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George Foreman 13350

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6 Reviews

Brand: George Foreman / Type: Indoor Grill / Timer: With Timer / Width: 30.5 cm / Depth: 25.5 cm

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    6 Reviews
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      15.11.2011 20:14



      Great gadget

      We have had this George Foreman Health Grill now for about two years and and we are reasonably happy with it. It heats up quickly and we cook quite a wide variety of different things on it, including sausages (even getrarian) burgers, etc.

      It manages to get rid of a lot of the fat and grease and we think this makes the food more healthy for us. My other half is worried about my cholesterol levels and is far more health conscious than I am.

      It is easy to keep clean and maintain and I must admit it is very easy to keep clean although the amount of grease it leaves behind is pretty disgusting and most impressive, say after we have cooked sausages or beefburgers. The little lad always mentions how much grease there is left behind.

      It cost us about £35 and we were quite happy to pay this much as we have a friend who also has the same model and they were happy with this and recommended it to us.

      We use it about twice a week and it has lasted us a long time. It has actually been dropped on two occasionson the kitchen floor but it is still going strong so it is durable. I actually think it also looks very stylish and when it is not in use it looks well sitting on our counter top. We use it very regularly as a family.

      It has a long lead and so no adaptor is nescessary and it cooks food very well indeed.
      Very much recommended.

      This review is also published on Ciao under name of sorehead.


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      01.04.2010 10:41
      Very helpful
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      Buy one. Now

      I have recently bought my second George Foreman grill because since the moment I used the first one, I cannot imagine life without one. My first 'George' (R.I.P.) had a tougher time than Mr Foreman himself suffered in his boxing career the amount my family and I used it, grilling sausages, steaks, toasties, bacon, burgers, steaks, kebabs (the list could go on).

      To cook any of the aforementioned delights on the George, you first must plug it in and warm it up for a few minutes (2-5). Once warm, you open the lid (the upper of two grills) and place your item inside, close the lid and set the timer. Once inside, the item it grilled from both bottom and top as the George's lid and base are grills. The grooves in the grill and the slightly slanted angle that the George is designed at means that as any fat drips out it is drained down the grills into one of the fat collection tubs provided (easy washable). Apart from, as the advert says 'cutting cooking times in half', another advantage is how safe it is. With the grill being completed closed over the item(s) and the timer being loud enough to hear from another room you can happily leave the grill to do all the fat draining cooking work for you whilst you just wait to hear the beep.

      Depending on the size of the George that you buy you can probably cook multiple items on the grill at once (two burgers, three sausages and a kebab for example) and the booklet provided gives you cooking times for everything that the George can cook. It is easy to clean (heat it slightly and use the scraper provided) and the taste of the food is amazing (I personally don't like to use it for bacon, but the rest of my family do).

      This phenomenal cooking machine will soon be as common as the microwave is and I'm yet to meet someone who hasn't been impressed with its ease of use and taste of products. You can get various sizes for various prices so pick look at how much food you are likely to be cooking at once and choose the correct size because believe me, you'll get your moneys worth.


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        15.09.2009 09:34
        Very helpful



        A highly recommended buy

        This is my second George foreman I have owned the first one lasted for years and I replaced it with this model a year ago.

        The George foreman is a great invention.

        It takes about three minutes to heat up before placing your items under to cook.


        This grill is silver so fitting in with most modern kitchens. It does have George Foreman's signature plastered across the front and the lean, mean grilling machine logo. It has double sided grills that are angles downwards so that the fat runs out.
        It does come with a spatula specially designed to help you lift the item off the grill without scratching.
        The cord is relatively long for an electrical appliance and winds round the bottom for easy storage.

        What can you cook?

        Just about anything that you can grill will cook well on the George foreman.

        I have personally cooked burgers, fish fingers, breaded chicken, bacon as well as chicken breast. When I have cooked chicken breasts I was concerned that it would taste chewy as it was cooking fast but it was actually very tender.

        The most amazing thing I have cooked is sausages and the fat just pours down into a collection tray at the bottom.

        I also make toasted sandwiches on this and while they don't seal they still make a tasty warm sandwich.

        I do find that although it does cook both sides it is better to flip it half way through cooking as it does tend to cook the bottom side slightly more.

        I have cooked tuna steaks on this which I have been told worked well but as I don't like fish have no personal experience.

        It doe state that you can cook vegetables but I have only tried mushrooms which dried up and really did not work.

        I do find that although it does cook both sides it is better to flip it half way through cooking as it does tend to cook the bottom side slightly more.


        You can get two slices of bread on this model so can make a sandwich for myself and my son at the same time.

        The benefits of a health grill

        Firstly it lets the fat drop into the groves and slide down into a collection tray which does help you recognise how much fat are in different products.

        It does tend to cook quicker as it cooks both sides simultaneously


        The collection tray can be left to cool the fat solidifies and can be wiped directly into the bin. This is quite satisfying as you realise if you had cooked in the oven chances are that they would have been reabsorbed while cooking.
        This is my tip for cleaning is after you turn the grill of wet a couple of pieces of kitchen roll and place them on the grill while it cools then you can generally just wipe it clean. Be careful not to use any kind of abrasive cleaner as it does remove the Teflon.

        I have seen models that you can now remove the cooking plates and do think these would make cleaning much easier


        This is an added bonus on this it item but don't know that it is worth paying extra for this feature

        Would I recommend this product?

        Yes I definitely would. Mine is stored in the cup-board at the moment but I do find I used it more when it was on work surface.
        A healthier way too cook that takes less energy can only be positive.

        The George Foreman health grill is available from most stores that sell small electrical appliances. This model is currently available at comment for £28.99 but the recommended retail price is £34.99


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          19.03.2009 17:18
          Very helpful



          Brilliant healthy grilling machine

          I was bought the George foreman as a present, it is not something i would have bought myself but now i have it i would not be without it! I would recommend it to anyone. It is so quick and convenient for grilling meat, the way it slops down means all the running fat drips out which is great. You may be thinking well surely the fat drips away on a normal grill but this is so much easier to clean then having to clean your grill pan, i literally just pour the fat from the drip tray into a jar or in the bin and give it a quick rinse. Ever had the problem when grilling sausages in a normal grill of the burning fat hurting your eyes? Fat sparking? Well the George Foreman solves this and you don't have any of this as the fat drips out. The handy instruction booklet it comes with is useful as it gives you the cooking times for various different items you might cook in it. It takes very little time to get up to heat...i would say quicker than a normal grill in your cooker. You can set the timer on the grill and when time has run out it beeps to let you know.
          It is really easy to clean the actual grill, i usually just wipe over it with some kitchen roll . The other thing i like about it is the way it is like a griddle pan so you get the grill lines across your food which i especially like on a steak!!
          Not only is this a healthier way to cook your food it is also so quick and convenient. If you are considering buying one i would say go for it!


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            13.03.2009 16:40
            Very helpful



            Its worth it to get all the nasty fat off

            This george foreman grill was used extensively in my 1st and second year. It isnt actually mine, its my old housemates, but I used it a lot! Its now with my sister getting greatly used by her housemates. So its been working well for about 3 years now.

            You can grill just about anything on this. The grill plate tilts downwards, so all the grease and fat runs off into a drip tray, which you can then just tip in the bin and wash.

            The grill doesnt need any oil on it to brown whatever your grilling.

            I used it a lot for toasting hotcross buns, making cheese toasties, veggie kebabs and veggie sausages. It doesnt take long to heat up, and as long as you keep an eye on it you dont need to keep turning things over as it grills on both sides.

            It gets really hot this grill, so be careful when using it.

            My housemates used it to grill things like sausages, chicken breasts, beef burgers, burger buns, paninis, and anything else they could think of.

            The only problem is cleaning this grill, you have to wait until it cools down to clean it, and by then all the remaining fat or burnt bits are stuck to the grill. It takes some hard scrubbing to get it clean. Also cleaning the drip tray when its been full of fat is disgusting. At least its healthier for you than having all that grease inside you.

            I think this one costs around £20 - £40, as its quite a medium sized one. You can get really small ones and also huge ones which my other flatmate owned.

            If your a student looking after your health this is a great option to cooking in the pan.


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              09.03.2009 23:51
              Very helpful



              See Review

              New Year - New Healthy you!

              I am reviewing one of my George Foreman grills that we use very frequently.
              The Range available

              There is an extensive range of grills available to suit each and every household. If you're looking for a Foreman grill then you have a lot to consider before buying.

              Things to ask yourself:
              How many portions will I be cooking on it?
              How much space do I have available?
              How much money do I have to spend?
              Once you have answered these basic questions then it's time to look @ the range of grills available.

              Compact Grills - Suitable for 2/3 persons, Not ideal for a large family. Too Small

              Family Grills - Suitable for 4/6 persons, this is the baby for the family.

              Easy Clean Grills - Suitable for 3/6 persons - These plates can all be removed

              Entertaining Grills - Suitable for 7/10 persons - This is ideal for parties

              Grill and Melt - Suitable for 3./4 Persons - Ideal for those cheese toasties
              Multi Use Grills - Suitable for up to 13 persons - Usually has two sides, griddle and hot plate.
              If you're looking too see this range you can either Google George Foreman or surf over to www.georgeforeman.co.uk
              The 13350 Model

              *In the box

              When you first buy your grill, it comes nicely packed in a box with full instructions and a nice recipe book too. The instructions are every easy to follow and I would suggest that you do read them over, especially if this is your first foreman. Also in foreman are your cleaning tool and the drip tray which needs to be cleaned for the first use, warm soapy water is enough.

              *The look

              Like many of Foreman grills this one is silver on the outside and black in the inside, the digital display eliminates in red and the buttons that you can adjust the settings with are also black. The normal "Lean man Fat........" logo is plastered on the middle of the foreman and not to forget that signature of the main man himself.

              *First Use
              Using the grill for the first time I would recommend that you wash the grill with warm soapy water this will remove all the new smells from it and make sure it's ready to be used. Once you have washed and dried the grill, make sure it's on a solid flat surface, place the drip tray underneath the grill and switch the power on. With the lid in the closed position, select how many minutes you want the grill on for (Max 30 mins). Don't worry if 30mins is not enough as all you need to do is selected more minutes in a short while.


              To give you an idea of size you can fit two slices of bread on this.

              I mostly use this grill for toasties and for breakfast items, I can make two toasties on this at one time, each toastie I make has two slices so it's quite thick. The lid easily comes over the top of the bread to toast it all over. My toastie takes just under 10 minutes and it's ready.

              My wife has used the grill to cook chicken breasts and not only does all the fat come off the breast but it tastes so much better too.

              You will be disgusted if you where to cook the breakfast on it, cooking just one sausage will show you the amount of fat what comes off it. I would now never cook a breakfast in a frying pan as the thought of all that fat makes me feel sick.

              The grills are deigned to slope forward to make it easy for all the fat to run down and drip in to the tray below.

              I am absolutely delighted with the cooking performance of this machine and the ease of use I would say it's suitable for most people. As this is a cooking item it does get very hot and children should stay well away from it. Another thing to consider is that the drip tray collects all the fat and the fat can be very hot. So teaching a child not to touch that is a good idea.

              *Item that I cook on mines and cooking suggestions

              Cheese, Ham and bean toasties - Or why not pop some onions in it.

              Chicken breasts, Hamburgers, Steaks, Salads and much much more

              With a Foreman it's a case of if it can fit in it then I can cook it using my grill.


              Very easy and it always looks like new when you have cleaned it, I always wait to clean the actual grill until after I have eaten the food I have cooked on it as by this time it will be cook. However I always run the cleaning tool over the grills as soon as I have stopped using it. Doing this pushes as much fat and any leftover food in to the drip tray. The drip tray is dishwasher safe but must be placed on the top rack only.

              Where can I buy?

              There are many retailers that stock an extensive range of Foreman grill, they include:

              Argos, Tesco, Amazon and many more places.

              Retails value of this item is currently - £32.99 from Amazon. I bought this model 6mths ago from Asda for £27.99

              Final Thoughts

              Features - Basic, But in my opinion that's all what is needed for this model.
              Ease of use- Excellent - It's very straight forward.
              Value for money - How much can you put on your health
              Cleaning - Easy if you clean it often.
              It comes with a one year's manufactory guarantee

              This is an ideal product to help with weight loss in my opinion, as the less fat we eat the healthier we will be.

              Thanks for reading

              Marcellep Dooyoo

              *This review is also published on Ciao under Marcellep2 (That's me)


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