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Breville Deep Fill TR47

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Brand: Breville / Type: Sandwich Maker

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    2 Reviews
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      25.05.2012 00:40
      Very helpful



      This toasted sandwich maker will let you add more filling but is a pig to store because of its size

      WHAT IS IT?

      A toasted sandwich maker by Breville. It will make four toasted sandwiches and has been designed with deep recesses in the plates so you can add a larger filling to your sandwich.


      The Deep Fill sandwich maker is silver with small inobtrusive red and green lights on top. It's a very large item and storage can be a problem as my husband and I do not eat many toasted sandwiches so we don't keep this out on the worktop all the time.


      This sandwich maker makes a very nice toastie and you can definitely get more filling in, to use it you just butter the outside of the bread and make up a sandwich. Place it carefully inside the sandwich maker and close and lock the lid using the strong plastic clip. I don't know why but I can't judge well the amount of filling I need when I am using the Deep Fill sandwich maker and usually have to build my sandwich on the hot plate.

      I don't benefit from the depth of the sandwich as I like mine quite thin and filled only with cheese and tomato slices but my husband has two eggs in his as well as chopped sausage. My speciality toastie is filled with a bacon, potato, onion and cheese hash and the deep fill side is useful for that filling because you can eat a whole meal in a sandwich.

      The bread never sticks to the plates and when the sandwiches are cooked they lift out with no sticking. If any of the filling leaks it will just wipe off when the plates have cooled down a little, it's not very often that this happens because of the amount you can put into the sandwich but the toasted sandwich maker is easier to keep clean than other ones we've owned.

      4 Dooyoo Stars.


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      26.02.2011 14:02
      Very helpful



      An okay choice of sandwich toasters

      ==Breville TR47 Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster==

      Before we had our son Himself and I seemed to live off toasties and we would often have one or two for lunch and then a different filled one for dinner! We were living the high life as you can tell! We had an amazing sandwich toaster for many years that did us proud and had such nice deep wells that you could easily fit two eggs in the toasty without too much excess spilling over the sides. However when this one broke we had to go in search of another one which was a deep fill and this was not an easy task. It seemed that even the ones that claimed to be deep fill were no where in the league of the broken one we had just thrown away.

      However we decided on buying this particular Breville model due to the fact that it claimed to be a deep fill toaster and it boasted the ability to cook 4 sandwiches at once and this again seemed like a step up from our last model.

      I had totally forgotten we had this as it has been stuck away in the cupboard for a good few years now but I have recently dusted it off and began to enjoy the delights that come with eating toasted sandwiches!

      I think we paid around £30- £35 when we bought this but having a look online you can pick it up for around £20 but there doesn't seem to be too many places that sell it now and Argos where we bought it from don't seem to stock this one any more. However I expect that for the money we paid you could probably get yourself a much better version than this one.

      The only trouble I have found with buying a larger 4 sandwich toaster is that the item itself is rather on the large size and storing it can be pretty difficult. The fact that we hardly seem to make up four toasties is also another factor of why we should of stuck to using a 2 sandwich toaster model. However that said as I am writing this we do have three egg toasties cooking.

      The look of the sandwich toaster is fairly standard apart from being larger than most. It is a silvery grey colour and has a simple black clip at the front which sealed the lid in place for storage and when it is cooking. There are two lights on the top of the toaster, orange and green. The orange LED light is illuminated when it is warming up or cooking the food and the green LED lights when it is ready to cook or when the food is ready. It is all very basic stuff.

      To operate the appliance all you need to is to plug it in and it will instantly begin to heat up. The outside case of the toaster is very safe as it doesn't get hot and you can easily touch it without getting burnt. Of course the plates inside are another matter and these get extremely hot (as you would expect). The plates themselves are not as "deep fill" as we would have liked and again comparing it to our old appliance they are hardly deep at all. They are however non-stick plates and I have found that the sandwiches never stick (but I always use butter on the outer side of the bread) and the plates are pretty easy to clean with a damp sponge. They don't come out from the machine though so you have to clean them when the appliance is cool and unplugged. The plates are said to cut and seal the sandwich but unfortunately I always have to cut the sandwich after cooking and this is always rather tricky as the toaster hasn't really made anything more than an indent in the bread where the cut mark should be. Again compared to our old toaster this is not that good as that one would really make the sandwich into two pieces ready for munching on!

      There are little feet on the bottom of the toaster which have a good grip on and this means that the toaster doesn't slip all over the worktop making it a pretty safe piece of kitchen equipment. These can however get a bit dirty and be the hardest part of the machine to clean. I find if I make a baked bean toastie the juice will often run down the side of the toaster and on to the feet and the heat of the toaster will then cook the juice onto the appliance. However a good scrubbing with a dish brush usually removed all crusted on debris.

      The cooking of the toastie is done in a fairly quick time but of course this is altered slightly depending on what filling you decide to put in your sandwiches. I find that an egg toastie is by far my favourite and this generally takes only around 3 minutes to fully cook and for the toast to be a lovely golden brown colour. The appliance does seem to make a few strange clicking noises but other than this is works more or less in silence and does it effortlessly. The bean toasties take a little longer to cook but really 5 or so minutes is not that long to wait for a delicious lunchtime/dinner time treat.

      All in all it has to be said that this is a fairly good sandwich toaster. It wasn't as cheap as you can buy them and we probably didn't need to buy one that makes four sandwiches at a time as the large size of the appliance makes it difficult to store. The plates are not as deep filled as we would have like but again they are a lot deeper than the many other ones we looked at before buying this model. All in all I feel that a mediocre score of 3 out of 5 stars is in order for this product. It does the job needed of it and at a quick pace too.

      Slightly recommended (though for the price you can probably pick up a better one if you shop around)

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.

      ==My Top Toasted Sandwiches==

      1. Egg
      2. Cheese and tomato
      3. Chocolate Spread (for dessert)
      4. Strawberry Jam (warning as this is like molten lava)
      5. Baked Bean
      6. Cheese and Ham

      If anyone would like to let me know their ideas of making anything a bit different I would love to know!


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