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George Foreman 11761

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Brand: George Foreman / Type: Indoor Grill / Variable Heat: With Variable Heat / Width: 15 cm / Depth: 66.3 cm

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    2 Reviews
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      18.12.2009 00:48



      Very practical and useful buy for any kitchen

      I bought this a couple of months ago as an upgrade from the baby foreman. I bought this for two reasons- firstly, it can accomodate more products to grill and secondly you can easily grill onions, tomatoes etc on the open side- brilliant! Firstly, I'd like to say that my baby foreman was purchased approximately 2 months ago and is still working just aswell as the first time I used it- a testament to george foreman grill quality.
      I am so pleased with this model in particular because added features like handles, drip trays and the open side are fantastic and very useful. I have used the open side enough times to warm up my pitta breads and can make healthy grilled chicken in pitta like a pro! I personally don't think this is expensive considering the usage you'd get out of it and the fact that it's very durable- however, for any sceptics out there- you just need to give it one go and you'll be hooked! This grill has changed the way I eat and I believe every family can benefit from it. I think it's a particularly brilliant housewarming gift either for familys or for students (as a push to eat healthier!). It is so easy to use and really does make you think about how you cook your food. The only thing I am a little disappointed with is the size- although every bit as practical as I'd like- it is a bit big on my counter top.


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      28.07.2009 00:07
      Very helpful



      perfect for 4

      As I read a lot of reviews I think I can write better reviews than my first ones were, so I decided to update a little bit my review on this grill to be more useful. Thanks for the readings and ratings.

      I bought this George Foreman 6 person indoor grill about two months ago. I would rather say it is for 4 persons. It is quite big when you have to bring it home or you have to find place for it, but is perfect size when you grill on it.

      First impressions
      I saw it on Internet on www.argos.co.uk site, it was on offer for 44.99 pounds. I reserved it and went to pick it up. It was in a huge box. When I arrived home with it I opened and found that the grill is really big. I had to put some household appliances away to have enough place for it. There were the grill, a drip tray and two spatulas in the box. The grill was in one piece there was no need for assemble anything.

      Non stick grill and griddle: the vegetables need a little oil because otherwise they stick to the griddle. So before I spice them, I pour a little oil on them and mix them with my hand. There is no problem with meat and fish as they contain fat.

      Grill's channels are for fat coming out of the meat you grill. I found that sausages contain at least 4 times more grease/fat that I could imagine. Even salmon and chicken breast contained an amazing amount. So I like these channels the fat is draining into the drip tray. I know that our food is healthier this way.
      Slightly sloped in order that the fat could drain into the drip tray.

      The temperature of grill and griddle can be independently varied. I found that although the dials go from 1-3, almost everything can be prepared at grade 2. Unfortunately the instruction guide is not detailed enough, so I had to experience myself. The lights indicating that the grill works are visible at daylight as well.
      Quick. We were invited to a garden party and they asked to bring our grill with us. They started to grill the burgers, chicken wings, sausages on two disposable grills. There were about 20 people, we were waiting and waiting for the food. Then the landlord suggested to use our grill. In half an hour everything was ready.

      Everyday use
      I have a large space work-surface in our conservatory so I put the grill there. It is close to the door so the smells go out immediately and I can bring the ready food out to the garden. Usually I grill in the evenings. I can prepare the meat and the vegetables in advance, so when my husband arrives home, I just drop the food on the grill and they are ready in 5-10 minutes. It can be cleaned easily. I use only a wet sponge and I let the water drain into the drip tray. Then I use kitchen towel to dry it.

      I recommend everyone who has enough space for it and likes grilled food.


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