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Asda 2 Burner Gas Barbecue

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3 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: All in One / Fuel Type: Gas / Variable Heat: With Variable Heat

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    3 Reviews
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      12.06.2012 15:39
      Very helpful



      perfect for my needs!

      I have for many years been a huge fan of the bbq, there is something really nice about getting outside on a nice hot day and getting the bbq going, roaring flames followed by a lovely bed of hot charcoal giving out enough heat to beautifully cook anything and everything (no burnt to a cinder sausages here!). And let's face it, everything tastes better from the bbq!

      The only problem with this lovely scene is the time it takes, getting a bbq going can be fairly time consuming as you wait for the coals to light properly and evenly and get up to cooking temperature and in this lovely country we call England, particularly so this summer, the opportunities to be able to take the time are few and far between!

      It is for this very reason that I decided that this year I would commit an act of heresy and buy a cheap gas bbq! I am not normally a fan of the gas bbq as I always feel they are cheating, where is the ceremony in the lighting, the spreading of the coals, the creation of areas of differing intensity? None of his is the case with a gas bbq, you simply turn a dial and hit an ignition button, the burners light then 10 minutes later it's up to temperature and you're ready to cook.

      It is however this simplicity and speed that got me thinking, If I want to be able to cook outside and enjoy the fleeting summers evenings it would be handy to be able to be ready and cooking really quickly, hence I decided to buy one.

      I did not want to spend much money so looked at various models until I found this one at Asda for a mere £35! As luck would have it, my local Asda Living store had one in stock on the first sunny Saturday after I decided to buy a gas bbq, so I bought it and headed home with the intention of assembling it and having a bbq for lunch.

      ***** Building *****

      When I got home, I set about the assembly. The instructions were your typical badly translated fodder but with decent enough illustrations. Most of the parts were fairly obvious as to what they were, the hardest parts to identify were the parts of the frame that the bbq stands on, but even thoses were not too hard.

      When building things like this, or flat pack furniture, it is often difficult to work out which screw/bolt/nut you need for each step as they are all quite simple. With this bbq I was very impressed to see that the screws, nuts and bolts were separated out in a special blister pack style strip and each was nicely labelled making it extremely simple to select the parts you needed.

      Building the bbq was nice and simple as it is fairly basic but it does require two people at times in order to be able to hold things steady and to help line things up while screwing together.

      In total it took me and my girlfriend about half an hour to put it all together, though that was with a few pauses to appease out baby boy who was looking on.

      The build quality is pretty good, though it is not the sturdiest bbq I have ever seen, and I don't think it would stand up well to any rough treatment but then what kind of inhumane creature would treat a bbq (even a gas one) with anything other than love and kindness?

      At one end of the bbq there is a handle and at the other end two wheels to make it easy to wheel about though it does struggle across grass, it is much better suited to moving about on a patio!

      The bbq part itself is sturdy and of a reasonable size about 16 inches by about 12 inches, big enough for a reasonable amount of meat for a family of four which is perfect for what I wanted! There is a lid with a stay cool handle which is vital as the base and the lid of the cooking section both get very hot! The lid is kept down during cooking and heating in order for the heat to build up and stay up.

      The two gas burners are very simple to install during the build process, it's just a case of putting the machined metal piece through a hole, lining it up with two valves on the control panel and pushing into place. it is well made and feels like it is good quality.

      The control panel contains two dials and an ignition switch, again this feels like it is well made of decent quality.

      One lovely touch I noticed was the way the base of the cooking section is angled in such a way to allow any grease/oil to drain to a small hole near the back. Into this hole goes a shaped piece of metal which holds a small metal cup. At first the holder seems unnecessarily bent and complicated however as soon as I starte to use the bbq I realised it was actually very well designed...the grease makes it's way to the hole, then runs down the bent holder to a low point just above the cup and drips directly into the cup!!!

      ***** In Use *****

      Hooking up the gas supply is simple a case of pushing the gas regulator onto the valve on the bottle whereby it clicks into place. To use the bbq you turn on the gas using a small lever on the regulator, then turn both burner controls up to max and press the ignitor button. I found it took only one click to get it lit...better than my gas hob in the kitchen!

      Once lit, simply close the lid and leave it heat up. I left it for about 10 minutes while I prepared some nice chicken and bacon kebabs. When I was done, the bbq was nice and hot and ready for cooking.

      I did try turning down the heat on one of the burners but I'm not sure it made a huge difference to the flames or the temperature but I wasn't too bothered about that.

      The cooking area was fairly uniformly hot so things cooked no matter where they were in the bbq which was fine for the size of bbq.

      Once I had finished, I left the burners going on full with the lid closed for about 10 minutes as per the instructions, which was intended to burn off as much of the grease etc as possible...however it didn't really make much of a difference. That said cleaning it wasn't too hard, the only thing I would say is leave the grease catch until it is cold, don't try to remove it before that as tit tricky to do and you will end up spilling grease all over the floor...oops!!!

      ***** Conclusion *****

      It's a great little BBQ to use for a quick bit of outdoor cooking, it's big enough for a fmaily of four, though if I was going to be having a BBQ for a lot of people I think it would have to be done in stages, unlike my 'real' charcoal bbq!!! The key thing with this gas bbq is the speed with which you can get set up and cooking which allows you to enjoy outdoor cooking at the drop of a hat!!! I would heartily recommend this bbq if you wanted a cheap and simple gas bbq for the same reasons as myself!!!


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        16.08.2010 00:26



        A nice BBQ for those on a budget

        We bought this as a nice cheap and convenient way to barbecue through the summer.

        It was easy to build and took hubby about an hour or so. Then you have to go and buy the gas. We made the mistake of not buying a regulator and had to go back to the gas shop after failing to connect it at home, as we didn't realise we needed one, so don't fall into that trap!

        It's a bit wobbly, not the most sturdy of BBQs but for £30 it was more than adequate.

        The 2 burner option is lovely. If we're just BBQing for the two of us we only use 1 burner which can cook up to 4 burgers and a couple of sausages at a time, and it also coped really well with a big party where we had both burners on the go and piled the BBQ high!

        A great budget BBQ for those who maybe don't cook for many but may on the odd occasion.


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        18.05.2010 21:18
        Very helpful



        Fantastic BBQ!!!

        Asda 2 burner gas barbecue

        How I came by it

        Well I'll start with a little story: me and my husband moved out of our little flat (horrid stuffy never ever to be repeated again) and moved into a 2 bed mid terrace house. The land lord said there were a few things left over and we could either bin it or keep it, outside we found a round charcoal barbeque. My Neanderthal husband started making big "ugg" noises about fire and being a man- if you've seen his DIY skills you can see why I started to get worried- very worried- needless to say we put up with my husbands very primitive fire making attempts for a year or so and we were out buying more pregnancy treats (have you noticed recently I have been buying a lot of pregnancy treats - it's not for me- the baby demanded them so I happily went along with this idea.) The husband disappeared to look at plants and other stuff and came back making more "ugg ugg" noises and he said he found a gas barbecue for £30 and if we have enough money left from next months wages, could he have it. Well one day he was at work and the bank decided to give me money, all the bills were paid so off I popped to Asda to surprise him with it as he's worked hard and I wont have to go through the ordeal of another charcoal barbecue with the man of the house.


        After seeing my husband trying to build Ikea furniture, I was slightly worried that he would have to sit there with the instruction manual laid out, all the nuts and bolts, go take an Open University course in engineering, turn the air blue with swearing then give up and storm off to the pet shop (he's not normal most men would go the pub but no he would end up in the pet shop probably buying us yet another animal!).

        So I arrived home with my husbands present, cracked open the box and the first surprise the nice people at Asda had placed all the nuts and bolts in a see through tray with a cardboard backing (like the one batteries come in), neatly labelled with A, B and C, so no sitting there comparing and sorting various nuts and bolts out. The instructions were also very simple to place bolt A here with nut B etc as well as pictures in stages so very easy to build with basic tools- we used a screwdriver and a pair of pliers and completed building in under 20 minutes with no major hitches.

        Gas gas gas

        This barbecue comes with a Calor gas "patio gas" regulator which are subject to £29.99 rental agreement charge then £19.99 refill charge for a 5kg cylinder- so £50 for the first time then £19.99 each time thereafter. Luckily we already had a butane regulator and a butane cylinder (I don't know why as we have never anything gas in our lives- the husband is a hoarder collects random stuff). After a quick chat with my dad I took the regulator off the barbecue and swapped it for the butane one saving us £50 pounds. You can do this with pretty much any barbeque with any regulator- regulators are very easy to take off, and a new one will cost between £7 and £12, which is MUCH cheaper than having to buy a £50 gas bottle- a mistake my sister made when she bought her gas barbeque! So don't worry if you have a Butane gas bottle now, and that this BBQ comes with a propane or patio gas regulator!

        Price comparison

        Well as previously stated I spent £30 on this BBQ from Asda, and has 2 burners on it. It's a pretty simple BBQ, with a hood and two simple to use burners. Even I could use it!
        Wilksons have a 3 gas burner BBQ for sale at £59. B&Q has a 2 burner gas barbecue in for £44.98, which is very similar to this one, and finally Argos have a 2 burner gas barbecue in for £48.89 again very similar to this one.

        So as you can see, all in all Asda has the cheapest gas barbecue! It also has a 1 year guarantee on it so if you waited until May or early June to buy one, use it all summer then next year if you came to the barbecue and its become all worn out over winter phone Asda and claim a refund before the warranty runs out. But even for £30 pounds even if it only lasts one summer it's hardly a large amount of money to be throwing away, and in fact we have seen numerous simple charcoal BBQs which are much more expensive and much less in quality!


        Well it has a push button ignitron so literally turn the gas on and push the button, like a normal conventional household cooker. Leave it for 10 minutes to warm up and throw your food on. No mess no waiting for coal to turn an exact colour no burnt fingers no buying 3 different items to just to get the thing going, and then after 10 minutes realising it isn't actually hot enough to cook food on. Ok there isn't the barbecue "flavour" to it as you get with coal, but the ease of use it great and so simple and it cooks quickly too so an overall thumbs up!


        Colour: Black
        Brand: Asda
        Material: Steel
        Finish: Steel
        Dimensions: H 88cm x W67cm x D53.5cm
        Assembly Required: Yes
        Assembly Info: Tools required
        Additional: Enamelled cooking grill dimensions: 45cm x 34cm


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