviews
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      09.04.2013 18:42
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      A tasty storecupboard staple to help me make a tasty meal with a bit less effort than normal.

      I like to cook most of my meals from scratch without jars and packets, so you won't find too many packets in my home. However, sometimes I want a slightly easier night with less thought and effort from me, and a meal that is easy enough to throw together from stuff in the home is a tuna pasta bake.

      I have bought this Tesco packet mix many times. At first it was a price thing, as it is currently 38p for the mix. However, it is a taste that we all enjoy, and easy to prepare, so I tend to keep at least one pack of this in the house.

      To go with this pack all you need is 225g of pasta to serve 4 people, a tin of tuna, some sweetcorn - I tend to chuck in a cup of frozen sweetcorn, and 3/4 of a pint of semi skimmed milk to make up the sauce. You also need cheese to add to the top of the bake. I also tend to crumble some tortillas on the top before adding the cheese so that you get a lovely crisp tasty layer at the top of the bake and your pasta remains nice and soft.

      I sometimes embelish upon this and add some sliced mushroom, or I have tried some onion sautéd, or some finely chopped broccoli. I have also substituted salmon and smoked salmon instead of tuna. My kids don't mind the tuna or fresh salmon, but are not keen on the smoked version.

      Making this is simple. Just cook the pasta as normal. Towards the end of cooking time, start to prepare the sauce. You pour the packet mix into a second pan. Add a bit of milk and mix till fairly smooth, then add the rest of the milk and heat till its boiling. Lower the temperature a little. Add the tuna and sweetcorn, leaving it to simmer and thicken for about a minute.

      Then add your cooked pasta and this sauce together in an ovenproof dish, topping with the cheese and tortillas.

      I then leave this in the oven at gas mark 5 or 6 for about 20 minutes until the cheese has melted and gone brown. The pack gives a guideline of 80g of cheese, but I would say depending on the size of your dish, somewhere between 50-100g to give decent coverage to suit individual taste. We like a decent amount, so I don't skimp on it.

      The resulting pasta bake holds together pretty well when you serve to the plate. I often put nearer 300g of pasta in and I never ever measure the sweetcorn or cheese. I am that sort of cook that just slaps what they think in the dish, and it works out ok for me. We never end up with leftovers with this dish, and everyone in the family will clear their plate. I sometimes serve with a garlic bread or with extra vegetables like broccoli to fill my boys up as they like large portions and this fills them nicely.

      The packet mix has recently changed packaging slightly. The packaging is now quite green in colour and reminds me of the Heinz packaging. It has also got smaller - it has been reduced by 20% in size so there is less waste as it is a non-recyclable plastic waterproof material. The recipe has also been tweaked slightly so the powder mix has a stronger smell than it used to and reminds me a bit of what doritos smell like. However, the recipe tweak hasn't spoiled our enjoyment.

      The ingredient list is mostly things that I recognise like herbs (parsley, oregano, paprika, curcumin, thyme, celeriac seeds) with some sugar, salt, tomato powder, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne and black pepper and milk. 1/4 of a sachet provides 38 calories only, so not too bad, but it does also provide 1g of salt so I wouldn't have served this to my children when they were very young as this is really too high. I'm happy our diet is healthy enough for the occasional once or twice per month we use it for this not to be a problem. Smaller kids will not be able to eat 1/4 of a portion of this bake when made up, so it is not a huge worry for me.

      This would not be suitable for most allergy sufferers as it does contain milk, gluten, wheat, soya and celeriac. On the positive side though it is free of nuts and made in a nut free factory.

      I find this nice as an occasional break from creating my own sauces. It produces a meal we all enjoy eating. However, the reason I don't buy that many packets is the affect it has on health because of the added sugar, salt, and other unnatural ingredients. This however is free from MSG, and artificial colours and preservatives, so I don't feel like I am harming my kids letting myself have a rest from full on cooking.

      As packets go, it doesn't make the meal overly expensive so it is budget friendly, and the taste is very easy on the palate. Not too mild the adults find it dull, but not too overwhelming with spices for the kids.

      I will continue to use this as a store cupboard item.


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        15.02.2010 02:56
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        such a tasty meal

        I am a big fan of pasta and I mainly eat tomato pasta but my boyfriend isnt a big fan of tomato so we tried tuna pasta bakes and we love eating them. One day we decided to try a different brand instead of the leading brands and we saw this one from tescos. My boyfriend and I made a massive bowl full and kept getting some more due to the taste being out of this world.

        On the back of the packet it gives you instructions on the best way to make the pasta bake.

        All you need is the pasta bake mix, pasta, semi skimmed milk, sweet corn and tuna.

        You first cook the pasta, while the pasta is cooking get a saucepan and add the mix and then add the semi skimmed milk, get the sauce to a boil then add the tuna and sweet corn. After the pasta is cooked get a heat proof bowl, put the pasta in the bowl and mix the pasta up with the sauce and place in the oven for about 5-10 minuets.

        This pasta bake mix is great value for money at just 46p per serving and since it serves up to 4 people, this is a cheap but tasty meal. In the packet there are 184 calories so it is also healthy.

        In conclusion this is a great meal to prepare, its cheap tasty and filling. Pick up a pack next time you are shopping and see what you think.


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          27.01.2010 01:19
          Very helpful




          I am not a big fan of pasta but I love tuna pasta bakes. Me and my girlfriend normally buy the top brand pasta bake mixes such as colemans, but we decided to try Tescos. We wasnt dissapointed at all as the Tesco mix turned out to be the best pasta bake we have had.

          These mixes cost just 46p and serves up to 4 people which is great value since is very tasty and can serve that amount of people. There is 184 calories in the whole packet.

          The best way to cook the pasta is the recipe suggestion it gives to you on the back of the packet.

          Ingredients: pasta mix, pasta, semi skimmed milk, tuna and sweetcorn.

          Method: cook the pasta, add the pasta mix into a saucepan and add the milk to the mix then when the sauce is boiling add the tuna and sweetcorn. Mix the sauce with the pasta and put it into a heat proof dish and place into the oven until golden. You can add cheese on top before you put it into the oven for exta taste.

          So this is very easy to cook and is also healthy. So if you want something quick and easy while being healthy then put down the take away menu and give it a go. You wont be dissapointed.


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          24.07.2009 01:18
          Very helpful




          I do love pasta and of late I've been trying to consume more of it and more fish so making a tuna pasta bake seemed a good idea for a meal to me!

          I saw this mix in my local tesco store priced at 46p and decided to try it out.

          The Packaging....

          Dark green square packet with a photograph of the bake on the front. In white writing I'm told it is Tesco 'New' Tuna Pasta Bake Recipe Mix (Just add ingredients) and I'm also told it contains no artificial colours, flavours or flavour enhancers and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there and the best before date is clearly stamped on. On the back of the packet (this time all written in black) I'm told what ingredients I will need other than the mix, ingredients of the mix and allergy advice is given as is a full nutritional rundown, I'm told how to make up the meal, storage instructions are given, size is stated (45g), contact details for Tesco's are given and finally there is a bar-code on there.

          Ingredients Needed Besides The Mix To Make A Tuna Pasta Bake:

          The mix
          225g (80g) pasta
          425ml (3/4 pint) semi-skimmed milk
          200g (7oz) tinned tuna drained
          115g (4oz) canned sweetcorn drained
          80g grated cheese

          My Experience With The Mix....

          All you do is cook up the pasta as you normally would and then mix this sachet up with the milk and bring the sauce to the boil and the add the tuna, sweetcorn and then the drained pasta to it. You then simmer it all for about 1 minute and then pour it all into an ovenproof dish and top with the grated cheese and simply grill it till golden, it's that simple.

          So I followed the instructions to the letter and away I went!

          I found the sauce itself to make up really, really easy. Very powdery, it's a reddish brown in colour, gives off a slight aroma of tomatoes and cheese and you can see oregano and thyme flecks in the mix and what I did appreciate is that the sauce never went lumpy as I mixed it up.

          Now of course I added mine to the other ingredients and it was simply lovely. Yes it as very runny however it is meant to be added to foods and what happens is that it does thicken up somewhat as it is warmed through.

          Taste wise it has a lovely taste of tomatoes to it, has a great balance of herbs, it's well seasoned though not overly salty and contains a nice natural sweetness to it and it all compliments something such as a pasta bake really, really well, which is what it is for. I thoroughly enjoyed my food, loved the sauce and ate the whole lot in one sitting! It seems to enhance fish with it's tomato and cheese flavourings and the pasta absorbs it too! Lovely!

          Allergy Advice....
          Contains: Milk, Wheat, Gluten
          Recipe: No nuts
          Ingredients: Cannot guarantee nut free
          Factory: No Nuts

          Nutritional Information Per One-Quarter Of A Sachet (11.3g):

          Energy: 46Kcal
          Protein: 1.2g
          Carbohydrate: 8.0g
          of which is sugars: 2.1g
          Fat: 1.0g
          of which is saturates: 0.5g
          Mono-unsaturates: 0.4g
          Polyunsaturates: 0.1g
          Fibre: 0.4g
          Sodium: 0.3g
          Salt Equivalent: 0.8g

          Only to be found in Tesco stores.


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