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Argos Oil Drum Charcoal BBQ

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2 Reviews

Brand: Argos / Type: Charcoal Barbecue / Size of cooking area: 69 x 35cm / Type: Barbecue

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    2 Reviews
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      27.04.2011 15:52
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      good product if on offer and you want to cater for large family

      We was very excited to be looking for a BBQ as we have lived in a flat for 7 years and we have just moved to a gorgeous 3 bed bungalow and with the weather starting to pick up I thought this was the best time to purchase one. So we went down to argos to purchase our very first BBQ. Now I dont know about anyone else but if your going to be a BBQ it has to be a charcoal one as a gas bbq is not actually a bbq is it? if that was the case and I was going to purchase one of them I would just unhook my oven and roll it outside! does anyone see the point im trying to make here? Its not a bbq unless it involves charcoal.
      We looked at many different ones but in the end this one we found was half price at £39.99 instead of £79.99 so I thought this was a bargain. This has now gone back up to a price of £64.99 (27th April).

      This came in quite a small box plat packed where you have to assemble this yourself. I watched my husbnad assemble this and it seemed straight foward.

      All you have to do is attach the metal legs onto eachother and screw then on and then quite simply attach the oil drum on by bolting it, the instructions were very simple and straight foward. My husband did find that the lid didnt sit nicely on top, it was a bit off from being centrally lined up but still it sat on it ok.
      This has a oil shaped drum and a cooking area of 69x35cm height 89cm and width 76cm and diameter of 72cm. Please note a screwdriver is needed for assembly.
      This does come with a cooking rack, charcoal rack and a higher food resting bit attached to the lid where you could put foods that are done or nearly done.
      We didnt get any tools with this BBQ so we purchased these seperatley.

      We waited for a nice sunny day (saturday just gone) and thought we would try this out. We had brought instant lighting charcoal as this is easier for our first attempt we thought.
      We used 2 bags of this as there was 6 of us on this day to enjoy the BBQ we thought this would be enough, this took about 30 mins for the flames to die down and to wait for the smoke to also die down, there was an alwful lot of smoke but I think this is normal. The lovely smell of bbq started to overtake the garden and I dont know about you but I love this smell.

      So we had brought varies types of food to use and this included sausages, burgers, steak (apparently this was a must for my husband) chicken legs, pork and pepper skewers and kebabs on sticks yum yum!

      We did find that when using this there was alot of room on here where you could cook for about 15 people, we only used half the cooking space for the food we needed. We did feel the food rack should of been a little lower but this is only a small gripe.
      The food cooked nicely and evenly and we was very pleased with the results it gave, we didnt use the top resting bit as we didnt feel we needed to.
      Another small problem we found was that there was no rack at the bottom of this BBQ to place any plates/utensils, this was a bit of a pain but something that we will have to get use to. Its good that it has a lid as you can use this to close and protect the bbq but also good near the end of the bbq if you want to keep the heat in. The lid does have a handle on it so you can lift it up and down but do beware that when you do this the lid feels very flimsy as it kind of wobbles about.

      After about an hour we were still cooking but the bbq was starting to not be as hot so we was getting wary of how well the food was being cooked, we then came to the conclusion as this is such a big bbq we should of used more charcoal bags, so I would reccomend using 3-4 bags instead of the 2 we used. Of course you can use charcoal and firelighters instead but hey we was feeling particuarly lazy.

      Like any other bbq it takes a long time to cool down after it has been used but once it had cooled we did spread the charcoal ashes onto the garden as it is good for your garden and we took off the grills/racks to clean them and this was done easily by the normal way you do your washing up.
      it was easy to clean out the drum also and it now looks as though it hasnt been used yet.

      Although I got this at a great price I can only award it 3 stars due to having no bottom rack, and the lid not fitting exactly and the amount of coal you will have to use just for 6 people. The good thing is tha t this would be perfect for a very big family or garden parties which require alot of food to be cooked for alot of people but in all honesty its probably a bit big for us.
      So i can only reccommend it if you eat alot of food or if you are someone who hosts alot of parties, not really suitable for a normal average sized family.

      I generally hope not to be purchasing another bbq soon but when I do I wouldnt buy this one again as for me it has quite a few flaws and is really to big for our family.

      All my children had a taste of this bbq and they all enjoyed the food although it did make me laugh when my son turned around and said "this bbq aint half hot mum" lol well im not sure what else he expected it to be.


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        25.01.2011 21:57
        Very helpful



        A great piece of the garden, easy to use and assemble

        Admittedly I didnt spend much time looking for a barbecue once the sun came out last year for our first summer in our new house with a pati (before we've only had a flat with no garden!). However, we werent disappointed.

        This was really straight forward to put up, only the legs, lid and grill holders needed fixing to the main drum, the instructions were clear and precise allowing me to set it up in no time.

        The legs are very sturdy and hold the barrell well, obviously make sure it's on a flat surface but the legs do their job. The barrell can hold a lot of coal which is great if you're cooking for many people, however if only 2, 3 or 4 of you then bear in mind that it will most likely only need to be half full. There are small ventilation slits in both sides which enables the fire to 'breath' suitably.

        The advantage of having an oil drum barbecue is that you can close the lid and it will keep the heat in well, if you cook a few too many burgers and you're not sure if you can fit a few more in then close the lid and you can come back to it ten even fifteen minutes later and it should still be of an edible temperature.

        This didnt come with any barbecue tools of course but i still found it to be very good value especially compared to those £3 jobbies which are convenient but one every other week surely adds up.

        Finally it is very easy to clean once it's cooled down. The grill obviously comes out to be scrubbed and the drum can be emptied no problem.

        My only gripe is that there was no tray underneath or on the side to hold plates, food, baps etc - that would be very useful!!


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