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Camping Picnic Outdoor BBQ Skewers

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    1 Review
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      24.02.2011 17:35
      Very helpful



      A set of useful BBQ skewers

      ~Replacement skewers for the BBQ~

      Having owned and used a good number of BBQ products over the years I feel more than able to tell a good BBQ tool from a bad one when I see it in the flesh, however when buying on line or receiving an item as a thoughtful gift from a friend that option is most often taken away from anyone, as you are either buying blind or unwrapping something bought for you that you have never set eyes upon until that moment. I came to own a set of these BBQ skewers not because I had picked them out as something that I wanted, rather as a gift from a friend after they had heard me droning on about wanting to get hold of an extra set of skewers for the BBQ.

      The idea of having a set of skewers such as these for use on the BBQ is one that you might think is easy enough to explain as most often these are simply filled with whatever food items you want to cook then loaded onto the grill plate of your BBQ and used accordingly. In theory that is 100% what these can and ought to be used for and it is the way that I have to use them. I cannot say I have been unhappy with these skewers as even though they missed the spot with how I intended them to be used, (due to that fact that they didn't fit the fixings on our rotary grill fitting that is built into the large and smaller BBQs I have) they have been useful and as such I feel they are more than worth reviewing here on Dooyoo.

      ~Ease of use~

      I had intended to use this replacement set of BBQ skewers hoping they would be compatible with the fixings on the BBQs I already have, however as these were not quite the ticket as regards using them with a rotary motor, they have not been used that way and can only be laid across a grill pan or metal griddle frame and used like that. I haven't minded this too much really as I have found that they work well enough when loaded up with food items that can be cooked on a grill placed across the hot coals of the BBQ with relative ease. However as this a set bought by a friend as a gift to work with the existing BBQ motor I have these are not suitable at all which is rather a shame.

      In spite of the skewers not being 100% suitable to use with a motor, there is always a use to be had for a good set of BBQ skewers like these, so I have made the best use of them that I can and found them to work well when used with care. When preparing these skewers for use I always make sure to wash them and dry them throughly then take one side of a cut lemon and run a few of the skewers across the cut face carefully making sure that all faces of the skewers come into contact with the lemon. The easiest way to make sure all cooking surfaces of the metal skewers comes into contact with the lemon is by finally running each skewer through the centre of the cut lemon half, all the way to the back of the wooden handle and back down again.

      I find cleaning the skewers in this way is easy to do although care should be taken when doing this as the ends of the skewers can be a little sharp and will hurt if they come into contact with your skin when you are using force to run them through the lemon half. You only need a light pressure to run them through to freshen them and as such they shouldn't cause any harm when cleaned and prepared carefully. My reasons for preparing the skewers in this way is that as these are a metal based skewer they can become rusted/ oxidized and can take on a nasty metallic tinge over time that is very easily transfered to your food when using them.

      By using a freshly cut lemon in the way described after washing and drying the metal parts of the skewers I have found that any trace of metallic taste or residue left on the metal parts of the skewers is removed, leaving nice freshly cooked food rather than having the food spoilt by traces of what ever has remained on the skewers from previous uses or degradation caused during storage. Once the skewers have been cleaned and prepared they are ready for use and all that is needed is for you to push on what ever food items you want to cook on the BBQ. Again this is easy to do with a light pressure, although care should be taken each and every time you use these.

      I have found that I tend to cook items on these skewers that I don't need or want to place onto the rotary skewers that I have running. Had these fitted onto the fixing on the BBQs I have I would have been able to cook any type of meat cut into small chunks that could have been cooked to perfection 'souvlaki style' using the rotary motors I have. As these don't fit as required I tend to use these to place across the coals to cook items that won't suffer too much if left to their own devices without being rotated all the time by a motor.

      ~Price and rating~

      Over all I have found that these skewers work well enough even though they are not fully compatible with the rotary cooking system I have. When using these skewers I have found them easy to clean and store away when not needed and my best advice is that when they have been washed they are dried throughly so as to minimize any rusting to the metal that can occur. Cleaning the metal parts of the skewers with a lemon as mentioned is the best way to ensure that your food remains tasty and your skewers don't transfer any metallic taste to the food you cook.

      I have found that the metal and wooden parts on these skewers works well enough with no issues that I have found with them coming away from each other at all. The wooden handles are slim yet easy to grip when handling the skewers and they help to ensure that you don't burn your fingers when using them over the hot coals. As far as the price of these goes I am unsure as to how much was paid for these so I had to look it up and found that prices can be as much as £6 per pack which I feel is fair as these work out as being 50p per skewer when thought of as being a single item. My rating for the skewers is 4 stars as they work well once you become accustomed to them and will last well if cared for correctly.


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    • Product Details

      12 Pack of wooden handled barbecue skewers

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