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3pc Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set

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    2 Reviews
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      04.04.2012 11:36
      Very helpful



      A good set

      I bought this three piece BBQ set from Homebase last summer, it cost roughly £4 in the sale and has been a good buy as the set has been used very regularly.

      The set contains a spatula, pair of tongs and a double pronged fork. All are made completely of stainless steel and all feature a way of hanging them up for ease of storage.

      These utensils are not the sturdiest of implements, this isn't surprising because they are so cheap to buy and they are all good enough quality that I can work with them on the BBQ and even though they've had a lot of use over the year none of the three tools have bent. The spatula has a weak handle and I had to use another oneto lift a heavy piece of meat recently, but apart from that one problem all three utensils are reliable.

      The tongs open quite widely and are useful for turning more fiddly foods on the BBQ, I have also used them to toss salad when I haven't been able to find my salad forks. The ends are a little narrow for this but in an emergency they'll do the job, it just takes longer to incorporate all the ingredients.

      The pronged fork is sharp and strong enough to lift large pieces of meat or chicken, the long slim prongs also make it useful for checking that meat is cooked thoroughly or lifting sausages off the BBQ.

      The only problem I have had with the set was with the handle of the fork. It was not attached well and after the first use started spinning, when I washed up the hollow handle had filled with water which was unhygienic. My husband glued the handle in place after we'd allowed it to dry thoroughly and since then it has been solid.

      4 Dooyoo Stars.


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      25.02.2011 00:28
      Very helpful



      A good buy at the right price

      ~A BBQ tool set at a fair price~

      This little stainless steel 3 piece BBQ set has been in use for some time and seems to work well enough even though it was a cheap buy, which is why I thought it was worth suggesting as a review subject here on Dooyoo. The set is basic yet works as it should and has remained in reasonably good condition although I managed to leave the tongs outside after use in summer last year. Luckily I found them out in the garden a few days later and they were fine after a light wash with some washing up liquid and plenty of hot clean water to rinse them through with.

      The set came simply presented on a cardboard backing sheet that I saw hanging on an in store display. At the time I was taken by the cheap price of the set which is what lead me to purchase it. Even though I don't feel the set is of a fantastic quality it does what it should when in use and seems to be built to last at least a few BBQ seasons which means the value for money from having bought this set is quite good. In the set I bought I got all 3 items which were a set of tongs, a spatula and a fork, which were formed into plain and sleek stainless steel and black plastic BBQ tools that are easy to care for and store away.

      ~The tricky tongs~

      The set contains a set of BBQ tongs that as mentioned spent a few wild nights out in all weathers in the garden after I forgot to bring them in after use. When I finally located the tongs after they had been outside for a length of time they had to have a light clean in hot soapy water followed up by a rinse over with some clean water containing a little rinse aid to ensure that they were left shiny and smear free. The tongs are a simple shape and can be gripped with ease when in use allowing you to pick up food items from the grill safely and securely without burning your fingers when doing so.

      The side of the tongs have easy grip sections to them once again made from stainless steel and having a black plastic top and bottom section on them that enhances the look of the product and stops the ingress of water etc when washing or cleaning the tongs. The tongs have a handle length that is more than long enough to make sure that you can safely use them when the BBQ is at its hottest with no fear of burning you hands or fingers. The tongs have a slight budget feel to them although for the price paid they offer very good value.

      ~The pointy BBQ fork~

      The inclusion of the BBQ fork in this set has been something that has been useful as it can serve a dual purpose item to either use to pick up raw uncocked meat and place it onto a burger grill or similar item, meaning that you don't need to touch the meat if you aren't keen on doing so when preparing your BBQ. You can also use the fork as a BBQ tool when cooking meat or other food stuffs over the coals as it has a good handle length as well as a reasonably sharp set of prongs that can be used to pick up food items with ease.

      I have also used the fork when carving meat as it can be used to steady whatever you have cooked and want sliced in order to serve it up in nicely cut portions or slices. When wanting to wash the fork I follow the same routine as with the tongs from the set and find that the stainless steel parts of the fork come up nice and clean with little effort needed to clean them. Once again the fork is simply formed yet has a slight budget feel and look to it although to be fair it works as it should for now which is what matters the most.

      ~The super spatula~

      The spatula that came with the set is well sized with a nicely proportioned handle that means you can use it to flip BBQ food with ease without burning your hands or dropping the food you are trying to flip or pick up. The angle of the business part of the spatula is nicely set and the only slight downside to the item is that the edges are a little sharp in places and not as smoothly finished as I would have liked. Other than that the spatula works well and can be used as a general cooking tool if wanted rather than just as a BBQ tool.

      The over all look of the spatula is fine with it being made of mainly stainless steel and having a black plastic hanging fitting which is similar to the one fitted to the end of the fork. Both tools can be hung up to store them if wanted or stored in a utensil storage jar or similar item if you have the space. Cleaning the spatula does sometimes require a little elbow grease depending on what it has been used to cook although it never takes very long to ensure it comes up looking clean. I feel the spatula has a slightly budget feel and look to it however it works well enough and the cost was cheap when it was bought as part of this set.

      ~Price and rating~

      Over all this 3 piece BBQ set is a good trio of BBQ tools that look modern and sleek being made of stainless steel although I do feel that they give of a budget finish. Over time the finish has become less glossy and sleek with their being a number of light scratches and marks where the tools have been used and cleaned. This has not effected the way in which the tools can be used in any way which is pleasing to see. I don't mind the budget look of these tools too much as when I bought the set is was on sale for £2.99 making each item in the set just under £1.

      I felt at the time of purchase that the price paid was excellent value and as such having used the items I still feel that even though the quality of the items is at best average in terms of the over all finish and weight of each piece, the price paid does make them an attractive buy. As the set has remained in usable condition so far with just a very few cosmetic scratches and nicks my feeling is that it should last at least for the coming BBQ season if not longer. In summary I feel the set as a whole is worthy of a 4 star rating based on the price verses the number of items you get.


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    Three piece stainless steel barbecue accessory set

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