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Sainsbury's Charcoal BBQ Starter Set

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Grill / Fuel Type: Coal

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    3 Reviews
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      13.06.2012 22:40
      Very helpful
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      Decent BBQ at a reasonable price

      It's now officially summer so the BBQ season has begun. Up and down the country mums
      and dads are arguing over the best way the light the damn thing, kids are waiting for dinner
      while shivering in their ski jackets, food poisoning cases have risen by 80% and the
      common cry of "hurry up it's gonna rain" seems to echo round back gardens everywhere!

      A couple of summers ago we finally got round to buying a BBQ to try and make the most of
      summer evenings and as an excuse to eat too many kebabs burgers steaks and sausages
      and tempt our friends round to do the same.

      The Sainsburys BBQ is about as basic as you can get and only slightly more impressive than
      the disposable tray BBQs so if you're looking to impress your friends and neighbours you're
      probably better off looking elsewhere. On the other hand it's perfect for small gardens as it
      doesn't take up much space and it's light and easy to move around. So if you want a basic
      BBQ that you can cook some food on and then leave outdoors without really worrying if it
      gets rusty or nicked this could be the answer.

      The Sainsburys BBQ is a basic style charcoal BBQ with metal legs and a round metal basin
      for cooking over and a domed lid. There's no gas or power required so all you have to do is
      chuck some BBQ coals or briquettes in light them then let it get up to temperature and start
      cooking. Although you obviously don't get the temperature control or fast start up that a
      gas BBQ provides you don't have the hassle of remembering to get gas canisters or ensuring
      you have enough gas left to last through the BBQ. The briquettes cost around £5-£8 for a bag
      which usually does us for a couple of BBQs and are usually available from any supermarket or
      most all night garages seem to have a ready supply during the summer months just in case
      you decide a BBQ is a good idea on the way home from the pub. I find I prefer the charcoal type
      of BBQ over the gas ones as you get the charcoal grilled taste to your food which you don't get
      when using the gas BBQs.

      The BBQ requires some home assembly you need to put the handles on and assemble the
      legs but it isn't a difficult task and ours was ready to go in under 15 mins. The BBQ has cool
      touch handles so you can move it around while it's still hot and it also has wheels on 2 of
      the legs to make it easier to move around. The lid is vented so you can close it while still
      cooking or use it as a shield if there's a breeze. The BBQ also comes with a grill for cooking
      the food on and a small shelf underneath for utensils etc.The BBQ is quite sturdy once it's
      built up and it's also pretty stable and sits easily on most surfaces. The dome base and lid
      have a black finish which seems to last quite well and the base, lid and grill are easy
      enough to clean after use and even easier if you line the base with kitchen foil first so you
      can just lift the old charcoal out in the foil after it's cooled.

      The BBQ cooking surface is around 17" which isn't the biggest but we can manage to cook
      food for around 6 people depending on what you are cooking and how much you need ready
      at once. I'd say this should be enough for most families providing you don't intend serving
      frizbee sized burgers or huge steaks. The only downside is like most charcoal BBQs you have
      to wait for the flames to die down and the charcoal to get to the right temperature
      before you can start cooking.but that's the perfect excuse to sit back and have a beer
      and enjoy the sunshine while you wait.

      We've used this for 2 summers now and it's still in good enough condition to use this summer.
      I paid £16 for this when it was on a special offer at Sainsburys but most supermarkets and
      DIY shops do a similar basic BBQ set with basic utensils and skewers included for between
      £20-£30. After comparing our Sainsburys one with ones our friends have bought from
      Homebase and Tesco there doesn't seem to be much if any difference between them.


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        19.04.2012 18:42
        Very helpful



        overall good little BBQ for first timers or small gardens

        we brought this barbeque in Sainsburys for the summer, we dont have too much time to have barbecues and felt that spending too much on on would just be a waste as we would not get our monies worth out of it. however whilst doing my weekly shop in sainsburys i spotted this little bargain. usually costs £30 but had a 25% sale on until 9th May so only cost £22.50. there are so many high tec BBq's out there to choose from you could spend hours looking for the right one but i just wanted something simply that we put some coal in fire up and cook our food as quickly as possible and this is exactly what this little BBQ does. to be honest unless you are cooking for a very large number of people this BBQ starter set is perfect you can get around 6 sausages and 4-5 burgers on the go at the same time with a little room to spare.
        The design its self is very basic it is 75 cm tall and is very light to pick up with it only weighing 4.5kg. the main part of the BBQ is black with cool touch handles, so you are able to pick it up and move it once the coal is lit. It also comes with a vented lid, which is good for when it is windy or you have small children running around. this also helps the coal to burn quicker which is good when you are first litting the BBQ as this gets the coal hotter quicker. it also comes with a rack underneach the main drum where you can store plates or dishes whilst cooking. the base design of this BBQ is that it has two wheels on one end to manover it into the correct place for cooking and two support legs on the opposite end to keep it stable whilst cooking.
        when you purchase this starter BBQ it does require some assembly but it comes with instructions and will only take about 10-15 minutes to set up before you are ready to start cooking. it is very simply to do with just a few screws to put in place for the handles and connecting the stand to the drum.

        as the BBQ is heated by coal there is no control switches to adjust tempurature but i feel coal cooked BBQ food is the best as it is how it should be cooked and i feel makes it taste like real BBQ should taste!

        overall this is a great little BBQ especially if you have a small amount of storage space for it. the style and shape are good and it is well made and the grill for food is big enough to fit enough food on to feed at least 4 people (depending on how hungry they are).


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        12.07.2010 20:51
        Very helpful



        A basic barbecue from Sainsburys at a bargain price.

        I decided earlier this year that I was going to buy a barbecue, as it's my first full summer living in my own house I thought it would be the perfect accompaniment to all the social gatherings I'm going to have (not parties under any circumstances)! After spending ages looking at all the modern and sleek gas barbecues on offer I came to the conclusion that they were a little out of my price range and perhaps a little ambitious for hosting my very first barbecue. A couple of weeks ago I was shopping in Sainsburys with my mum and she offered to buy me their Charcoal BBQ Starter Set which seemed a little more realistic and better suited to my culinary experiences!

        The Sainsburys Charcoal BBQ Starter Set is basically a small kettle style barbecue which is ideal for beginners or those looking for a cheap and easy option. The barbecue comes in a rather large box and it does require self assembly which I attempted and failed at, mainly because I chose to leave the instructions in the box. My dad came along and did the whole thing in about 15 minutes so it's really not too challenging as long as you have some idea. You just need to screw the handles into the barbecue and assemble the base which consists of four legs, two of which have wheels, and a lower tray. The barbecue, once assembled, is 75cm in height and weighs 4.5kg.

        The barbecue is black in colour with silver handles and a silver base which gives it a modern and sleek look. It comes with a silver lower shelf which is ideal to stack plates or tools on as well as a silver inner shelf which is obviously where you place your food. The inner shelf has a diameter of just over 43cm which means you can fit a fair amount of food on it. The lid of the barbecue lifts off easily enough using a cool touch handle which Sainsbury's boasts means you can move it safely regardless of how hot it gets. The whole things is made of steel too so it's easy enough to clean, I just wiped it down with a damp cloth once is had cooled after using it.

        As it's a charcoal barbecue you'll obviously need to fill it with charcoal in order to use it, the lid actually has a small vent on it which means the charcoal will burn quicker than it would with the lid off. I've found this barbecue to be easy to use and really reliable; the only downside I'd say is the size of the grill part which I've already mentioned. To give you an idea last time I used it I managed to get four burgers, four sausages and four kebabs on the grill part quite comfortably but I don't think you'd get a great deal more on. There's also no temperature control or anything like that so you can't alter the temperature, but what do you expect for the very reasonable price...

        This barbecue is currently being sold in Sainsburys at just £16.66 as it's been reduced by a third from its original price of £24.99. I have just checked online and the offer is still continuing so if you do want to grab one of these you can get hold of it at a great price style. Tesco do a very similar version which is practically identical in both design and size yet that's being sold for £24.00 so Sainsburys is your cheaper option. I've used mine about three times now and always been happy with how it cooked my food, arguably it's not going to last years and years but for the price it's an excellent purchase! If only I'd managed to assemble it myself... must work on that next time!

        Thanks for reading.


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