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George Foreman 13589 Family Grill & Griddle

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Brand: George Foreman / Type: Indoor Grill / Variable Heat: With Variable Heat / Stay-cool Handles: With Stay-cool Handles / Width: 29.1 cm / Depth: 59 cm / Type: Grill

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    2 Reviews
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      31.07.2010 21:57
      Very helpful



      well worth the money

      When all the George Foreman grills first came out I brought one the largest that was available at the time. As it became more and more popular they started to bring out new ones and made them better and better.

      I brought this just over a year ago. I had wanted one for ages but just couldnt justify buying a new one, when they old one was working perfectly. Eventually the old one needed replacing so I shopped around and picked up this model in Makro for about £50 with the VAT, which was a pretty good deal at the time.

      This grill is quite different to all the others. The other George Foreman grills tend to mainly be different in size and/or shape. This one is one of the biggest they make, but not only that, it has a flat griddle so that you can gill foods without any fats, like eggs, hash browns, waffles and tomatoes.

      The grill is split into two halfs. The first half is the regular kind of grill with the lines running down so that the fat can drain away. The second half is completely flat, but on a very, very slight tilt. Each end has it's own seperate temperature control so you can cook different kinds of foods. For temperature you can choose between 1, 2, and 3 or anywhere inbetween, but you do need to watch this as some foods need to higher or lower than others.

      In the pack you also get a fat collector to place under the front of the grill. The idea is that as the grill is set at an angle, the fat will drain away from the food you are cooking and down into the fat tray. This is great and works well. The only thing you do need to look out for is that at the back of the grill, where the hinge is, if you are cooking burgers or sausages, the fat can often come out of the back a bit as well. Not a major problem, but a bit messy. We get around this by justplacing a fat collector tray from an old grill at the back as well and wiping it after use. You could just as easily use a plate, you dont get as much as from the front, but grease is not the best thing to have to clean up.

      We use ours at least once a week. We mainly cook things like sausages, burgers, hash browns and chicken on it, but have even cooked foods such as tuna steaks, waffles, scallops and pancakes. Having used it for around once a week for a year, there are some slight problems with the grill, but they are pretty minor. The main problem we have is that the older the grill becomes, the more cleaning they take. It seems that no matter how well looked after they are, the non-stick coating does wear off over time in places. Ours has little specks of silver in places were the two plates meet and other well-used areas. This is not the end of the world, but can make it a little harder to keep clean afterwards.

      The other problem is not going to affect everyone but did affect me. We try to buy low or reduced fat versions of everything we can. I always buy low fat sausages. The only problem with this is that they can sometimes stick to the grill. If you are cooking with a very low in fat food, you may need a very small amount of spray oil. We use fry light and it seems to work well.

      Overall I am very pleased with this grill. There is a lot of room on it, easily enough to feed around 6 - 8. We often we can fit on around 8 burgers or 20 sausages plus other things on the griddle side. This is a must buy for larger families or entertaining if you love your grilled meats


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      31.03.2010 17:56
      Very helpful



      A Knockout of a grill !

      With the summer fast approaching and my garden beckoning me to spend more time outside , I am looking for ways to make it it my summer living room.I've always said that my garden is another room ,and I derive pleasure from it on a constant basis.

      Winter has been all about the wildlife and birds, now spring has finally sprung ( not sure if that's grammatically correct but hey ho )I'm looking to improve on the family experience of outside.The birds are well fed,so it's time to turn my attentions to the humans.As you know if you've read my other reviews I recently bought a Chiminea with a swing out barbecue grill, the other day I was having a conversation with one of my daughter-in-laws and she said 'That's a great Idea ( Talking about the Chiminea ) but we are in England it's not going to be a lot of good if it's tipping down with rain.' Hmmm point made time to find a solution.

      I went to amazon.co.uk and looked through various barbecues and grills that could be used both indoors and out.I may not sound it ,but I am quite health conscious ,so decided to have a look at the George Foreman Health Grills, ( I had seen one I like the look of the last time I went shopping in TJ Hughes ,but it was on the expensive side so I didn't purchase it .)Finding exactly the same model on Amazon for a much better price I ordered it.

      The George Foreman Family Grill and Griddle

      This grill is made of sturdy stuff, I was impressed by the weight of it, usually when you buy Health grills or their like ,they feel quite flimsy and you are left questioning their ability to deliver what they promise.Not so with this grill.

      The Grill

      The grill is made of steel and has two main parts to it,

      The grill press, has a wavy, almost serrated plate on which you Grill your meat, there is a hinged lid which has springs on it so you can cook different thicknesses of meat, because the griddle press has been set at an angle all of those nasty unhealthy fat juices can run off into the plastic drip tray that is provided for the job.

      Next to the grill is a similar sized griddle, the griddle can be used for numerous things, you can either cook your vegetables on it to give them even cooking , or you can use it to make delicious fried eggs.Just imagine an entire breakfast could be cooked on this Beauty, sausages and bacon in the grill press while on the griddle you have your hash browns ,mushrooms tomatoes and fried eggs all cooking at the same time..What a wonder a fried breakfast that hasn't been fried !

      Both the grill and the griddle have independent temperature controls, and you can use them independently of each other.

      When you first open your George Foreman Health Grill and Griddle you will find that it comes complete with its own special plastic utensils, you should always make sure you use these as using metal utensils will damage the ceramic plates, a booklet explaining how to use it , Menus for different meals are also found in the booklet.

      This grill and griddle is perfect for use indoors or out, although I would advise not to use it outside if it looks like rain.

      Cleaning and maintenance

      This product can't be placed in the sink ,to clean it you need to first scrape away and food debris using the plastic spatula provided , spray some oil onto a piece of kitchen towel and wipe it over the grill until it is shining and there are no visible marks.

      The Benefits of Buying a health grill rather than a Barbecue speak for themselves, if you suffer from high cholesterol this is the perfect thing to use, still being able to eat the foods you really enjoy, but a much healthier way of having them cooked.If you're on a diet less calories too.


      I got mine at a great price only £40.00 . I have seen them for much more though , the cheapest one I was able to source today was £61.00 at amazon.Considering the benefits still worth the price.

      My Opinion

      When you really delve into the benefits of grilled rather than fried foods you will find that this George Foreman Health grill and Griddle are actually priceless.I give this Grill 5 stars and it deserves every one !


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