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Breville Cafe Style TR40

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2 Reviews

Brand: Breville / Type: Sandwich Maker

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    2 Reviews
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      20.11.2011 22:44




      I got this product as a gift and immediately thought: "another one of those that you use it once and put away for ages". I must say I could not be more wrong. After first use I treat this product as an essential and it is left on the cupboard together with my kettle and the toaster. It comes in polish stainless steel with a black, plastic handle. Designed to easily fit two sandwiches. The top plate is adjustable. The "toast" function allows you to cook crispy Panini's and "melt" option for those delicious open sandwiches. Thanks to adjustable height control the product takes just about any size of bread, with as many fillings as you want, even those extra fat baguettes .Both plates are non-stick, which makes it very easy to clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth. Two lights on the top indicate when the power is on (red) and the plates are ready (green). It comes with a handy lock clip on the side for an easy upright storage. The Panini press comes at a reasonable price of around £35 and in my opinion it is definitely worth the money.
      I often treat my visitors to delicious toasties just to their taste, as you can experiment with almost endless combinations. This item is excellent for those evenings when you simply have no time to cook a dinner from scratch. The stylish and elegant look of this product makes it a perfect addiction to my kitchen.


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      06.07.2010 16:00
      Very helpful



      A fantastic little sandwich maker that I use every day.

      Breville TR40


      The Breville TR40 is a café-style sandwich press. It has a nice modern stainless steel finish and a black plastic handle. It has two non-stick plates on a floating hinge enabling you to toast thicker breads and you can set the top plate on its highest setting enabling you to make cheese on toast.

      The power indicator light is orange while warming up and switches to green when it reaches the perfect temperature for cooking.

      There is cord storage underneath enabling you to put the sandwich press away neatly.

      The sandwich press is large enough to make two regular toasted sandwiches at the same time or one very large toasted sandwich.

      It is very easy to keep clean; the whole machine wipes down effortlessly and looks like new.

      The Breville TR40 comes with a very handy instruction and recipe book.

      ~My Experience~

      I brought this sandwich press to replace my tired old toasty maker, at first I was a bit nervous about using it as it seemed a little bit complicated. It did not take me long to get used to using it.

      When you plug the sandwich maker in the power indicator light on top starts out orange, this shows you that it is in the process of warming up; I use this warming up time to throw my sandwich together. When the sandwich maker is up to temperature the light switches to green. Unlike other sandwich makers there is no need for butter on the outside of your sandwich thanks to the non-stick plates nothing ever sticks, but you can use butter on the outside if that is what you enjoy. I never used the recipe book as I stick to my tried and tested favourite of ham cheese and tomato toasted sandwich, but the recipes in the book did sound very nice.

      When using the sandwich press you must remember that the outside of the sandwich press gets very hot and there is the slight chance of getting a burn if you are not careful.

      As I mentioned before the non-stick plates are on a floating hinge and can therefore fit extremely thick bread between them for toasting, the small catch on the side holds the plates up to the desired height and stops you from squashing your sandwich flat (I have squashed a few sandwiches by forgetting to use the catch they still taste nice but are only a few millimetres thick) When I first used the sandwich press I thought the height adjustment catch seemed a bit flimsy, but I've had no trouble with it and it is still going strong.

      The sandwich press cooks the outside of your sandwich to a beautiful golden finish and the inside is wonderfully melted. I always use a wooden spatula to slide my sandwich out of the press as I don't want to risk scratching the non-stick finish on the plates. My children love to use this sandwich press and I find it invaluable when its school holidays as it enables me to get some hot food into the children while they are passing through the house.

      In conclusion I would recommend this sandwich press to anyone, it is easy to use, nice to look at and makes wonderful toasted sandwiches. The price does seem a bit high when you compare it to other toasted sandwich makers but in my opinion it is well worth the extra money as it has cooked hundreds of sandwiches with little or no messing about and is still going strong and I expect to get many years of tasty sandwiches from it.

      I purchased this sandwich press from Comet for £34.99 last year and it is currently available at www.amazon.com for the same price.

      Thanks for reading.


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      Short name: Breville TR40

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