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Billy Oh Tasman 300

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Brand: Billy Oh / Fuel Type: Gas / Burners: 2 Burners

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    1 Review
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      11.12.2013 22:26
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      A decent BBQ that has served us well

      Billy Oh BBQ

      We have had this gas BBQ for around Five years now but I have to admit we have not used it terribly often because of the poor weather we have had in some summers. It was dragged out each year but some years it only had about two or three uses..

      The BBQ was bought on line and came ready to assemble some bits but as I helped my husband I can assure you it was not difficult. We had to purchase an LPG gas cannister which fits neatly under the BBQ on a shelf.

      This has a lid which you use to cover it when not in use, it is not for cooking covered in this particular BBQ. In the cooking area under the grill you have to put volcanic rocks, some came with the BBQ but you can buy them extra to put them up when needed. They are there to give glow and hold the heat evenly as the BBQ actually heats by the calor gas.

      The BBQ is tall enough to be a comfortable height when cooking and either side of the cooking area are two shelves which can hold uncooked food ready or cooked food while waiting for other bits to cook. The cooking grill area sort of self cleans when you leave it cooking and empty of food for a couple of minutes.

      We find that if we pop the plastic cover over the BBQ when it is cooled that we can actually leave this outside all year round. We did this some years but when we had space in the shed we put it away in the winter months to keep in in good condition. he two shelves at the sides fold up neatly and the cover hoes over the whole thing.

      We find that the cooking area is big enough to do food for at least ten people. We push the cooked food to the sides to keep it warm while cooking the other food over the hottest parts.

      While it is set up it is very stable and doesn't wobble or move easily by accident. It has two wheels on one side and so when you want to move it when cool to put it away you just tip it so that it moves on the wheels a bit like a wheel barrow.

      The BBQ allows cooking with no oil as it is not needed to stop it sticking to the grill, the grill area is runs so once a little oil stops it sticking to the grill, it isn't a flat base which needs lots of oil. The food tastes grilled and not greasy at all. If you marinade the food first then this comes out well with cooking on this BBQ. There is no smoke from charcoal it is volcanic rocks but you can add smoked wood chips to give extra flavour if you fancy it.

      This takes up very little room when the two shelves at each end are turned up, the cover is over it and it fits easily in our shed with quite a few large gardening pieces of equipment such as a petrol motor lawn mower, shredder bikes etc.

      We have never had a problem with starting this BBQ up after it has been stored away over the winter. We just attach the gas bottle and turn it on and off it goes easy as it ever has done. The lid is only for storing and should not be closed when cooking. In fact it should only be closed once the BBQ is cool.

      It is a BBQ so it does get hot. To be safe ensure children are kept away while cooking and until the entire BBQ is cool. Never cook on the BBQ when under the influence of too much drink as it is dangerous, just be sensible as when you cook using a stove.

      The BBQ is black painted metal, not sure what metal but it has not cracked or risted and we have had it some years now. We always clean it and cover it up, put it in the shed during the winter so I guess when you look after something it serves you well.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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