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Tesco Value Pineapple Pieces in Light Syrup

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Pineapple

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    3 Reviews
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      29.03.2012 18:15
      Very helpful



      Appetising pineapple pieces -shame about the sugar

      ---Why I Buy This---

      We live out in the country and rely on Tesco Direct to have groceries delivered. We therefore only have it delivered every 10-14 days and so cannot always rely on a supply of fresh fruit. We do buy frh fruit obviously, but we eat it when it is ripe and I always try and have a stock of tinned fruit and cartons of fruit juice as standbys.
      I find the Tesco Value peaches and grapefruit to be very enjoyable so decided to try these pineapple pieces after browsing the Tesco Value range to see what was on offer.
      However the title of 'pieces' did make me think I would probably be getting a tin of pulverised fruit bits.

      ---The Brand---

      Tesco Value basic brand.

      ---The Product---

      Large 567 gram tin of pineapple pieces.
      Drained weight is 340 grams.
      Label now slightly changed and shows a whole pineapple cut in half with some chunks by the side.
      In light syrup.
      One third of a can is 131 calories and 28.7 grams sugar (32%).
      Suitable for vegetarians.
      Once opened transfer from can and store in the fridge for up to two days.
      Produced in Indonesia.
      Ingredients - Pineapple, Water, Sugar, Acidity Regulator (citric acid).



      ---My Opinion---

      Well I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my first tin of pineapple pieces as they were much more like little sliced pieces than I had expected. I had thought they would be much more mis-shapen.
      The tin contains the sort of pieces you would get by cutting pineapple rings into about 12 bits. There are no 'bits' at all and the pieces could quite easily be used in fruit salads or for the ubiquitous cheese and pineapple on sticks.
      I bought the pineapple for myself and found that one tin was enough for three servings - with the rest keeping quite well for the next two days in the fridge.
      Some I just had with bread and butter but I did then have it with little cheese chunks - which is a lovely healthy snack.
      All the fruit I have had from quite a few tins now has been f good quality and none has been hard or not ripe.
      I try not to drink the 'juice' as it is so sugary but it does taste good!
      The only real downside is the high sugar content - but hopefully most of that is in the liquid rather than in the fruit - or so I tell myself.
      This pineapple is a great store cupboard standby ans as well as just eating it striaght from the tin could be used in baking or puddings.

      ---Star Rating---

      5 Stars.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      Yes definitely.




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        20.12.2010 00:01
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        You get what you pay for

        Tinned Fruit isn't on the menu that often but I occasionally like some fruit with ice cream and bought this on impulse the other day.

        It's 540g with a drained weight of 340g so that's a high proportion of juice within the product. I remember as a child my mother used to serve up pineapple and cheese on cocktail sticks. At the time, I thought this was the height of sophistication, but it now seems as if this is viewed as being distinctly naff.

        So, never being one to follow the flock, I decided at tea time today that I would serve up to my darling wife a lovely cocktail canape treat. She looked at me as if I had lost my marbles, which indeed I did some years ago. She should know that by now.

        Anyway, she had to agree that after she had had her share of the plateful, they made a nice change - although she later told me off because the cheese had given her a headache. It's all my fault. I didn't make her eat it though, did I? (Oh and I lost points on presentation, as well)

        When making these sophisticated canapes, I noticed that the pineapple pieces were more irregular in shape than they would have been in a branded product or one termed chunks or slices. I fully expected this and didn't even mind when I noticed that some of the pieces included that hard bit from the centre of the pineapple that shouldn't really be served.

        As far as the taste was concerned, I felt there was no difference to other tinned pineapple I have tasted. Maybe the pineapples were of an inferior quality but once they were canned with that sweet sugary syrup, they tasted fine.

        A third of a can, which would make a reasonable portion, contains 125 calories and has an approximate 15% sugar content.

        There is half a can left after having our pineapple and cheese sticks and I dutifully transferred them into a lidded plastic container and popped them in the fridge. They shouldn't be left in the metal can.

        Did I drink some of the juice out of the can before I packed away the remainder? Yes of course, doesn't everyone? Not good to leave this stuff on your teeth though so half an hour later I took myself off to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I'm a good boy really.


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          27.11.2010 16:51
          Very helpful



          A great product from the Tesco value range

          Anyone who has ever tried anything from the Tesco value range will know that it is a bit hit and miss at times. THere are some great products that are just as good as the branded versions such as the lasagne sheets and snowballs etc, but then there are other products which aren't so hot, such as the Tesco kitchen towels etc (in my opinion). This particular product from the value range - TEso value Pineapple Pieces in Light Syrup falls into the former of thes categories.

          At 32p for a 540g tin, you would be hard pushed to find something cheaper. I usualy buy tins of fruit on a weekly basis alongside fresh fruit, firstly to vary the fruit that we take in winter (since there is less to choose from at this time of year) and some of the fresh fruit doesn't last that long, so by the end of the week, I am glad to supplement our fruit supply with some tinned fruit. So, in an effort to reduce my weekly shopping bill, I thought I would give this a try, and was really quite impressed.

          The front of the tin, is the usual cheap and cheerful Tesco value logo with a picture of the pineapple pieces in the background. Some nutritional information is at the bottom of the front of the tin and it states that per 1/3 of a tin, there are 125 calories, 27.3g of sugar (yikes) and 0.2g of salt. The good news is that it only contains a trace of fat and saturates.

          On the back of the tin, it states that the ingredients are pineapple, water, sugar, acidity regulator (citric acid). The product is not guaranteed not free, although it does states that it is made in a no nut factory. It also claims to be suitable for vegetarians.

          Despite the rather high sugar content, although hopefully some of this is lost when the fruit is drained, the pineapple pieces themselves are very nice. The product does come in a light syrup, and therefore the pieces are very sweet to taste, but then that is one of the reasons that I like pineapple as it is a sweet fruit. I have used this pineapple many times now, within a fruit salad, dessert and even in sandwiches alongside some ham and cheese, and it really is very nice. I really don't see a much difference between this product and the TEsco own brand that I used to buy, and so at 32p I really have no quibbles with the product, with the exception of the high sugar content, but the lack of fat does go some way in making up for this I suppose. A good product from the value range.


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