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George Foreman 13333

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Brand: George Foreman / Type: Indoor Grill / Timer: With Timer

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    2 Reviews
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      04.11.2012 17:51



      Depending on the price, a handy tool

      George appeared as a gift from a friend roughly three years ago, I accepted him graciously, although at the back of my mind I did think...here we go again, another good idea that will take up cupboard space and never be used.

      I amazingly proved myself wrong, The George Foreman Grill, is a lean, mean grilling machine! Yeah baby!!! The model I have is different to the picture, I do not have a pretty display on mine, but my version does have the bun warmer. I will admit that I have never warmed a bun in my life, and even when doing burgers, do not see the need for this action.

      The grill does not have a temperature gauge; it is either on or off. It does heat up quite quickly, which is nice. I have cooked everything from steak, pork chops, gammon steaks to beef burgers and sausages. They have all come out perfectly cooked, with little or no fat remaining. I have turned them once or twice during cooking, just to ensure they do cook evenly. Sausages need turned slightly more regularly than things like steak.

      I like the chargrilled effect the grill itself gives the meat, although I do find it only really does this on the top of the meat, the bottom doesn't give this effect. The downward slope design of the grill allows the fat and juices to run through the grooves out of the gill, and collect in a plastic tray supplied. This does leave a greasy line at the bottom of the grill however.

      It is much easier to clean the grill when it is still warm and just after use, with a damp sponge or cloth. Do not use abrasive scourers, as these will damage the grill itself. Also (obviously) do not use harsh chemicals as you have to cook food on it. I have left the grill to cook down then tried to clean it but it is very difficult, near impossible to clean the dried on food off. If you then choose to turn the grill back on and re-heat the dried on food, although it does come off easier, it is by far not the best way to clean it.

      I am unsure how much these grills cost I believe between £40 - £80, I would say that at the cheaper end of this scale, the grill would be a good buy. I have used mine more than I thought I would, not just for the healthier option but also because it is quicker and easier. If the price is closer to the £80 then I personally would not spend that much. Even though this was a gift, if it were to break for any reason, I would seriously consider buying another one.


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      22.07.2010 00:06
      Very helpful




      Let me introduce you to my mate George, he's been with me for around six years now and I have grown very fond of him, so fond in fact, that I may even go as far as to say he's the love of my, erm... kitchen!

      As you will all know by now, 'George' is a lean, mean, fat reducing grilling machine; created by the previously lean, mean, boxing machine... George Foreman.

      George Foreman created his unique tilted grill back in the 90s, and since its release in 1996, over 100 million have been sold. I am quite impressed by this, as the George Foreman grill is pretty hard wearing and is definitely built to last. It is not like many kettles which, in my experience, tend to last around two years before breaking down.

      I have had my George since 2004 and have used it at least 5 times a week since then, sometimes even twice in a day, so it is not like it has been kept hidden away as so many others are, and it is still in perfect working order.

      Many people regard George as an 'occasional appliance', one that is kept in a cupboard and only used once in a blue moon. Many of my friends use theirs to cook only three things - chicken breasts, burgers and sausages. Yet George can do so much more, but before I go into detail, let me tell you what this particular George is capable of.

      I guess the George Foreman 13333 could be considered as one of the 'original' Georges, it is the bog standard, no frills George. The top grill simply lifts up and down and rests on the food, there is a tiny digital screen that is only capable of displaying two numbers, and there are only three buttons; a power button that you use to turn the machine on and off, and 'up' and 'down' buttons that adjust the time. As you can see, it is a very simple design.

      The handle to open the lid is as broad as the unit and is around 3" deep, so there is no worry of burning yourself; the rest of the metal body does however get quite hot in use so be wary of this.

      You will of course receive two plastic 'fat trays', oval dishes that will catch the fat from the grill. They are surprisingly strong and do not melt at all with the heat of the fat. You will also get a plastic spatula - this is pretty rubbish though and the edges quickly melt when used on the grill.

      To use George, you push the power button; '05' will appear on the screen. This is how many minutes until George is ready to use. Once George has heated up, he will beep four times to let you know that he is ready. You can then open the lid (the lid will stay up on its own so there is no need to hold it) and place your food in, then press the 'up' button to set the cooking time, each press of the button will count up one minute. Similarly, each press of the 'down' button will take one minute off the cooking time.

      You should turn the food once mid way through cooking, although food such as sausages will need turning more often.
      As a rough guide...
      Burgers and sausages take around 10 minutes
      A chicken breast will take around 7 minutes
      Bacon will take about 4-6 minutes (depending on the crispiness)

      As previously mentioned, George is able to cook a lot more than this. Here are a few examples...
      Potato shapes such as waffles and 'smilies' cook particularly well. Some vegetables are ideal for use in George - mushrooms are particularly nice.
      You can even grill fruit! I've grilled fresh pineapple a few times - delicious with ice-cream!
      If it were not for the eggs, you could cook an entire English breakfast on here! I do that sometimes, and then just do an egg on the side. You could cook: bacon, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, and hash browns (and all in 10 minutes!).

      Basically, you can use George in exactly the same way as you would the grill in your oven.

      As you can see, George is pretty versatile and can be used a lot more often than many people think. I always keep mine out on the kitchen worktop and use it just as much as, if not slightly more than, my microwave.
      It is quite big - This particular model is a 5 portion grill (will hold 5 chicken breasts), although you can get various size grills that hold anywhere between 3 and 10 portions. It is quite bulky and takes up a bit of space on the worktop although it is a sleek appliance, so it does not make the space look cluttered as another appliance might do.

      Overall, I love my George and would highly recommend it to anyone. It really does what it claims and reduces the fat content of your food - If you saw the amount of fat that comes out of just one sausage you would be quite surprised, and would be an instant George convert!

      The grills can be quite expensive (this one retails at around £50, but the price can vary from £25-80) but, in my opinion, they are well worth it - especially if you are trying to watch your weight, or love kitchen gadgets that help you prepare quick and easy meals.


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